Partners Deliver Collaborative eClosing With eNotarization

Pavaso has partnered with Utah-based mortgage lender Intercap Lending, Salt Lake City-based Elevated Title and Columbus, Ohio-based Signature Closers to deliver an eClosing experience during which the lender, title company and notary provider all collaborate within the Pavaso portal to complete the closing.

On March 26, 2018, Intercap Lending used the Pavaso platform to electronically close its first loan with national title company Elevated Title and Signature Closers, a technology enabled notary and closing firm that partners with agencies nationwide. The partnership represents a true collaboration between lender, title company and closer using a single technology as its platform.

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40 years ago Intercap Lending started in the mortgage industry.  Their commitment to adapt and evolve to consumer demands allows them to continually add value to their customers. By shortening the process and collaborating with all parties to streamline the process, they deliver a better experience to their customers.

Pavaso’s built-in eNotarization capabilities allows borrowers to sign and notaries to verify and stamp documents digitally, executing the closing package more efficiently and securely. Pavaso’s Digital Close platform is scalable from hybrid closings (part ink, part digital) all the way to a full eNote and eVault capabilities. All parties to the transaction can execute a seamless eClosing process that provides transparency and education, supporting fairness to the borrower throughout the transaction.

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“Adapting to a rapidly evolving market has always been an important part of Intercap Lending’s ethos,” said Josh Romney, chairman and owner of Intercap Lending. “Our biggest asset is the trust and loyalty of our customers. Incorporating new technologies, such as eClosing, that help our customers have a better experience with our platform helps us continue to provide a level of service to our customers that surpasses that of our competitors.”

“So often the national lender doesn’t think about the client’s closing experience. They don’t realize that the last thing the borrower remembers is the closing process,” said Sally Farrar, Elevated Title’s CEO. “The lender can offer a streamlined, cutting-edge, online loan experience, but then, they turn their borrower over to a traditional title company that requires a borrower to go to an office or, sign with a notary, hundreds of documents. This can ruin the borrower’s entire loan experience.”

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“Today’s consumer demands transparency and efficiency to enable a smooth closing experience,” said Dan McGrew, COO, Pavaso. “IntercapLending, Elevated Title and Signature Closers have proven themselves leaders in the industry when it comes to using the best technology for the benefit of the consumer. In partnering with Pavaso, these companies have signaled the industry that the digital closing is no longer a “nice-to-have,” but rather, an essential ingredient in the consumer experience.”

“It’s extremely fulfilling to take part in the eClosing transformation in our industry working with partners like Elevated Title, Intercap Lending, and Pavaso,” said Mark Fleming, Jr., President Signature Closers, LLC. “The high level of communication and trust developed between our companies creates a simple, efficient process for signers across the country and allows us to continue to stay true to our mission of serving others in a responsive, first class way.”