One Major Impediment To Digital Mortgages-Solved

As I travel across the country attending numerous industry events, meeting with a host of strategic partners, and talking to hundreds of lenders, everyone wants to discuss digital mortgages.  In those discussions, it is clear that to truly deliver on the digital mortgage promise of providing a simple, yet powerful borrower experience while streamlining the mortgage process and reducing costs, collaboration is key.

Quality partnerships are critical to providing the type of collaboration that is needed. No one provider can deliver everything required for today’s digital mortgage.  These partnerships can deliver real-time access to data with direct integrations; allowing providers to pass pertinent data to the loan transaction more quickly and seamlessly to both loan officers and borrowers during each step of the loan life cycle.

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With this channel-less strategy, productivity increases and has the potential to reduce costs for the lender.  These strategic partnerships also put a dynamic blend of powerful resources, like pulling credit or running pricing scenarios, into the palm of the hands of loan officers when and where they need this information for the borrower.  Efficiency increases as lenders nurture borrowers and better facilitate all phases of the digital lending process.

In addition, the right strategic partnerships and digital mortgage platform can deliver valuable simplicity. The days of app overload are over. Loan officers can now have a single, branded platform to manage the loan lifecycle.

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While most would agree that the benefits of collaboration through strategic partnerships is the way to improve the digital mortgage experience, one major impediment to this still exists in the traditional partnership model.

Historically, service providers spend a great deal of time discussing the benefits of partnering, potential mutual clients, and how the partnership will provide incredible value to the industry.  Then the discussion turns to who is going to pay for the time and resources to create the integration, test it, and maintain it going forward? The partners inherently decide to create a revenue- sharing integration model.

That’s where the impediment lies.  The traditional revenue-sharing integration model increases the cost to lenders and in turn the borrower.  Therefore, the goal in delivering a digital mortgage is providing a simple yet powerful borrower experience while streamlining the mortgage process and reducing costs through collaboration just increased the price to originate.

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At SimpleNexus, we take a different approach.   We are committed to working with our strategic partners to better deliver on digital mortgage expectations without demanding a revenue sharing integration model; reducing the cost to lenders and their borrowers.  This type of collaboration is making a profound difference in the mortgage industry, which is why 15 of the top 30 lenders partner with SimpleNexus.

We are the mobile-first digital mortgage solution that makes everyone’s life easier.  Lenders can make everything more convenient for their borrowers. Applying for a loan can be done from anywhere. Instead of sending their W2s, bank statements, or tax returns to your office, borrowers can securely send documents using their phone. If they have a question or need to call, they can easily access your contact info from a branded app. If only the rest of life could be this easy.

Who wouldn’t want to work with a lender who makes mortgages easier? Mortgage lenders who use SimpleNexus close loans up to 20 percent faster—which means borrowers get into their homes faster. With one straightforward system for borrowers to use, you can make everything easier, faster, and more cost-effective.  A powerful way to deliver on the digital mortgage promise.

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