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Pavaso, a mortgage technology provider, has introduced a remote online notarization feature (RON) to its Digital Close eClosing platform. RON will enable users to conduct the mortgage closing session remotely—including notarizations. Pavaso is the developer of a truly digital mortgage enterprise solution platform that incorporates both lender and title participation.

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Pavaso’s development of its Remote Online Notarization tool provides its users the ability to conduct the entire closing (including notarization) using a single electronic portal through the Digital Close Enterprise eClosing platform.  Other systems require additional technology, integrations or multiple portals to conduct a complete, notarized closing. The feature was developed in direct response to the rapidly growing interest at the state level in allowing remote notarization. Currently, remote notarization is legal in Texas, Virginia, Montana and Nevada. Several more states, including Indiana, Minnesota and Tennessee, have passed laws or are expected to pass laws introducing remote notarization in the next year as well.

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According to Nancy G. Pratt, Vice President Partner Relations & Government Affairs for Pavaso, the addition of RON to Digital Close will empower users to notarize documents (where allowed by law) electronically and online—even when physically separated from the signer of the documents. The feature provides convenience to all parties without having to forego the use of experienced closing agents. Pavaso’s RON tool provides a faster, easier connection process for consumers as well as instant access to a recording of the notarizations.

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“RON is yet another powerful indicator that times are changing in the mortgage and settlement industries,” said Pratt. “Consumers are demanding more flexibility in choices – it’s no longer just a wish for flexibility in choices —they demand them. Pavaso’s unveiling of RON ensures that the consumer will now be able to experience the convenience, transparency and simplicity of a digital closing no matter where that consumer (or closing agent) might be situated.”

The Pavaso Digital Close platform delivers efficient, accurate closings by preventing errors at closing, including over signing, missed signatures and more. This, in turn, delivers a smooth, faster closing for consumers while reducing costs for mortgage lenders. The collaborative platform brings title and lender documents together for digital signature and allows consumers access all documents anywhere, on any device, prior to closing. Pavaso’s Digital Close platform provides flexibility in closing by facilitating hybrid closings as well as complete eNote and eVault transactions.

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