Mission Mortgage of Texas Embraces Technology To Optimize Mortgage Operations

VirPack, a provider of document management, virtual workflow and eDelivery solutions for the mortgage lending industry, announced that Mission Mortgage of Texas has optimized its mortgage operations with VirPack.

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Headquartered in Austin, TX, Mission Mortgage has been providing residential lending solutions throughout Texas for over 31 years and has built a culture of service built on the importance of trust and the value of fostering long-term relationships. After facing multiple challenges with its LOS-provided document management solution, Mission Mortgage began the search for a new technology partner that could provide an interface with both its proprietary underwriting system and LOS to help deliver on its culture of service.

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“Because of the quality service culture we embrace, we knew it was imperative for us to adopt a virtual document management and workflow platform and we are so happy to have partnered with VirPack. Our team members can communicate with all the loan stakeholders on the spot, in real time and with instant results,” said Leigh Ann McCoy, president of Mission Mortgage of Texas. “As an added benefit, we discovered that VirPack is a great recruiting tool. The ability to utilize the platform remotely helps us to attract, hire and retain high quality talent,” continued McCoy.

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VirPack’s document management capabilities and virtual workflow generated significant operational efficiencies and productivity companywide.

“With VirPack, our ability to capture and process documents instantly from our branches and between departments streamlined our workflow, saving us a significant amount of time, money and resources. As a result, we have generated greater customer satisfaction and a happier and more productive staff,” added Veronica Young, underwriting manager for Mission Mortgage. “Additionally, the post-closing e-delivery of loan files to our investors are sent with one click of the mouse, saving us an incredible amount of time.” continued Young.

“It’s gratifying to see a relationship-driven independent mortgage banker like Mission Mortgage embrace VirPack to optimize its operations and improve productivity, said Wayland Pond, chief business development officer at VirPack. “In addition to those benefits, Mission Mortgage was also able to reduce its paper usage by two-thirds in just a few months, resulting in significant additional cost savings.” Pond continued.