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FinKube, a company that provides AI-powered Platform-as-a-Service solutions for a range of industries, has published a new white paper entitled “Simplifying the Digital Mortgage Process.” The new paper outlines some of the risks lenders face when making choices about the technologies they employ on the front ends of their mortgage origination processes.

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“It’s in the best interests of the mortgage technology vendor community for lenders to believe that meeting the digital requirements of modern mortgage borrowers is complicated,” said Jorge Sauri, founder and CEO of FinKube. “We don’t believe it is. Instead of investing in technology that changes the way the lender operates an existing business, there is far less risk in using adaptive technology that has the cognitive power to take the lender’s existing business digital. This requires the lender to rethink what it means to go digital, which is the focus of our new white paper.”

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In the paper, FinKube outlines the four objectives a lender must achieve if they hope to compete with the nation’s largest fintech lenders. It also explains how to win more customers without investing in an expensive call center, like the nation’s largest firms have done in order to serve as the back office for their digital front ends.

FinKube is the creator of ELSA, which stands for Electronic Loan Services Assistant. She is an intelligent assistant and uses AI and machine learning to enhance the origination process from origination to close. ELSA can gather borrower information, render decisions, automate time-consuming tasks and help lenders produce fully compliant mortgage loans in as few as 20 days.

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FinKube was founded by Jorge Sauri, an industry veteran with nearly 20 years of experience developing IT solutions and technology platforms for banks, lenders and real estate companies. He developed the mortgage industry’s first cloud-based software for underwriting subprime mortgages at Arc Systems and then developed a completely cloud-based LOS called MortgageDashboard.

To download a free copy of the white paper, visit the company’s website at

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