New Entrants Are On The Way

The market is getting ready for the digital mortgage. Sluggish market conditions continue as predictions show that mortgage rates will tick higher and average 4.60 percent for the year. Additionally, in July, sales of previously-owned homes fell for the fifth straight month, below year-ago levels. With rising mortgage rates and decreasing home sales coupled with fierce competition in the market, the process and its regulation are triggering innovation to help consumers find the best mortgage deal.

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Digitizing the home-buying process is needed for traditional players to compete with non-traditional players disrupting the mortgages market. The mortgage application system in part remains phone and paper-based which slows down the application cycle. Updating underperforming and costly core-banking systems are a strategic priority for traditional mortgage providers as they compete against fintech and challenger banks.

In an effort to help traditional mortgage providers improve customer experience, new players are entering. For example, Intelenet Global Services have launched a new Lending Suite with their banking clients. Using this AI & Automation based initiative, banks can generate mortgage offers in 30 minutes. The Lending Suite is interoperable with banks existing legacy systems which prove inflexible, reducing processing time by 40 percent and costs by 50 percent.

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Crucially, this solution integrates with existing core systems to deliver significant speed and accuracy improvements without the need to replace current infrastructure. This is important given that less than 30 percent of first-generation Core Banking Systems (CBS) replacements succeed, according to McKinsey.

Nitin Sahni, Director Corporate Services at Intelenet Global Service says, “Consumers are constantly searching for the best deals to enable them to invest in their dream home as quickly as possible. The last thing a customer wants is for this landmark time in their life to be tainted by long waits and arduous processes to get things moving.

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“Revamping the core banking system seem daunting for banks who recognize there is a need to change their system but are deterred from the exorbitant implementation costs. Totally replacing the core business systems, which largely underpin all banking operations is not feasible. Firms are looking for solutions to cut costs and processing times which fit alongside these systems.”

Nitin continued, “Speeding up processes will help traditional mortgage providers retain and expand market share while delivering the best possible customer experience.”

Intelenet Global Services is a global Business Process Services player. Intelenet offers a range of integrated BPM services to deliver benefits to clients through optimized costs, ongoing productivity improvements, and process re-engineering. The organization is committed to delivering its client’s strategic goals and helping in enhancing, broadening, and deepening the relationship to add value.

And it doesn’t end here. My guess is that more new players will be entering the space to help lenders digitize. Hopefully this trend means that lenders are willing to embrace this technology. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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