ATTOM Migrates Its Property Database To The Cloud

ATTOM Data Solutions and Managed Microsoft Partner Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting (DCAC) jointly announced the successful completion of a 50 Terabyte migration to Microsoft’s Azure platform. The engagement included:

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>>Consolidation of multiple legacy SQL Server databases

>>Migration to Azure

>>Conversion to SSIS catalogued project model

>>Sizing and choosing the correct VM for the Azure environment.

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Post migration, ATTOM Chief Technology Officer Todd Teta estimates the company is now saving 30% of their budget on infrastructure.

ATTOM’s Chief Data Officer Richard Sawicky commented, “We now have the flexibility to scale, expand, and consolidate all of our operations and be nimble as we take on new projects, new datasets, and better serve our customers on a modern platform capable of enrolling a lot of the Azure functionality.

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DCAC principal and Microsoft MVP Joey D’Antoni commented, “The ATTOM migration was quite challenging as there were lot of moving pieces. Richard and I worked really hard to ensure we had a solid checklist for migration, and outside of a single small error we saw immediately after migration, the process was seamless.”

“There were a ton of moving parts, and Joey D’Antoni and Denny Cherry were there to quarterback us through it all,” Sawicky added.  “There is no way that we would be sitting here 100% in Azure without those guys.”