AI-Driven Lead Distribution For Mortgage Lending

ProPair, a mortgage-industry technology start-up based in Silicon Valley, launched an AI-based lead distribution solution that eliminates the uncertainty of the lead assignment process while optimizing results and ensuring fairness in the assignment process. Using artificial intelligence to correlate lead data with information about individual loan officers, ProPair facilitates the lead assignment process to allow lenders to distribute leads to maximize the performance of the entire loan team.

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ProPair is led by former mortgage industry executive, CEO Ethan Ewing and an engineering PhD, CTO Devon Johnson. The company uses AI-driven software to automatically match prospects and loan officers based on dozens of different factors. Capturing and analyzing multiple information sources provides a level of visibility not previously possible, making lenders more efficient and delivering better overall outcomes. ProPair also improves loan officer performance by assigning prospects based on the likelihood of success rather than seniority or guesswork. The result is more closes and a more fair system for all loan officers.

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“I am passionate about helping companies in the mortgage industry maximize the impact of their sales professionals,” explains Ewing. “By providing an AI-driven software solution to lenders massive data assets, we can replace gut instinct and spreadsheets with hard science and increase close rates and ROI in the process.”

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Designed with the everyday needs of lending organizations in mind, and optimized in conjunction with mortgage industry leaders, ProPair’s AI-based platform replaces outdated manual processes with data-driven lead assignments that improve productivity across the board. “ProPair has fundamentally changed how we look at our lead distribution methods,” says Dan Stevens, SVP Mortgage Strategy at NBKC Bank. “In the not too distant future, we will look back at the days before working with ProPair and wonder why we used gut feelings to make so many important decisions around our leads.”

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