Plaza Home Mortgage Adds New Disclosure Capabilities

Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc., a national wholesale and correspondent lender, announced that its BREEZE loan origination system now gives wholesale mortgage brokers a new option in generating both required disclosures and the LE at the point of sale.

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Plaza mortgage brokers will now be able to initiate and send disclosures to a borrower along with the LE through the BREEZE system. The disclosures that will be sent to the borrower include Broker state and federal disclosures and Plaza lender state and federal disclosures, as well as a Fannie Mae 1003 Application. For FHA and VA loans, the 92900-A or 26-1802a forms and other required program disclosures will be included. Loan originators will have the option of electronically signing the Fannie Mae 1003 and other forms that require their signatures.

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Once the disclosures and LE are received by the borrowers, they can consent and sign them electronically, and notifications will automatically be sent via email keeping the originator informed at each step. All documents are then automatically stored in BREEZE’s imaging system where originators can access and save for their record.

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As always, mortgage brokers can continue to use their own systems to prepare disclosures and the LE or submit the loan to Plaza which will create and issue the LE to the borrower.

“At the end of the summer, we introduced our new Loan Estimate capability that lets BREEZE users create LEs in five minutes or less. Now we are adding disclosures to complete the digital experience for brokers and their clients,” said Jeff Leinan, executive vice president, National Wholesale Production at Plaza Home Mortgage. “In today’s competitive market, where every loan counts, technology enhancements and skilled Account Executives allow Plaza clients to offer a superior user experience and increase loan pull-through.”

Plaza Home Mortgage has scheduled mortgage broker training webinars on how to use its new disclosure capabilities on November 19 and November 27.

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