USF Federal Credit Union Donates $10,000

We are in the season of giving, so I want to talk about how our industry is giving back. For example, USF Federal Credit Union (USF FCU) donated $10,000 to Tampa General Hospital (TGH) Foundation to purchase three, high-tech UV lights to disinfect toys in the play area of TGH’s Children’s Medical Center.

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The lights, known as toy sterilizers, quickly kill viruses and bacteria, making the toys safe for children to play with. “The toys need to be cleaned after each child plays with them,” explained Kelly Shelor, nurse manager of the Children’s Medical Center. “The UV lights will be a great help to us.”

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She said the lights typically kill germs in about a minute, and will make it much easier for staff to make sure the toys are clean.

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“We are pleased to be able to make this donation to the hospital and are glad this will help the children stay safe,” USF FCU president and CEO Richard J. Skaggs said. “The work they’re doing at the Children’s Medical Center is vitally important and we’re happy to help with this donation.”

TGH is a Select Employee Group for the credit union and TGH employees and their families are eligible to join USF FCU.

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