ARMCO Boosts QC Process Efficiency And Security

ACES Risk Management (ARMCO), a provider of enterprise financial risk management solutions, has announced new product enhancements that increase QC process efficiency and security for lenders and servicers using its auditing platform, ACES Audit Technology. The top features of this upgrade include the addition of single sign-on capability, and integration with DataVerify.

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ACES’ new single sign-on capability enables users to access ACES using the same login credentials and password they use to access their company computers—a feature of particular use to enterprise-level organizations.

“Our clients have realized that using ACES as their testing and compliance platform across the enterprise brings standardization and cost savings,” said Phil McCall, president of ARMCO. “Our addition of single sign-on allows our enterprise clients to integrate ACES as part of their suite of corporate applications utilized by one single login and password.”

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ACES’ new direct integration with DataVerify enables users to order DataVerify’s data verification assistance services directly from the ACES platform. It also transfers data directly from the loan file, and automatically files the DataVerify reports into the appropriate area, eliminating the security risks and errors that can result from rekeying and transferring information manually.

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“Lenders and servicers often contract staff in declining markets, like the one the industry is currently facing,” said McCall. “As we found through the most recent ARMCO Mortgage QC Industry Trends Report, this can put them at risk of errors and other quality issues. This upgrade further helps assuage the challenges that can occur when lenders and servicers downsize and reorganize.”

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