Turning Transparency And Borrower Education Into A Competitive Advantage

Mortgage Coach launched Broker Edition, which provides an individual membership option to address this significant segment of the lending market, representing tens of thousands of trained, licensed professionals, who work independently. With this innovation, Brokers can now easily provide personally branded advice for every family and Realtor they serve.

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“To be successful and competitive as a mortgage broker, it is crucial to effectively explain each unique option a lender can offer borrowers in a way that is as transparent as possible. I have personally created hundreds of Mortgage Coach presentations, and it makes all the difference to my success and my borrower’s success,” said Richard Bettencourt, NAMB President.

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Mortgage Coach Broker Edition is already benefiting over 1,000 independent professionals who have created hundreds of thousands Total Cost Analysis (TCA) experiences. With the introduction of Broker Edition, Mortgage Coach focused on helping professionals quickly and easily realize the benefit of using personalized video and a Total Cost Analysis for every borrower. From any device in their hand, a video is added, and loan options are updated, helping the broker more effectively educate borrowers and close more loans.

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“Broker Edition offers every broker the opportunity to improve production by delivering personally branded advice and transparency to every borrower in a way that gives them a competitive advantage,” said Dave Savage, CEO and Founder of Mortgage Coach.

“A broker also receives access to the full library of Mortgage Coach professional development content, which includes 800+ contributor interviews, weekly sales training events, and live Market MBS information with comprehensive daily RateWatch Expert Commentary.“

“When so many qualified buyers still rent, and with thousands of independent licensed mortgage professionals helping people benefit from homeownership, the introduction of Broker Edition ensures these borrowers and advisors can experience the many benefits of the Mortgage Coach TCA,” said Joe Puthur, President of Mortgage Coach.