The Importance Of Technology

After experiencing an unprecedented growth of over 213% in the last three years, Fathom Realty knows technology is critical to sustain their momentum and more importantly, for the success of their agents. Fathom’s CEO and Founder, Josh Harley, is continuing to put emphasis on smart growth. “We are adamant about keeping up with technology and providing our agents with only the best,” said Harley. “We felt that kvCORE was by far superior to anything else that we vetted to fit our company.” 

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Shortly after launching Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE Platform, Fathom began experiencing bottom line benefits far faster than in the past when they’ve launched new technology. They’ve seen an increase in closings for many agents who have taken full advantage of the platform. Harley is excited for what the future holds with kvCORE as their technology backbone, and adds, “I expect our ROI on kvCORE to be significant in a short period of time.”

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Fathom Realty identified Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE Platform as the best technology to help drive their future growth, but they got even more benefits in ways they did not expect. “Not only does kvCORE provide our agents with the best technology platform for managing their website leads and conversion, it has provided a strong recruiting proposition and has helped Fathom grow our agent base,” explained Harley. kvCORE has been instrumental as a tool to both attract and retain agents. 

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“Powering top brokerages in the country like Fathom Realty and setting them up for rapid and sustainable growth is our mission,” says Inside Real Estate’s Founder and CRO, Joe Skousen. “Fathom is a highly successful brokerage that continues to display technology leadership, and we are thrilled to be their technology partner as they head into another strong year.” 

Technology is, and continues to be, a strong area of focus for the nationwide brokerage. Harley went on to say, “The two main ways a brokerage increases revenue is by adding agents and improving the productivity of the agents they have. kvCORE helps with both. It is an incredible asset to any brokerage looking to grow and improve their agent productivity.

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