Optimal Blue Launches New Competitive Analytics Solution

Optimal Blue has released their Competitive Analytics solution. With mortgage rates at all-time lows, lenders are experiencing a surge in production, requiring access to real-time business intelligence to understand how well they are performing. Updated with new data daily, this game changing innovation positions Optimal Blue clients ahead of their peers by enabling them to gauge performance through sophisticated visualizations that illustrate market position, compare margins and profitability, and assess the effectiveness of current pricing strategies.

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Competitive Analytics provides three types of sophisticated industry benchmarking capabilities, including:


Advanced volume benchmarking allows the user to compare their loan production to the overall market and chart volume trends across specific time periods – by week, month, quarter, or year. In addition, volume benchmarking provides a production percentile market rank by business channel, institution type, state, MSA, loan type, and other parameters, as well as the ability to compare the percentage of their locks that observed change requests or lock extensions to the overall market.

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Lending profile benchmarkingenables clients to compare characteristics of their loan production by charting loan level parameters such as FICO, LTV, loan amount, property type, occupancy, loan type, and loan purpose against the overall market.

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Pricing strategies benchmarking provides a market comparison for a variety of secondary marketing metrics that impact profitability. Through this powerful capability, clients can compare margins, concessions, price, and note rate to the market, and filter by business channel, institution type, state, MSA, and more.

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Competitive Analytics joins Optimal Blue’s already established suite of business intelligence offerings including theOptimal Blue Mortgage Market Indices(OBMMI) published earlier this year, as well as the unrivaled Enterprise Analytics solution which provides Optimal Blue clients with compelling visualizations that illustrate highly granular data on their own operation. “The Optimal Blue Marketplace Platform has supported the daily activity of mortgage buyers and sellers for close to two decades,” explained Scott Happ, CEO of Optimal Blue. “This has generated an incredible amount of transactional data that uniquely positions Optimal