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*Integrity: The Biggest Challenge* **By Barbara Perino and Rebecca Walzak** ***Did you hear the one about the loan officer who, when attending a wedding, refused to tell anyone where he was employed for fear he would be asked to leave? All of us in this business have heard the jokes and suffered through the accusatory […]

Magazine Feature Story

*Market Ups And Downs* **By Ravi Ramanathan** ***Improbably there is a positive side to the rough ride the mortgage market has taken in the past few years. It’s not easy to find a silver lining in the cloud of record defaults and foreclosures that have hung over the market the past three to four years. […]

Magazine Feature Story

*A World of Opportunity* **By Sanjeev Malaney** ***With every crisis comes a potential opportunity. The 2008 financial crisis caused professionals and many businesses in all industries to rethink the way they were doing business across the board. Anytime that kind of shakedown occurs, changes are needed to get back on track by boosting efficiency and […]

Magazine Feature Story

*Improve Consumer Relationships* **By Sharon Matthews** ***For consumers, obtaining a mortgage is often a complicated and difficult process – full of requests for more information, forms, legal documents, unfamiliar requirements, signatures, and unknown parties. It’s not just a transaction between a home buyer and a seller. There are realtors, banks, appraisal companies, inspectors, lawyers, insurance […]

Understanding The News: A New Imaging Tool Hits The Market

*New Imaging Solution Hits The Market*
**Taking Paperless Further**

***As we talk more and more about UMDP, the idea of being more data driven arises. Investors are literally forcing lenders to get with the program and embrace the data. The fact is that during this transitional period lenders will rely on imaging for now. As a result, vendors have to come up with imaging tools that can help lenders more toward a data-centric process. For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that Blueberry Systems LLC has enhanced its enterprise-scale document imaging solution, Manifest, to include an advanced package viewer, providing users with a more dynamic solution to further automate image-enabled workflow.

Technology Spotlight: Lender Demands Flexibility

*Lender Demands Flexibility*
**radius financial group inc. Profiled**

***With LO Comp, UAD, UMDP, Dodd-Frank, and all the rest, what is a lender to do? Well, of course, they have to automate more. But beyond just turning to technology, lenders need to and are demanding more flexibility from their vendors. For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that radius financial group inc. has chosen MortgageFlex Systems, Inc. for their loan origination needs. Here’s why they decided to go with Mortgageflex:

On The Move: Data Standards Get A Boost

*Data Standards Get A Boost*
**The Latest Promotions, New Hires And Layoffs**

***The Mortgage Bankers Association has completed the transition, announced in September, and will resume support for the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization, Inc. (MISMO). With the successful transition, MISMO will now focus efforts on regulatory implementation and advocating for broader adoption of data standards throughout the industry. As part of this news the MBA has made a new hire. PROGRESS in Lending has also learned of a promotion at Urban Lending Solutions. Here’s the details:

Magazine Cover Story

*Jonathan Core Sizes Up Success* **Executive Interview** ***Can a loan origination system actually complete a successful IPO? It’s never been done before, but Ellie Mae got it done this year. The company not only went public, it completed two high-profile acquisitions. All this happened during a time of flux in the mortgage industry. Ellie Mae […]

Magazine Cover Story

*Solving The REO Crisis* **Executive Interview** ***As we all know, defaults, workouts and foreclosures will continue to be the norm for some time to come. These market conditions are turning investors into landowners and whole neighborhoods in some areas of the country are inundated with vacant homes. What does all this mean? According to CNBC, […]