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*The GSE-less Mortgage Industry* **By David Coleman** ***After months of speculation it now appears clear that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will cease to exist at some point over the next few years. The beginning impacts of the dissolution of the companies are likely to be felt by the industry much sooner. While much of […]

Video Insights: Let’s Restore Trust In Our Industry

*Let’s Restore Trust in Our Industry*

***At Innovations 2010, mortgage recovery was a huge topic of discussion. But before the industry can move forward with mobile technology or any other new technology, it has to first clean up its act. How so? The mortgage meltdown has certainly tarnished the reputation of the entire industry. We have to restore trust in our business if we are to recover and thrive again. We also have to restore that personal connection with the borrower, while at the same time, offer the most streamlined, efficient, cost-effective process. But how do we do all that? Stephen Nation shares his views here:

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*Get A New Start* **Executive Interview** ***It seems like every day brings more bad news for the mortgage industry. What bad news? Originations are on the decline. Foreclosures are on the rise. More regulation is lurking around every corner. Investor confidence has not returned. Housing prices haven’t bottomed. Unemployment remains above 8.5%. Should I go […]