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Life-Cycle Lending:Technology Advances

*Technology Advances*
**By Harvey Foster**

***There is no question that technology advances such as multi-vertical origination software have enabled financial institutions to implement customer-centric business models. Lenders certainly need to be nimble when it comes to product and process. But it does not stop there. Financial institutions need to add a new word to their lexicon: transparency. This term is becoming foundational to how the loan operation relates to regulators, borrowers and other departments within the institution. Transparency is not only being able to provide insight into origination processes and practices, but it also means being able to pass along transactional data to those who request it, when they request it and in the format they request it.

Life-Cycle Lending: Talking Operational Efficiency

*Talking Operational Efficiency*
**By Harvey Foster**

***Today I want to discuss operational efficiency from three different but equally important perspectives, each with strong implications for lenders. Fiserv is pleased to offer this information to enable you to be more knowledgeable in your evaluation of adopting a common loan origination platform and the strategy’s potential in terms of the borrower experience, your staff resources and your IT/hardware costs. Here’s what you should think about:

Life-Cycle Lending: Optimizing Technology Across Verticals

*Optimizing Technology Across Verticals*
**By Harvey Foster**

***Lagging technology is a key cause of higher operational costs and organizational inefficiency, which negatively affect both profit margins and the borrower experience. For lenders using numerous lending platforms to manage various loan products, the challenges associated with aging technology are only multiplied. In uncertain markets, IT budgets are quickly eaten up on maintenance and compliance initiatives, with little left over for new products, services and capabilities.