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Head In The Clouds

*Head In The Clouds*
**By James Comtois**

***When I first started covering the mortgage technology industry, one of the most frequently used buzzwords was “paperless.” Firms were very eager to reduce the paper trail of the mortgage lending and servicing processes. These days, the industry is pretty gosh-darned paperless. Heck, not just the industry, but the world (a number of newspapers I used to write for now no longer have a print edition and are completely paperless products).

Getting Over The Hurdle

*Getting Over The Hurdle*
**By James Comtois**

***For most homeowners, making regular monthly payments is easy—provided the payments are low enough. The hard part is making that initial downpayment. For prospective middle-class homebuyers, particularly those of the first-time variety, the idea of putting down tens of thousands of dollars up-front can be a rather daunting—if not insurmountable—hurdle.

Happiness And Safety

*The Industry Should Consider Happiness And Safety*
**By James Comtois**

***Considering two big points of concern within the mortgage lending industry are customer satisfaction (which actually isn’t exclusive to just the mortgage sector) and risk mitigation, it’s somewhat surprising that a program like MortgageSTAT hasn’t been introduced sooner. Then again, customer service is something firms often claim to care about, but a different story is revealed whenever you’re on their customer care line indefinitely, so maybe it’s not so surprising.

Dressed For Distress

*Dressed For Distress*
**By James Comtois**

***It is definitely a good time to be servicing distressed residential mortgages these days. (It’s actually also a good time to be servicing and investing in distressed properties of all types these days, but that’s another story for another day.)