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Women Execs: A Key To Longevity And Profits

By Molly Dowdy

A New Type Of Industry Event

By Molly Dowdy

A Conference That Helps You Grow Your Business

The last Encompass Experience I attended was in 2013, and it was a great conference. Obviously, I was pretty excited to go to Orlando for the 2015 Encompass Experience. Here’s what happened and here’s why you should care: I have two tiny mini-me girls who loved Disney when we did the family road trip last […]

A Better Conference Experience

*A Better Conference Experience*
**By Molly Dowdy**

***I just returned from the Ellie Mae Encompass Experience, Ellie’s LOS user’s conference. I had never been to it, but I’ve always heard great things. We’ve just completed an integration between Encompass360 and Mercury Network, so we were a sponsor this year and took several people. From a marketing perspective, they did some innovative things that I think we could all consider for our own meetings and events.