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The Next Stage In Mortgage Evolution: The Robotic Mortgage

By Regina Musyl

Regina Musyl

As a Professional Services Director for Mortgage Cadence, Regina Musyl focuses on organizational improvement through building ground-floor initiatives and process improvement. She joined Mortgage Cadence in 2015 as a Strategic Engagement Manager, responsible for the end-to-end implementation and delivery of the Enterprise Lending Center platform. After advancing to Professional Services Director, Musyl undertook the development of a Client Enhancement Services program supporting clients interested in subsequent phases of implementation or specific enhancements and has since transitioned to overseeing robotics initiatives. Musyl began her career in the mortgage industry in the default sector, followed by a focus on due diligence, compliance and credit risk management. Prior to joining Mortgage Cadence, Musyl designed and built a correspondent loan platform for an independent loan originator in Denver, CO.