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Gateway Mortgage Group Launches New Down Payment Protection Program

Gateway Mortgage Group, a full-service mortgage company licensed in 40 states and the District of Columbia, announced the launch of an innovative program providing homebuyers with protection of their down payment in the event they sell their home under less than ideal market conditions. The new program is offered through ValueInsured and has been seamlessly integrated into most of Gateway’s mortgage loan products.

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“Gateway is always growing, innovating and seeking new ways to better support homeownership in the communities we serve around the country,” said Alan Ferree, president of Gateway. “This partnership with ValueInsured allows us to differentiate Gateway from other mortgage lenders while providing our customers with a unique option that offers some peace of mind and simply makes sense for certain markets or borrowers.”

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The new Down Payment Protection Program offers homebuyers an optional insurance feature that can minimize market risk on the value of their home and safeguard some, or all, of their down payment. If the market price drops and the home sells at a loss, up to the full amount of the down payment could be reimbursed in a turnkey, home inspection-free process usually taking 30 days or less (some restrictions apply).

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“Gateway operates in many markets where home values are at all-time highs,” said Joe Melendez, founder and CEO of ValueInsured. “Gateway continues to prove its commitment as a champion of the American dream by allowing customers to buy with confidence while helping to alleviate the concerns and unpredictability of today’s real estate values.”

Ferree added, “Our primary focus is to deliver the highest level of service to our customers through local, caring mortgage professionals across the nation. By offering this Down Payment Protection Program, we will be able to provide our customers with added flexibility, control and confidence in their journey to homeownership.”

Gateway is licensed in 40 states, and the District of Columbia, and operates more than 170 retail locations across the country. The company’s annual loan volume is forecasted to exceed $7 billion while the servicing portfolio will surpass $20 billion.

Servicing Platform Reaches A Significant Milestone

Sagent Lending Technologies has reached its latest achievement, supporting 1 million consumer loans on LoanServ, the loan servicing system powering the servicing operations of many leading financial businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

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LoanServ allows servicers to consolidate their use of outdated, heavily-siloed servicing applications into a single unique platform that provides a single-borrower view and scales to accommodate growth. The platform supports consumer loans and mortgages using a singular, unique design and data structure, unlike other servicing platforms that use wrap-around modules. In addition to making the loan process simpler for users, this helps servicers reduce costs.

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Consumer lending is highly variable in product and support needs and LoanServ automates more than traditional consumer systems. With full support for direct and indirect channels, LoanServ has managed fixed and variable rate products, revolving and installment loans, credit insurance products, and all types of collateral by the millions.

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LoanServ is designed to support changing product types while helping servicers manage state compliance on rates, refunds, late changes, and more. The system also adds automation for collections, reserved balances, secondary marketing, and even hypothecation functions.

“Solutions need to be built for today’s marketplace to help servicers compete, deliver best-in-class borrower experiences, and reduce overall costs. One million consumer loans actively being serviced on LoanServ signals to the market that the solution is trusted by a variety of servicers and can handle the increased scale and flexibility that modern lending demands,” says Bret Leech, CEO, Sagent Lending Technologies. “This is quite the milestone for us.”


Integration Enables eNotes For Mortgage Originators

eOriginal Inc. and LendingQB have completed an integration that enables the generation, execution and management of eNotes. The companies announced the integration on the eve of the MERS eMortgage Boot Camp in Irvine, Calif.

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“LendingQB’s work with eOriginal is another milestone in the creation of an open ecosystem for technology and service providers working together to benefit originators,” said Simon Moir, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Mortgage of eOriginal. “This integration continues eOriginal’s commitment to innovative solutions for the industry that focus on capital efficiency and market execution, while minimizing impact to our client’s business and technology operations.”

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Interest in the production of electronic promissory notes, or eNotes, continues to grow as consumers and lenders recognize the value of moving toward a more streamlined, digital process. Through the automated integration into eOriginal’s eNote technology, LendingQB is providing originators of all sizes with accelerated entry into the digital mortgage ecosystem, while gaining process efficiencies and improving quality control by eliminating manual entries and reviews through LendingQB’s loan origination system.

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“With growing adoption and demand for more transparency, digital mortgage is delivering a competitive advantage and operational efficiencies that cannot be obtained through paper processes. eOriginal’s technology is designed to provide clients with an enhanced experience, bringing greater scale, efficiency, and accuracy,” said David Colwell, Vice President of LendingQB Strategy. “The solution delivers a fully digital mortgage that meets regulatory requirements and is accepted by top lenders, the government-sponsored enterprises, and other stakeholders across the mortgage ecosystem.”

In the wake of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s increasing acceptance of eNotes, this partnership is the latest in the expansion of the digital mortgage ecosystem. Recently, eOrginal also announced an eNote program with Wells Fargo Home Lending and joined with MERSCORP Holdings to provide the technology to power MERS eNote Solutions. MERSCORP’s eNote offering will also be fully integrated with LendingQB. LendingQB will begin offering this integration to a select group of lenders in 2018, which will be followed by a broader offering in 2019.

North Carolina Bankers Association Members To Gain Compliance Knowledge

OnCourse Learning Financial Services has partnered with the North Carolina Bankers Association to provide regulatory compliance training for members of NCBA. The NCBA, through its membership, plays a vital role in creating an atmosphere under which all banks in the state can thrive, prosper and continue to serve their communities. In today’s highly regulated environment, banking professionals must have expert knowledge of the latest federal regulation changes in order to stay compliant and better serve customers.

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“The partnership enables NCBA members to provide the most updated available bank training for their employees,” said Brett Shively, executive vice president, professional certification and licensure for OnCourse Learning. “Having well-trained bank employees gives bank managers the peace of mind they need to focus on offering the timely, personalized service their customers have come to expect.”

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The OnCourse Learning 2018 Course Catalog for Banking offers regulatory compliance training topics, including “Anti-Money Laundering (AML),”  “Fair Lending Overview” and “Introduction to Human Trafficking.”

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The North Carolina Bankers Association was founded in the mid 1980’s by a group of North Carolina bankers concerned with the expansion of large, national and regional banks into the state.

“With this alliance with OnCourse Learning, bank members will now have access to online courses and case studies in a wide variety of formats, including engaging videos on some of the most critical topics in the financial services industry,” said President & CEO of NCBA Peter Gwaltney.

OnCourse Learning Financial Services is a provider of governance, risk and compliance training for the bank, mortgage, credit union, gaming and nonbank financial services industries. Formerly known as BankersEdge, OnCourse Learning Financial Services educates more than 85,000 financial services professionals each year and has developed more than 1,100 financial services courses. Its parent company, OnCourse Learning, has been delivering continuing education, pre-licensing and corporate training for more than 60 years.

CoreLogic Launches New Valuation Solution To Help Lenders Reach More Consumers

CoreLogic has introduced Total Home Value for Consumers automated valuation model (AVM) solution. This is the latest addition to the CoreLogic Total Home Value AVM suite – AVMs that incorporate new technologies to help deliver more accurate values and are designed to specific business needs.

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Total Home Value for Consumers is an automated valuation model designed for mortgage lenders and online real estate information providers, allowing them to use their own website to provide consumers with the same AVM information used in the lending process. Since consumers often rely on third-party providers to get an idea of their home value, integrating this solution on their own sites will allow lenders to start their relationships with potential clients earlier in the process, potentially gaining new business and helping increase customer satisfaction.

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Total Home Value for Consumers is a part of the CoreLogic Total Home Value suite – a new approach to automated valuation models made to simplify your AVM selection process. Currently, AVMs are designed with broad applications meaning that businesses may be using AVMs that are not ideal for their intended purpose. With Total Home Value, you simply choose the solution that best fits your business case (Portfolio Monitoring, Marketing, Consumer, etc.), and you will get an AVM solution designed specifically for that need – no more guessing which AVM to use.

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“Total Home Value for Consumers is the latest in our ongoing efforts to transform the way AVMs are used and delivered,” said Ann Regan, executive, product management, Collateral Solutions for CoreLogic. “Mortgage professionals, Financial Services providers, and anyone looking to provide extra value for their customers, can now offer a high-quality AVM on their website, helping establish a relationship and building trust with potential prospects or existing users.”

CoreLogic Integrates 4506-T Direct With INTEGRA’s LOS Platforms

CoreLogic has announced that their 4506-T Direct Income Verification Solution is now available on INTEGRA Software Systems’ legacy Destiny Loan Origination System (LOS) and INTEGRA’s web-based EPIC LOS. When combined with the previously existing CoreLogic integrations of the Instant Merge credit report, Flood Determination services, LoanSafe Risk Manager fraud solution and the Mercury Network valuation technology platform, this new integration provides INTEGRA users with a more complete solution offering from a single provider.

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The IRS 4506-T form is used by lenders to retrieve tax return information to verify a potential borrower’s income. Featuring one of the most rigorous quality control processes in the industry, the CoreLogic 4506-T Direct service minimizes submission errors and decreases verification turnaround times with the IRS, helping reduce customer costs associated with income verification. CoreLogic can accept both wet and electronically signed 4506-T forms.

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“The inclusion of 4506-T Direct on INTEGRA’s Destiny and EPIC Loan Origination Systems continues our mission of providing mortgage professionals with the most comprehensive suite of products on the most innovative platforms in the industry,” said Kevin Mullins, principal, business development for CoreLogic. “Additionally, with this new integration, INTEGRA LOS users will now be able to better streamline their workflows with a more complete solution offering from a single provider.”

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INTEGRA Software Systems’ web-based EPIC, loan origination system, spans point-of-sale through post-closing and secondary marketing for lenders interested in efficiencies gained from automating every step of their loan workflow.

“Since 1996, INTEGRA Software Systems is proud of its commitment to bring the very best software tools to our customers,” said Jerry Pratt, president, INTEGRA Software Systems. “In an effort to constantly add value for our clients nationwide, we are pleased to expand our CoreLogic offerings with the availability of the CoreLogic 4506-T Direct solution.”

ATTOM Migrates Its Property Database To The Cloud

ATTOM Data Solutions and Managed Microsoft Partner Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting (DCAC) jointly announced the successful completion of a 50 Terabyte migration to Microsoft’s Azure platform. The engagement included:

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>>Consolidation of multiple legacy SQL Server databases

>>Migration to Azure

>>Conversion to SSIS catalogued project model

>>Sizing and choosing the correct VM for the Azure environment.

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Post migration, ATTOM Chief Technology Officer Todd Teta estimates the company is now saving 30% of their budget on infrastructure.

ATTOM’s Chief Data Officer Richard Sawicky commented, “We now have the flexibility to scale, expand, and consolidate all of our operations and be nimble as we take on new projects, new datasets, and better serve our customers on a modern platform capable of enrolling a lot of the Azure functionality.

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DCAC principal and Microsoft MVP Joey D’Antoni commented, “The ATTOM migration was quite challenging as there were lot of moving pieces. Richard and I worked really hard to ensure we had a solid checklist for migration, and outside of a single small error we saw immediately after migration, the process was seamless.”

“There were a ton of moving parts, and Joey D’Antoni and Denny Cherry were there to quarterback us through it all,” Sawicky added.  “There is no way that we would be sitting here 100% in Azure without those guys.”

Ellie Mae Expands HELOC, Dynamic Data Management And Mortgage Insurance Support

Ellie Mae has launched a new major release of Ellie Mae’s Encompass digital mortgage solution. The latest release will help lenders of all sizes originate more loans, lower origination costs and shorten the time to close with compliance, efficiency and quality. Key highlights include enhanced HELOC support, Encompass Dynamic Data Management and Mortgage Insurance Support for the Ellie Mae Total Quality Loan Program.

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“Ellie Mae is offering a complete digital mortgage solution to help our customers succeed in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Jonathan Corr, president and CEO of Ellie Mae. “With this new release we’re offering innovation, enhancements and support so our lenders can grow their businesses with HELOCs, operate more efficiently using Encompass Dynamic Data Management, provide a more streamlined mortgage process with centralized service ordering, and achieve complete compliance.”

Key highlights for the Encompass 18.4 release include:

Enhancements for Expanded HELOC Support: The 18.4 release includes the first phase of a comprehensive solution expansion to streamline the application and underwriting of HELOC loans. To support the unique investor requirements for calculating HELOC payments, both initial and qualifying, Encompass now includes a set of configuration options for both, including support to calculate interest-only and amortizing payments on the basis of a selected rate, a fraction of principal balance, or a percentage of principal balance.

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Mortgage Insurance Service for Ellie Mae Total Quality Loan (TQL): Ellie Mae TQL leverages secure, single sign-on and necessary, best-of-breed services to automate processes, and applies quality checks throughout the mortgage lifecycle to reduce resource costs and operational friction. Enhanced integrations with Arch MI, MGIC and Radian offer a more streamlined mortgage insurance (MI) ordering process. Encompass MI Service gives customers automated ordering, side-by-side rate quote comparisons, and an automated allocation model. The new service also offers faster processing, increased visibility into order history, and the ability to monitor key data changes and alert Encompass users when to re-order a rate quote or MI certificate.

Encompass MI Service within Ellie Mae TQL improves operational efficiencies by allowing automated ordering and reduces manual steps needed such as re-authentication. Customers can reduce risk by monitoring material data changes in the loan file through a single source of record that maintains all transactions and communication inside of Encompass. Additionally, the process helps to ensure that the information is accurate, organized and securely transmitted.

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A New Way to Automate Data Entry: To increase productivity and enhance accuracy, Ellie Mae is releasing a new scenarios-based rule engine for Encompass designed to automate data entry across any form used during the loan origination process. The new engine, Encompass Dynamic Data Management, brings Ellie Mae one step closer to its vision of automating everything automatable in the mortgage industry and helps lenders deliver a digital mortgage experience to borrowers.

“Encompass Dynamic Data Management is an amazing new feature that provides Encompass Administrators an incredibly powerful set of tools for automating data input in Encompass,” said Adam Ard, Implementation and Development Lead, New American Funding.  “We are extremely excited for the release of Encompass Dynamic Data Management functionality because of the dramatic improvements it provides in flexibility, maintainability, visibility and control of systematic data automation.  This will greatly benefit companies of all sizes with its intuitive settings structure and seamless end user experience.”

Banking Compliance Index Holds Steady In Q3

The Banking Compliance Index (BCI) remained steady in Q3 2018, after nearly doubling from Q1 2018 to Q2 2018. The spike in regulatory activity from earlier this year demonstrates the significant impact of regulatory relief bill S.2155, which contained over 50 separate regulatory changes. Even though regulatory relief has been promised, financial institutions still have not experienced any regulatory lift.

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“The sustained increase in regulatory activity compared to the beginning of the year reinforces that banks and credit unions have yet to feel any concrete relief resulting from bill S.2155,” stated Pam Perdue, Continuity’s chief regulatory officer. “During Q3, institutions were once again faced with reading, analyzing and interpreting a significant number of pages and regulatory material, costing too many resources and employee hours. This is simply too much burden for the typical financial institution to reasonably maintain with manual processes.”

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The Banking Compliance Index, published quarterly by Continuity’s Regulatory Operations Center (ROC) quantifies the incremental burden on financial institutions in keeping up with regulatory changes. The typical community financial institution needed more than one full-time employee (1.05) just to keep pace with regulatory changes, not including the resources institutions are already dedicating to regulatory and compliance efforts.

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There were 59 issuances delivered between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2018, on par with the 61 issuances the previous quarter. Compliance costs at the typical institution averaged $15,534, and 304 hours were required to comply per institution.

“The last quarter of the year is typically the busiest in terms of regulatory activity, and we expect that trend to continue as 2018 comes to a close,” Perdue explained. “To complicate matters further, the upcoming midterm elections have the potential to significantly shake up the regulatory landscape, prompting even more work for banks and credit unions. Bankers must find ways to stay proactive and automate large portions of their compliance management, or they risk falling behind. Savvy institutions are looking to regtech partners and technology to boost efficiencies, reduce employee time dedicated to compliance and streamline the overall compliance management process.”

QRL Leverages DocMagic’s eVault Technology To Purchase eNotes

QRL Financial Services (QRL), a nationwide provider of residential mortgage lending services for community banks and credit unions, has leveraged DocMagic’s eVault technology to purchase eNotes.

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Implementing an eVault means QRL can increase new business by extending its reach to lenders that are ready to implement eClosings and sell eNotes. In addition to providing improved service, they will competitively position themselves for the future. The deal will make QRL one of the first investors outside of the GSEs to begin purchasing eNotes.

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“QRL is a farsighted organization, and by implementing eVault technology now, they stand to capitalize on marketplace opportunities as eNotes continue to gain adoption,” stated Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic. “We tend to partner with early adopters like QRL, who will reap the benefits of their industry insight. We look forward to the success they realize by utilizing our eVault and supporting technology.”

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Because QRL is using DocMagic’s SmartDocs, all documents retain a tamper evident seal to ensure data and document integrity. Using static documents, that don’t include SmartDoc transactional (XML) metadata, means some organizations have the difficult, costly and time-consuming task of confirming that data and documents are in sync.

“Offering a truly paperless solution is the future. Consumers will expect and demand a closing experience that is more timely, convenient and informative,” says Alex Rivera, managing director at QRL Financial Services. “QRL’s ability to purchase and service eNotes will allow the credit unions and community banks that we service to stay ahead of the technology curve as they compete with the larger institutions in the race to improve the mortgage experience.”

The solution will also create greater secondary market process efficiencies because of reduced cycle times. QRL will be able to fund faster with fewer post-closing document issues.