By Tony Garritano
What’s going on in the mortgage market? What trends should you be aware of? Tony tells you in this daily column.

Market Analysis: Kudos To A Real Thinker

*Kudos To A Real Thinker*
**By Tony Garritano**

***I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing a lot of people in this space. I’ve made lasting friendships. I have a lot of respect for the visionaries in this space. One of those people is Liz Green. She’s spirited. She’s knowledgeable. She’s passionate. And when the appraisal group within MISMO needed a leader she stood up. So, when I found out about what she’s up to now I had to share it with you. Here’s the scoop:

****Elizabeth Green, an industry expert in valuation technology and data has launched a new consultancy aimed at helping lenders and appraisers work together more effectively to meet the challenges of today’s market. Green, a frequent industry speaker and an advocate in data standards, entered the mortgage industry in the early 90s and has spent most of the last decade working in the valuation space for some of its most successful companies.

****“I am excited to be in a position in which I can offer my expertise and perspectives to a broad spectrum of industry participants to achieve a higher good,” Green said. “Having worked for many of the technology firms across the origination, servicing and settlement services segments, I’m in the perfect position to help lenders make sense of the divergence of regulations and market influences impacting their valuation requirements and, at the same time I can help appraisers become more successful in a rapidly changing profession.”

****Green says she brings a bit of art to her work, explaining that it’s not all about the science when it comes to helping professionals with very different viewpoints work together effectively.

****“Not just as an industry but as a society, we face unprecedented challenges in residential real estate. We must find improved ways to assess and manage collateral risk and property valuation. Our communities and our economy depend upon it,” Green said.

****I can’t agree more!

Market Analysis: Leveraging A True Technology Leader

*Leveraging A True Technology Leader*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Some think being innovative means that you completely reinvent the wheel. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. Some profound innovations drew from and improved on existing technology in a new way. What do I mean? For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that Coester Appraisal Group, a nationwide provider of appraisal management technology and services, has launched Cloud Control, a revolutionary new appraisal management technology. Cloud Control is appraisal management software built on the award-wining platform of, which Forbes magazine designated as the most innovative company in the world in July 2011. Here’s the scoop:

****Cloud Control enables lenders to customize their appraisal processes far beyond the levels offered by other appraisal management technologies. Cloud Control offers virtually limitless customization—users can create business rules to automate virtually any function, from protecting standards through firewalls and safeguards, to business-unique sales and marketing activities that help companies generate new business in addition to enhancing compliance and efficiency.

Coester is providing Cloud Control completely free of charge to all lenders—Coester customers and non-customers alike—without obligation to use any additional Coester valuation service, whatsoever.

Cloud Control is a cloud-based, end-to-end appraisal management technology that efficiently manages the entire appraisal cycle. In addition to automating functions and tasks ranging from relaying the initial request to the lender’s desired appraisal panel to filing and storing the completed report, the system automatically extracts and converts data into UCDP-compliant formats and submits appraisal data through the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP). Cloud Control provides the property value as estimated by an automated valuation model (AVM), provides reviewers’ notes for every appraisal report, and verifies that the appraiser and property adhere to industry requirements by cross-checking resources like, FHA Connection and FEMA.

Cloud Control can be configured to accommodate virtually any business rules. It automatically verifies appraiser licensing and certification and cross-checks appraisers against investor “black lists,” in addition to offering extensive customer relationship management functions. The system is set up to stay up-to-date and adhere to all investor, local, state and federal guidelines and regulations. Because it is cloud-based, it is ready to use and can be set up in as little as 20 minutes—about the time required to merely add a new appraiser to the user’s appraiser panel with most other appraisal management systems.

“As an AMC, we had tried most of the appraisal management software on the market and we couldn’t find one with anywhere near the customizability we need, so we built Cloud Control,” said Brian Coester, CEO of Coester Appraisal Group. “Other technologies claim customizability but only offer minimal configurability. Cloud Control can be configured to do virtually anything you want—all the way down to the actual user level.”

Cloud Control is the only appraisal management technology that utilizes the platform and provides virtually the same power and flexibility offered by’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, Sales Cloud, a technology specifically designed to make it faster and easier for companies to connect with and service their customers, and to do so in a way that promotes high service levels and increased sales. With Cloud Control, users can fully automate the appraisal status notification and escalation processes at the user level, which means that users can automatically receive key information on customers and vendors, based on any trigger—such as a phone call—in real time. The system can also be set up to send custom email messages to specified groups. For example, certain property owners can be contacted with marketing messages when specific triggers are activated, like each time rates reach a certain threshold.

“Appraisal management technologies have missed numerous opportunities to proactively help lenders grow their business,” said Coester. “We’re changing that. Cloud Control is the first system that not only helps maintain compliance and efficiency, but also helps increase business and generate revenue. Plus, unlike other systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, Cloud Control is available for zero cost whatsoever—for as long as the lender wants to use it.”

Market Analysis: The LOS Saga

*The LOS Saga*
**By Tony Garritano**

***It always seems to me like there are too many loan origination systems to choose from. How do they all survive? In the end, I guess, they all have their unique strengths and weaknesses. To this end, PROGRESS learned a few months back of a new entrant that hopes to put their spin on this already crowded space. Now they’re staffing up to try and take the market by storm. Here’s the full scoop:

****LendingQB, an enterprise-class end-to-end Web-based LOS), has added Holt Crowder and Brian Smith to its business development team. Both new hires will be dedicated to introducing the new LendingQB LOS to the mortgage industry.

****“We are excited about Holt and Brian joining our team to help launch the LendingQB platform,” said Binh Dang, president of LendingQB. “We’ve spent the last couple of years operating in an R&D mode to engineer a one-of-a-kind end-to-end LOS that delivers functionality and value above and beyond anything that is commercially available on the market today. Holt and Brian will play a major role in demonstrating to lenders why our enterprise-class LOS is unlike any other. Their knowledge and experience working in the mortgage technology space is why we brought them on board; I’m confident they’ll be major contributors to our growth.”

****Holt will be responsible for managing new opportunities with banks, credit unions and lenders in an outside sales capacity. Holt brings more than 20 years of experience to LendingQB having worked at mortgage banks, mortgage technology providers and as a consultant. He has held various positions at Loan-Score Decisioning Systems, Mortgage Cadence, Portellus, PCLender, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Aames Home Loans, NovaStar, PHH Mortgage and others.

****Brian will manage the upfront sales process working with prospective clients to communicate LendingQB’s value proposition. He has experience working at mortgage technology providers Loan-Score Decisioning Systems and LoanSifter. While at Loan-Score, Brian was instrumental in building a book of business that grew the company’s client base at a rapid rate, which helped make it attractive for acquisition by Calyx Software, Inc. in 2010.

****LendingQB was in development and testing for several years, and is now being successfully implemented at mortgage banks that are realizing enterprise-wide efficiencies and greater profitability. The platform was officially launched in December of last year and has experienced a significant amount of attention as a result of its unique features and capabilities. I’ll keep you posted on their industry penetration as I get that news.

Market Analysis: Here’s Why Technology Matters

*Here’s Why Technology Matters*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Too often technology is dismissed. While others may think a provocative headline constitutes sexy and breaking news, I think a sexy headline is all about showing the real value of technology so lenders reading this column can share in that success. Nonetheless, some lenders say things like: “That’s too futuristic for me”. “That technology is too new and untested”. “I can’t invest in any technology unless it has a clear return on investment”. While some lenders reflect this view, others are investing in technology and reaping the benefits. One huge benefit that technology can bring a lender, beyond the obvious ironclad compliance, hard savings and efficiency, is intangible. What am I talking about? I’m talking about using technology to create a genuinely better experience for the borrower. Customer service matters. For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that Supreme Lending, a Dallas-based nationwide mortgage banker with branches throughout the U.S., reports that it has achieved a 98% satisfaction rating among its borrower customers during the second half of 2011, according to a customer survey completed by 86% of its customers. Here’s how Supreme achieved these numbers:

****The company, which also reduced closing times during the same period, attributes its high satisfaction ratings to the customer service initiative that the company put into place last year to support its plans for growth in 2012. The survey required customers to rate their overall experience with Supreme Lending by selecting one of five options: (1) very satisfied, (2) satisfied, (3) neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, (4) dissatisfied or (5) very dissatisfied.

****“Our customer-focused infrastructure is a key component of our vision, which is to become the best retail mortgage banking company in America—it’s also the foundation that supports the aggressive growth we have planned for 2012,” said Scott Everett, president of Supreme Lending. “One of the reasons we’re able to recruit and maintain such high level loan originators is because we have an active commitment to customer satisfaction. Both our processes and technologies are designed specifically to help build and sustain long-term customer relationships.”

****Supreme Lending previously implemented customer-focused initiatives that include underwriting, closing and funding loans in-house, and creating several state-of-the-art proprietary technologies. Both of these initiatives help provide borrowers with a smoother, more streamlined experience throughout the entire cycle of the mortgage, as well as significant cost savings. And based on the results of their survey, that investment in technology has paid dividends in terms of increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Market Analysis: You Have To Be Relevant

*You Have To Be Relevant*
**By Tony Garritano**

***As I always say, cool technology for the sake of having cool technology is not a winning strategy. You have to invest in cool technology that solves a real issue that your business faces. The technology has to be relevant to you. As we talk more and more about foreclosures and defaults, the topic of short sales keeps coming up. I think any technology to make short sales easier is very relevant, which is why when I heard about what Wingspan Portfolio Advisors is doing, I was compelled to tell you about it. They’re staying ahead of the curve and really trying to address the issue of doing more timely short sales. Here’s what this specialty servicer is up to:

****Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, a Dallas-based diversified servicing company, and WREN, the Wingspan Real Estate Network for agents and brokers, have launched the Wingspan Commander, a full-featured short sale technology and service platform for real estate professionals. Powered by Elk Software’s easy-to-use, award-winning transaction management technology, Short Sale Commander, this new initiative empowers real estate agents, brokers and franchises with fast, professional, full-service short sale facilitation, negotiation and closing services nationwide.

****Wingspan’s WREN affiliate has been offering short sale facilitation to the real estate community since commencing operations in 2011. The addition of the Wingspan Commander technology provides new levels of transparency, communication and ease of use for busy real estate professionals, saving them tremendous time and effort while increasing short sale success.

****As part of the new collaboration with Short Sale Commander, Wingspan will also offer access to the Wingspan Certified Short Sale, a pre-contract review service that identifies potential obstacles earlier in the process than in ordinary short sale transactions. With its Certified Short Sale and loan servicing expertise, Wingspan is able to accelerate the short sale process up to 50 percent faster than industry averages, benefiting all parties to the transactions.

****“As an industry, agents and homeowners often wait for weeks and months only to find out that a short sale file has been declined by a servicer based on an issue that could have been identified and remedied earlier in the transaction,” says Chris Plummer, Wingspan Portfolio Advisors vice president and managing director of WREN. “Wingspan’s experience with servicers, investors and mortgage insurance companies allows us to identify these issues and assist the homeowner and agent in resolving them before an offer is submitted.”

****Short Sale Commander was created by Michigan-based Elk Software to streamline short sale processing for real estate agents and brokers.

****“By adding a full-service component to our existing platform, we have now extended our offering to potentially reach 100 percent of short sale transactions,” says Erik Lovell, president of Short Sale Commander. “We selected Wingspan as our partner in this solution because of their national coverage, extreme short sale and default industry knowledge, and their excellent track record in getting files closed.”

Market Analysis: Searching For Something New

*Longing For Something New*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Everyone knows that I’m a political junkie and last night was Super Tuesday, so I can’t resist. As compared to past cycles, this Super Tuesday had far fewer contests and proportional delegate allotment, which made it hard for any one candidate to score a slam dunk. At this point, based on the delegate count, Romney seems to be a lock. If it stays a four-person race that helps Romney because the conservative vote is split. In a four-person race the other guys can’t get the delegates needed to win, but they can stop Romney from getting to the delegates he needs to win. So do they stay in and possibly act as spoilers or graciously bow out? These are politicians we’re talking about, you bet they’re going to stay in. So, the contest goes on and we’ll be treated with more negative campaigning and stupid gaffes that the media overblows because they want something to cover. As we go through this long process I’m longing for something new and different. I don’t think I’ll find that new and different thing that I’m searching for in politics, but there is something new and different that caught my eye this morning when it comes to the world of mortgage automation. Here’s what I mean:

****Bradford Technologies,a provider of valuation tools and solutions for residential appraisers and parent of the AppraisalWorld online community for appraisers, has announced the redesign of CompCruncher, its valuation technology used by appraisers to prepare statistically supported valuation reports. One of the major changes is that the system now provides regression-based analysis for GSE-approved appraisals. CompCruncher 2.0 is unique because it enables regression analysis for the most commonly used residential appraisal forms.

****The original CompCruncher produced only Collateral Valuation Reports (CVRs), a highly accurate alternative valuation report. CompCruncher 2.0, however, can be used to create Collateral Valuation Reports as well as traditional residential appraisals on GSE-approved appraisal forms. The process of using CompCruncher will remain largely the same. But once an appraiser uses CompCruncher 2.0 to develop a value, he or she will then be offered the option of choosing the type of report to produce: a CVR, the GSE-approved appraisal form 2055, and soon the appraisal form 1004.

****CompCruncher 2.0 is currently in beta testing with several lenders and appraisal management companies. Only certified and trained appraisers can use CompCruncher or CompCruncher 2.0 to create statistically supported valuations of any kind.

****“Our lender partners have told us repeatedly that they want to bring the level of reliability they get with the CVR into traditional appraisals—that’s why we created CompCruncher 2.0,” said Jeff Bradford, CEO of Bradford Technologies. “Now every appraisal can benefit from the higher accuracy that results from scientific analysis. Values can be determined based on analysis of literally hundreds of properties, rather than a handful of properties—for 100 percent of the appraisals used in the market.”

****More than 2,000 appraisers have been trained to use CompCrucher to prepare Collateral Valuation Reports. Bradford will be offering no-cost training on CompCruncher 2.0 to current CompCruncher users. The company anticipates that in 2012, it will train 5,000 more appraisers to prepare not only Collateral Valuation Reports, but also statistically supported traditional appraisals. The Collateral Valuation Report is being used by several Top 20 banks.

****“Values for an entire multi-trillion dollar industry are being supported by 25-year old valuation methods for an appraisal product that today is quickly becoming a commodity. It’s time for our industry to make some serious changes in the way we value properties,” said Mark Linne, the company’s chief strategic and valuation officer. “We need to move away from the art of appraising and start incorporating science. Most appraisal technologies tout efficiency and speed, but accuracy is where we need to focus—and CompCruncher 2.0 has the ability to bring that accuracy into virtually every residential appraisal in our industry.”

Market Analysis: An Industry Vet Resurfaces

*An Industry Vet Resurfaces*
**By Tony Garritano**

***I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years now, with a focus on mortgage technology for eight of those years. In that time I have had the great pleasure of making lifelong friends. For me, this is all about the people. That’s what makes the mortgage industry so special. One such person that I got to know was Phil Huff. I wouldn’t say that we were friends, but I certainly respected him. One time he invited me to a baseball game and I almost ended up getting arrested, but that’s another story entirely. So, I was delighted to hear this morning that he’s back in the space. Here’s what he’s up to now:

****Platinum Data Solutions, a provider of collateral valuation technologies, has appointed industry veteran Phil Huff as its new chief executive officer. He succeeds the company’s founder, Rocky Donathan, who will maintain an active role in the company. Mr. Huff, who was the co-founder and CEO of secure document technology provider eLynx, was selected to spearhead the company’s strategic growth plan.

****Huff has over 25 years of executive level experience. During his tenure with eLynx, he successfully grew the company and positioned it for acquisition, ultimately securing over $40 million in outside investment. Prior to joining Platinum Data, he was CEO of Brandwatch Technologies, a provider of brand security and product authentication technologies to companies worldwide. During his four-year tenure with Brandwatch, Huff led the company’s successful turnaround, tripled revenues and recruited a new management team. He also served as an Executive-in-Residence at CincyTech USA, a seed-stage investment company focused on technology and life science companies in Southwest Ohio.

****“Increased federal legislation and stricter interagency guidelines are forcing lenders, investors, AMCs and servicers to increase their focus on the accuracy and timeliness of collateral information—which is the exact domain of Platinum Data Solutions,” said Huff. “Our technology platform is highly configurable and can react to our customers’—and the industry’s—needs very quickly, which has proven to be a real differentiator for us. We have the quality-enhancing solutions that can not only prevent buybacks, but also ultimately play a huge role in healing and elevating our industry, and we fully intend to leverage the opportunities that stand before us.”

****Platinum Data Solutions provides a wide range of products and services that enhance the quality of appraisal work by detecting errors, inconsistencies and other “red flag” items that can signal appraisal inaccuracies or fraud. Platinum’s flagship product is called REALview. The company also provides automated quality control and retrospective quality control technologies, pre-qualification and fraud-detection products, automated valuation models (AVMs), and more.

****“Platinum Data has aggressive goals for the next phase of the company, and we need strong leadership to achieve those goals—that’s exactly what we have with Phil,” said Donathan. “I couldn’t be happier to welcome Phil to the company. He brings a proven track record of growing companies and maximizing revenue. I am very much looking forward to taking an active role in working with him as he leads this company to the next level.”

****Welcome back Phil!

Market Analysis: WOW, Just WOW

*WOW, Just WOW*
**By Tony Garritano**

***We started promoting our Innovations 2011 Industry Recognition Ceremony just 48 hours ago. For us this program is a big deal. Our mission is to help the mortgage industry in any way we can to succeed. I’m a firm believer that innovation is a critical component to ensuring that success. We hope that by recognizing true innovation we’ll encourage others to innovate. We want to make this space better. And based on early response to this year’s celebration, we can see that you agree. Check this out:

****In just the past 48 hours alone we have received almost 50 RSVPs. Last year we got 160 attendees after two months of promotion. This year we are a third of the way to achieving those numbers and we did it in just 48 hours. Also, any time we can we try to pass on savings to you, not because we have to, but because we want to. So, we secured a discounted room rate at the host hotel. In just 48 hours that room block sold out completely. Fortunately, the hotel has agreed to add more rooms to the block.

****So, if you are planning to attend the event we hope that you will RSVP today HERE. And if you plan to take advantage of the discounted room, we suggest that you do that today as well. You can book your room online HERE.

****It’s very gratifying to see such a strong response to what we’re trying to do on behalf of the mortgage industry. This event is going to be nothing short of amazing. If you entered to be considered for recognition we hope that you attend to see if you were chosen. If you didn’t enter, we hope that you will attend to see who is honored. But beyond that we will also be hosting a roundtable discussion about how we can attain true mortgage industry recovery. It’s going to be a lively discussion.

****We hope to see you there.

Market Analysis: Keeping An Eye Out For Success

*Keeping An Eye Out For Success*
**By Tony Garritano**

***We talk too much in our industry about gloom and doom. I know, we have a lot to be gloomy about, but still. My two sons are now taking piano lessons. When I hear them playing I’m so proud. Talent and success is infectious. And of course every parent is proud of their children, but let’s put that aside for a bit. Even when it comes to business, when you see a success in the works you can’t help but smile and maybe take some things away from that story to help your business grow. Here are two such success stories:

****First, not every technology vendor is contracting. For example, Capsilon has announced its expansion into a larger facility to accommodate the company’s growth and provide extended sales services to customers. Capsilon’s new headquarters, still located in San Francisco, doubles the amount of space the company had in its previous facility. The new, more centrally located venue, enables Capsilon to further build its sales team and provide strategic partners with enhanced third-party sales support with the addition of new employees.

****“After the success of doubling monthly revenue in 2011, this expansion allows Capsilon to accommodate for future growth,” said Sanjeev Malaney, CEO of Capsilon. “Not only are we increasing staff to our direct sales team, but also bringing on additional staff dedicated to assisting the sales efforts of our partners. This opportunity allows us to better serve customers with these additional resources.”

****In addition to the expanding sales team, the new location provides space for enhanced operations and customer support staff. To head up this growth initiative, Capsilon recently added a new senior director of operations to provide executive direction and leadership for company operations and continued expansion plans.

****As an example of additional support to sales partners earlier this year, Capsilon hosted a sales partner conference to demonstrate new products and discuss industry needs and best practices to better strengthen its partnerships and boost sales efforts. Capsilon plans to host similar conferences for its sales partners throughout the year to better serve their customers.

****Also, REO Allegiance, a nationwide field service firm, announced that it has been ranked as a leading U.S. business in two different categories by, a website that tracks minority-owned enterprises across the country.

****“We are very proud to be recognized again alongside so many other fine businesses in New Jersey,” said Lisa Sadaoui, president and CEO of REO Allegiance. “We believe that flourishing small businesses represent the key to a thriving economy, and we thank for honoring businesses that contribute to economic growth.”

****REO Allegiance was ranked as a Top 100 Woman-Owned Business in New Jersey (32) and a Top 100 Privately-Held Business in New Jersey (99). This is the second year the firm has been recognized by the business award program. The awards are based on a number of criteria, including annual gross revenue and the business profile on file with

**** is one of the nation’s primary resource portals for small businesses and large organizational buyers. It is a membership-based exchange platform that facilitates contacts and communication, streamlines business processes and provides vital business news and information.

****We at PROGRESS are gearing up to give kudos, too. You won’t want to miss our Innovations Ceremony. RSVP to attend HERE. True thought leaders will be honored. It’s going to be a memorable night. Success can be infectious.

Market Analysis: Innovative Companies Continue To Thrive

*Innovative Companies Continue To  Thrive*
**By Tony Garritano**

***We are very fortunate to have Steve Horne of Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, a Dallas-based diversified servicing company, on our board. He is a true visionary. As such, PROGRESS has learned that Wingspan under his leadership continues its accelerating growth offering a wide range of services to assist the mortgage industry in virtually every aspect of delinquent loan servicing. In addition to launching four new subsidiaries over the past 12 months, Wingspan has quadrupled its number of employees and has leased a second building to meet the needs of its clients, which include banks, investors, mortgage insurers and real estate agents throughout the U.S.

****“Wingspan’s phenomenal growth is driven by our team’s ability to deliver customized solutions to lenders, investors and mortgage insurers impacted by the challenges in our economy,” states Wingspan CEO and President Steve Horne. “Our clients are extremely pleased with the innovative results we deliver and the experience that comes from a senior management team with more than 250 years in this business.”

****Today, Wingspan employs more than 1,400 people and is the sole occupant of the 134,000-square-foot, two-story office building located on the Dallas North Tollway near Frankford in Dallas. The company has quadrupled the number of people it employs since this time last year. Wingspan’s new building is situated minutes away from its corporate headquarters in Carrollton, TX. The company’s current business units include:

****Wingspan Portfolio Advisors: offers special servicing, component servicing, capital markets services;

****Wingspan Information Technology:  provides information technology consulting and application development services to clients featuring 21st century technological solutions used by Wingspan;

****Wingspan Real Estate Network: WREN, Wingspan’s licensed real estate broker affiliate and proprietary nationwide network of real estate agents, specializing in accelerated short sale facilitation;

****Wingspan Professional Services: offers escalated customer complaint resolution, servicer oversight and file/claim review, outsourced “back office” process solutions, consent order compliance, as well as staffing services for both internal and external clients;

****Wingspan Insurance Services: provides insurance products that make sense for stakeholders and borrowers alike;

**** Wingspan’s consumer-facing website advancing financial literacy for borrowers through no-cost information and dialog with industry experts.

****Much of Wingspan’s growth is due to its expertise working with delinquent borrowers and its ability to find alternatives to foreclosure, thereby restoring value to those loans and reducing REO properties. Wingspan’s loan resolution specialists are skilled at listening to borrowers, understanding their issues and moving quickly towards a positive outcome wherever possible, providing a high-touch approach that primary servicers are hard pressed to offer.

****“Spending lots of time talking to borrowers is not typically something the primary servicers are able to do, based on their basic business models and compensation structures,” Horne observes. “But it’s precisely what we do, and that fits perfectly with the requirements of getting consumer issues resolved.”

****The demand for conflict resolution services has risen dramatically, and it is one of many areas that have propelled Wingspan’s growth. “When dealing with highly sensitive customer matters, outsource assistance needs to be extremely experienced in high-touch, often emotionally charged situations,” states Jason Dickard, Wingspan’s executive vice president of professional services. “Complaints, for example, have often been pushed up the management chain through the legal department, and servicers want them finalized with the best possible result. We’re positioned to work with everyone involved to achieve resolution, once and for all.

****“This business is constantly evolving and changing,” continues Dickard. “As our clients juggle limited resources with additional regulations, they know we can provide them with a wide variety of services they need, from customer complaint resolution to forensic file review.”

****Horne notes that Wingspan’s growth as a “one-stop trusted source” for all special servicing needs has been made easier by the company’s location. “We have a tremendous talent pool here in Dallas, the epicenter for loan servicing, which allows us to recruit, train and deploy very quickly,” adds Horne. “Experienced employees, advanced technology and a broad range of services are helping us to capture every opportunity that comes our way.”