Capsilon builds products that transform the way mortgage companies work, making mortgages easier and less expensive for everyone. Capsilon uses data and AI to automate manual tasks and enable better, faster decision-making, delivering an average customer ROI of 400%.

More than 160 of the mortgage industry’s most innovative companies use Capsilon’s enterprise SaaS solutions, including 3 of the 10 largest U.S. residential mortgage companies. Capsilon touches fifteen percent of all U.S. mortgages and, in 2017, $400 billion in mortgage loans went through Capsilon’s platform. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and has more than 450 employees worldwide. For more information, visit


LendingQB is a provider of Lean Lending solutions for residential mortgage banking organizations. The Lean Lending solution consists of a 100 percent web browser-based, end-to-end loan origination system, best of breed integrations with key industry partners and ‘adoptimization’ services that result in faster cycle times and lower costs per loan. For more information, please call 888.285.3912 or visit

Open Close

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, OpenClose® is a leading provider of an enterprise-class, purely browser-based end-to-end loan origination system (LOS) that delivers its solution on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. The company provides a variety of Web-based solutions for lenders, banks and credit unions—from loan origination software to decisioning, reporting, website design and social media marketing. OpenClose’s LOS is completely engineered by the same company, thus avoiding assembling best-of-breed applications or acquiring technologies in an effort to create an end-to-end platform. The company focuses on providing lending organizations with full control of their data and creating a truly seamless workflow for comprehensive automation and compliance adherence. For more information, visit or call (561) 655-6418.

The Turning Point

The Turning Point offers its award-winning MACH3 “Business Opportunity Engine” which delivers mortgage-specific CRM—and much more. MACH3 helps lenders identify high quality business opportunities—then drive them to the point-of-sale and initiate professional, compliant communications to convert them into clients. MACH3 also enables lenders to retain clients and maximize their value through repeat business and referrals. Presented as a unified SaaS platform, MACH3 uniquely incorporates both an end-to-end operational solution—driven by mortgage-specific rules-based intelligence—and a superior range of management control features. Specifically, MACH3 includes database management across prospects, customers and partners; personalized communication content creation and management; targeted campaign setup and implementation (mail and e-mail); prescribed hands-free programs and on-demand campaigns; one-stop shop for sales collateral materials; fully integrated production and fulfillment; performance measurement/accountability; multi-layered management oversight; superior strategic planning; smart resource allocation; brand support and management; and enhanced regulatory compliance. The Turning Point can be found on the web HERE.


Solidifi is a leading provider of appraisal management solutions to the North American financial services industry. The organization offers a flexible service platform for procuring collateral valuation from marketplace vendors and appraisers, which allows its customers to make incredibly smart decisions.  Named one of Mortgage Technology Magazine’s ‘Top 50 Service Providers’ for 2010-11, Solidifi is headquartered in Toronto with an office in Chicago. Additional information about Solidifi is available HERE.

Secondary Interactive

Secondary Interactive provides pipeline risk management, best execution and loan allocation services that enable mortgage bankers to automate secondary marketing operations to operate efficiently and improve profitability. In 2008, Secondary Interactive was the first risk management analytics firm to infuse real-time product eligibility and pricing inputs into its capital markets analytics. Through its relationship with Optimal Blue, SI created and deployed an innovative platform that brings market data, investor pricing and product eligibility information, and originator pipeline data together in real-time. This platform offers a tremendous advantage for mortgage bankers by eliminating wasted time spent on data maintenance, the need for multiple investor workbooks or a separate hedging interface. With its “Triple Play” functionality, SI is the only risk management and analytic firm to have a real-time integration between the loan origination system, the product eligibility and pricing engine and the hedging, best execution & loan allocation platform. This functionality enables mortgage bankers to originate, price and sell a loan whether best efforts or mandatory all within a single user’s experience. Learn more about SI HERE.

Rogo Media

Rogo Media is a dynamic graphic design, web design and multimedia company helping businesses position their brand and market themselves.  The company can start from scratch or work with existing brand guidelines to create amazing marketing pieces for the client company.  Whether it is collateral, websites, or presentations, Rogo Media assists in growing a client company’s brand.  Rogo Media specializes in designing powerful solutions that promote your brand.  Each of the company’s designs are custom built using industry standards so that the client stands out in the market place.  Rogo Media helps the client’s bottom line by attracting new customers and providing innovative solutions that help the client keep existing customers.  Located in Livonia, Michigan, Rogo Media has over 10 years of experience.  The company provides high-quality work focusing on its customers’ needs. Rogo Media can be contacted on the web HERE.

Rick Grant & Associates

Rick Grant & Associates (RGA) provides business leaders with customized strategic messaging solutions designed to establish strong market presence, expand company awareness and significantly increase sales and revenue.  RGA provides customers with creative communication strategy, designed to tell the stories that best compliment existing marketing initiatives. RGA creates the content, formatting the final collateral to fit any and all media platforms. Lastly, RGA distributes the customer’s stories, getting the media coverage to most effectively reach target audiences. In short, RGA provides the information necessary, in any form required, to effectively convert prospects into customers. Rick Grant, Principal of RGA, assembled a leadership team of individuals, all dynamically talented and each proficient in distinct areas. The company service offering is unique in that it includes experts skilled in journalism, copywriting, editing, publication design, graphic arts, production, audio/visual technology, media relations, and emerging media technology. RGA can be found on the web HERE


QuestSoft is an established provider of comprehensive automated compliance software and services to the mortgage lending industry. The company’s products enable more than 1,500 banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders to simplify the collection, analysis, compilation and reporting of key lending data. Compliance solutions include Compliance EAGLE, HMDA RELIEF, CRA RELIEF and Instant Geocoder. Compliance EAGLE’s accurate reviews provide instant web-based checks for compliance with over 300 laws and 10,000 pages of regulations all integrated with today’s popular loan software systems.   Additionally, the compliance platform checks for HMDA, flood, transfer tax & recording fees along with anti-fraud and other compliance concerns.   QuestSoft maintains the most software interfaces into loan origination systems of any compliance vendor. QuestSoft can be found on the web HERE.


The PowerLender Loan Origination & Processing System offers mortgage and consumer lending in a single system and merges the flexibility of refinable lending-rules technology with the cost savings of Internet deployment. PowerLender originates and processes any loan from anywhere and allows lenders to define workflow to meet their specific lending requirements without relying on programmers. It is a comprehensive, secure and robust loan origination system that serves as the catalyst to grow lending operations, rather than the obstacle that hinders success.  Since 1978, ASC has been helping mortgage banks, community banks, credit unions and lenders of all sizes by providing quality software innovation, outstanding customer service and unparalleled technical support. For more information, visit