Do you have ideas about how to solve the problems that the mortgage industry faces today?  Let’s figure it out together.  We at PROGRESS in Lending Association feel that technology combined with sound business strategy can go a long way in bringing about a better, stronger mortgage industry.  However, the ideas of technologists and tech-minded executives like you have long been overlooked, that was until now.  This association will give you a voice.  We will compile the latest must-read research and technology use cases in one place, right here.  Our members will also come together to share their ideas and we’ll craft a regular white paper called “Tackling The Issues” that focuses on a particular problem, discusses how technology can help solve that problem and provides business strategies to achieve a better overall process.  In addition, give these white papers a look:

Must-Read Industry Research

* NEW Are you doing a lot of FHA business? Are you using technology to help you mitigate risk when originating FHA product? This white paper from Dexma talks about how technology can help. You can view the whole report by Dexma HERE.

* Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at the mortgage process. This white paper details how Dorado thinks mortgage lending can be improved. You can view the full report by Dorado HERE.

* What does Software as a Service have to do with appraisal management? Find out in this report. You can view the full report by InHouse Inc. HERE.

* Much has been written about the most recent Xerox Mortgage Services’ Path to Paperless Survey, but you don’t know all the facts until you see it for yourself. You can download the full report HERE.

*What’s an electronic vault and why should lenders care about this technology? New research tells all. You can download the full report HERE.

* Do lenders really care about their online presence? New research has good news for borrowers looking to self serve online, very good news. You can download the summary of the survey distributed by Lieberman Research Group and Mortgagebot HERE.

* How much are lenders spending on technology this year? The William Mills Agency takes on this question in its annual study.  The study also includes insights from prominent experts with their look at the state of technology spending. You can download the entire study HERE and William Mills can be found on the Web HERE.

Technology In Action

* Many lenders have trouble getting their systems to talk to each other.  MISMO has eased this problem a bit, but more needs top be done.  Shore Mortgage recently encountered and conquered this problem.  Here’s their story. You can download the entire use case HERE.