REASI Launch Takes Aim At Antiquated Real Estate Escrow Process

REASI is targeting the inefficiencies of traditional escrow; introducing a blockchain-based application to digitize the process. In so doing, the developer aims to eliminate many of the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of an important phase in the traditional real estate transaction.

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REASI is a mobile application which enables real estate brokers to close home transactions from their smartphones or tablets. Vendors and customers collaborate in real time using a secure workspace where closing documents and client escrow deposits are integrated. One of the first technologies to elevate the escrow function to a single, cloud-based platform, REASI uses blockchain to digitize and streamline the traditionally cumbersome process. The result is a transparent, convenient and simplified escrow process.

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REASI Co-Founder and CEO John Kang believes that innovation in the escrow process is long overdue, especially when it comes to the severe chokepoints common to traditional escrow. “The way we as an industry do escrow is completely out of alignment with consumer and participant expectations,” he said.  “Unfortunately, the existing model takes what should be a background function and, by means of unnecessary delay, error and vulnerability to fraud, plunks it in the middle of what really should be a painless transaction. As a result, the buyer, the seller, the REALTOR…all spend way too much time and money worrying about something that shouldn’t even have to be noticed.”  

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Kang further asserts that REASI puts escrow back where it belongs—in the background—by eliminating avenues to wire fraud; simplifying the process and eradicating unnecessary errors. “REASI was designed to help all parties achieve their true goal–a completed real estate transaction—without unnecessary cost, delay or stress. We want the buyer to get the keys faster; the seller to move the property faster and the REALTORS and mortgage lenders to have satisfied clients as a result.”

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REASI is the developer of a unique, application-based platform which simplifies the processes that power the real estate transaction. REASI digitizes home buying, using blockchain as its autonomous escrow agent.  By streamlining home closings, REASI reduces frustration for a $10 billion escrow industry plagued by expensive fees and wire fraud.  With REASI, REALTORS become one-stop-shops for home buyers, offering ironclad security and a better customer experience.  The technology seamlessly unites complex escrow requirements, buyer deposits and legal documentation in a fraction of the time of the antiquated traditional escrow process. 

Reshaping Lending

When Matt Hansen developed the mobile mortgage app that would become the catalyst for SimpleNexus, he wasn’t thinking about starting a company. He was trying to help solve a problem for his brother-in-law, a mortgage loan originator, who was tired of constantly having to recalculate customer loan payments by hand.One question, “Do you think you could build me an app for that?” was all it took for Matt to get motivated.

He created the mobile app on a Saturday, and, within weeks, other originators were clamoring to get a version for themselves. As Matt added features, customers followed, fueled exclusively by user referrals. It soon became obvious that what he created was much more than a passion project for evenings and weekends. It was something that filled a real market void.

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So, in 2014, joined by a handful of colleagues in the software industry, Matt turned SimpleNexus into his full-time business—and has never looked back. Today, SimpleNexus is a 100-person organization, signed with 15 of the top 25 lenders, over 180 mortgage company customers, and more than 18,000 users nationwide. More importantly, it’s a company that’s making a difference.The company’s CSO Joe Wilson shared his vision for lending and SimpleNexus with our editors. Here’s what he said:

Q: How would you describe the current state of mortgage technology in the industry? Is innovation thriving or has it stagnated? 

JOE WILSON:New mortgage technology is definitely thriving. Innovations have transformed the industry in only a few short years and enabled lenders to close loans faster, increase efficiency, and deliver a smoother borrower experience. It is clearly an exciting time of change as more and more lenders embrace the benefits of digital mortgage tools and make the move to strategically adopt them. With that said, there still remain friction points in the move to a fully digital mortgage that new technology needs to address.

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Q: What are some of those major friction points that remain?

JOE WILSON:The trend in new mortgage technology has been a heavy focus on improving the borrower experience. While borrower touchpoints are definitely a necessary target for innovation, technology solutions should not ignore or overcomplicate the experience of the other parties involved in the loan transaction. Before adopting and trying to implement new technology, lenders need to consider how it affects the processes of their loan officers and underwriters. At SimpleNexus, we built our solution around uniting loan officers, borrowers, and Realtors into a single platform.

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Q: You playfully refer to uniting all three stakeholders in the loan transaction as the Holy Grail of digital mortgage technology. Can you elaborate more?

JOE WILSON:Despite all the advancement various mortgage technologies have brought to the industry, more and more lenders are realizing that some solutions are limited by their siloed nature. What this means is that not all of the technologies function or integrate very well with their existing tech stack. More and more lenders are seeking out technology offerings that work seamlessly together to improve the experience of all parties in the loan transaction. This search for solutions that work together to unite all the loan transaction stakeholders without making things harder for one party can feel elusive. SimpleNexus provides this offering and its always exciting to see new lenders embrace a full digital mortgage strategy that addresses loan officer efficiency, borrower satisfaction, and working better with referral partners. We have clients tell us that our platform is changing the way they do business for the better. 

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Q:SimpleNexus really stands out in regards to your focus on integration partnerships. Can you share with us your approach and some of the benefits it makes possible for your clients?

JOE WILSON: An open platform is vital to our approach to delivering the most complete digital mortgage platform solution in the industry. We seek out integration partnerships with other technology providers that see the value of cooperating in order to deliver more benefit to clients. We’ve delivered on that single platform promise because of how well we integrate with other technology solutions. This results in the convenience of a single sign-on experience for the loan officer, borrower, and Realtor. Gone are the frustrations of app overload that required you to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Our integrated single platform also allows us to create unique configurations for the lender. Our white label offering enables them to customize the platform to promote their brand and deliver a customized experience for its users. 

Q: Can you elaborate more on some of your specific partner integrations?

JOE WILSON:Last year our company completed 60+ new integration partnerships, bringing additional functionality and efficiency to users on the SimpleNexus platform. We recently announced an offcicial integration partnership with Ellie Mae. This partnership provides our 200+ clients and 20,000+ loan officers fast and secure data transfer between Ellie Mae’s Encompass Lending Platform and our Mobile Originator tools. The direct system-to-system integration with Ellie Mae enables loan officers on the SimpleNexus platform to access their entire loan pipeline, order credit, run pricing, view appraisals, send pre-approval letters, and sign disclosures from their mobile device — all while syncing in real-time with Encompass. We’ve recently added VOA functionality to our platform through partnerships with FormFree and Finicity. We’ve launched integrations with MobilityRE and HomeScout to enable home search capabilities for borrowers. We also have a partnership in place with Mortgage Coach, bringing their loan comparison tools into the SimpleNexus experience. As a company, we are always looking for additional ways to reduce costs and drive efficiency in operations for our lending clients while delivering convenience and transparency to the borrowers and real estate professionals using our platform. We actively seek feedback from our current clients. We make it a priority to listen to what they want out of our platform and go to work on making those requests a reality. Listening to our customers has made our product better and our company successful. Quality integrations are a major part of the solution we offer to the industry. We love working with like-minded partners who see the importance of delivering added value to our clients.

Q: Are there areas of the digital mortgage process that you still see an opportunity for technology to improve?

JOE WILSON:Absolutely. Mortgage technology has already drastically impacted how business is managed in the industry and it is definitely not finished. There are still areas in the process that technology can improve. SimpleNexus is focused on and addressing those opportunities within the industry that technology, in general, has not yet fully delivered on. One obvious area is disclosures. We’ve just launched a new disclosure solution that we are really excited about. And again, our goal while developing our disclosure solution was to improve the experience for everyone involved. We built our disclosure offering to integrate directly with the lender’s LOS, so when disclosure documents are generated in the system of record they seamlessly sync with our platform. Borrowers immediately receive notifications regarding their e-consent and disclosure documents that they can then immediately open, review, approve, and sign electronically from their smart device. Our new disclosure offering also delivers on-the-go execution for loan officers, enabling them to electronically sign their portion anytime, anywhere. For documents that still require a wet signature, borrowers can quickly use our doc scanner tool to securely upload these portions after they have been printed and signed. And most unique, is all of this integrates automatically with the lender LOS to provide disclosure tracking for compliance peace of mind. We deliver a true mobile disclosure experience without disrupting any of the backend processes of the loan officer or underwriter.

Q: What observations can you offer overall of how lenders are adopting new mortgage technology? 

JOE WILSON:I think the strides technology has made in the past few years on the origination process overall has led most lenders to seek out solutions that will enable them to compete and thrive. It’s no longer a question of whether they should adopt technology but more a question of which is the right technology solution in order to deliver maximum efficiency and ROI. We are witnessing an industry-wide embrace of mortgage technology. We have seen this embrace first-hand at SimpleNexus. We added 80+ new enterprise clients just last year and our growth has increased 1,400% over the past three years. 

Q:In terms of ROI, what kind of value can SimpleNexus deliver to a lender’s digital mortgage strategy?

JOE WILSON:It’s important to recognize that the loan officer is the main source of revenue for a lender. A lender’s investment in technology should address supporting the LOs role fully. I mentioned previously the danger of choosing a technology solution that delivers a slick borrower experience but complicates the processes of loan officers and underwriters. SimpleNexus increases the efficiency of LOs while delivering a smooth borrower experience. Our clients are successfully recruiting and retaining top-producing loan officers by touting the benefits of our platform’s Mobile Originator tools. SimpleNexus enables a loan officer to take action on a loan any time from anywhere, thus preserving their quality of life while increasing their productivity. 

We love hearing real-world examples from our clients on how SimpleNexus is preserving a loan officer’s quality of life. We saw one example first-hand last month during our inaugural user group conference that we held at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah. One of the LOs attending our conference got a request from a Realtor for a pre-qual letter. This loan officer was able to send the pre-qual letter in a matter of a minute or two from his phone while sitting at the lodge between his ski runs on the last day. The always on-call nature of the loan officers role no longer needs to interfere with the free time they spend with family or pursuing recreation on nights, weekends, or vacations.

We free the loan officer to get out of the office and build more relationships with referral partners, which in turn helps drive more business. SimpleNexus is a complete approach to implementing a digital mortgage that addresses all three stakeholders effectively. In regards to ROI, our platform reduces turn times, increases loan application submissions, and delivers more referral business. 

With SimpleNexus, traditional mortgage companies can combine the efficiency of technology with the high touch benefits borrowers receive through working with a loan officer. This human touch aspect is a real differentiator for mortgage company searching for a strategy to compete with online lenders.


Joe Wilson is CSO at SimpleNexus. While it’s true that Joe Wilson has a marketing degree, his road to chief sales and marketing officer for SimpleNexus didn’t take a straight-forward path. As a newlywed, fresh out of college, Joe was focused on supporting his family. So, instead of going the ad agency route, Joe landed a job as a loan originator at a mortgage company. It was a place where his natural interpersonal skills shined.The longer Joe worked in the industry, the more intrigued he became with the technology that supported the mortgage process. After seeing the impact of the app firsthand, Joe became an evangelist for the SimpleNexus story. He joined the company in early 2017, to head the sales team, working tirelessly to spread the news about the impact it makes on its customers every day.

Let’s Reward Good Behavior

My son is obsessed with the new app called Pokemon Go and he is not a lone. So, when I heard about how HealthyWage, the world’s leading purveyor of corporate and team-based weight loss challenges and financially-induced diet contests for individuals, has launched a cash prize-driven fitness challenge coined “Summertime Stepping,” it got me thinking about the mortgage industry. Here’s what I mean:

The “Summertime Stepping” program uses monetary awards to promote fitness and reward participants who take more steps while playing the game, and otherwise, whether during work hours (at lunch breaks and other apropos opportunities) or on their personal time. Participants in the Summertime Stepping Challenge also receive motivational tips and support from former contestants from NBC’s Biggest Loser TV program.

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“Game players are joining our new ‘Summertime Stepping Challenge as a way to get paid while playing,” says HealthyWage co-founder David Roddenberry.  “This initiative is a fantastic complement to our roster of evidence-based, highly effective team and personal fitness challenges—most of which leverage the power of ‘social norms feedback’ and other key behavioral economics principles.

It’s been well-publicized the extent to which Pokémon GO is prompting people to walk more, with one report underscoring that “millions of Pokémon Go users are suddenly getting real exercise while playing the game, which is done by walking around the real world with a smartphone” and that, as evidence of the increased activity, one fitness-tracking device purveyor found that wearers “who referenced ‘Pokémon Go’ on the device’s app took more steps [the weekend of July 9] than in the five weekends prior.” Specifically, 10,936 steps versus 6,063 taken the weekend before. This as other fitness apps also reported major increases in footsteps based on data analytics correlated with Pokémon GO dynamics.

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Participants in HealthyWage’s Summertime Stepping Challenge will pay $30 each to participate, which is pooled in a collective “pot.” During registration, participants will connect their Fitness tracker, whether a Fitbit, Jawbone, Google, Apple or any other such device, to get a baseline step count. The goal of participants will be to increase their baseline steps by 20% during the challenge, which runs August 1-August 30, 2016. Each participant who hits their 20% goal will win the challenge and receives an equal share split of the money collected, less 25% that HealthyWage retains for administering the challenge.

Contestants who appeared on past seasons of NBC’s Biggest Loser TV program are providing motivational tips to help participants stay motivated and active throughout the challenge. As upwards of 13 former Biggest Loser contestants will participate in the initiative, participants can pick their favorite coach. HealthyWage will also award a prize to the top coach in the challenge—the person with the largest team.

What does this have to do with mortgage lending? Well, wouldn’t it be great if regulators and investors provided incentives to lenders that offer a more automated process that ensures greater compliance and a better customer experience? For so long I heard lenders say that they would not embrace electronic mortgages because investors wouldn’t accept them. Today that has changed. In addition, it’s hard to maintain compliance without automating. So, those lenders that are doing it and getting it right should be rewarded by regulators and investors, right?

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It’s Time To Get Creative

Too often lenders view mobile technology as just a point-of-sale tool to get a quick 1003 and pre-approval. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, Churchill Mortgage has expanded its partnership with Mortgage Coach to provide borrowers with My Nest, an innovative mobile application that increases education and transparency for borrowers during the home selection process. Here’s how it works:

Typically, prospective homebuyers begin the process by working with Realtors, who help narrow their choice of listings and connect them with lenders based on their unique financial needs. It is only after a home is selected that the borrower is connected to a lender, who works with them to complete the purchase process.

Available for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play store, the My Nest app uses graphs and charts to clearly communicate the loan options available to the borrower for each home visited during the shopping phase. The property information is routed electronically through My Nest to a Churchill Mortgage loan originator, who delivers an interactive presentation through the app to help them better evaluate the available mortgage options and choose the one that best suits the borrower’s needs. In addition, photos, videos and other important property details can be stored on the app, allowing borrowers to share the experience with friends and family. By capturing the shopping experience and receiving detailed financing information, potential homebuyers are empowered to connect with Realtors and Churchill Mortgage to a higher degree and make a confident mortgage decision much earlier in the process.

“My Nest helps customers have accurate information so they can make the best decision. Most importantly they can see all their options and how just a small change can affect the financing outcome” shared Alfonso Parodi, Realty Associates. “When showing homes to families, every option can become a blur. With this app, everything is in one place so they are never confused.” added Karlus Divine, Keller Williams Broker Associate.

“Educating and communicating with a borrower during the home buying process ensures the origination of a healthy loan, which is the foundation to achieving debt-free homeownership and is critical to the continued growth and success of the mortgage industry at large,” said Mike Hardwick, president of Churchill Mortgage. “By directly engaging the prospective home buyer with a Realtor and a lender sooner, My Nest equips borrowers with confidence and allows them to enjoy the experience as they make one of the biggest purchases of their lives.”

In addition, My Nest provides borrowers with a “Real Estate Camera,” enabling them to capture photos and videos and record notes about features and characteristics of specific properties. The information is stored within the app and allows borrowers to share their home visit experience with friends and family, an especially attractive value for the growing demographic of millennial buyers.

“Churchill’s commitment to provide My Nest demonstrates lender leadership and foresight needed to improve the home buying process for borrowers. Families can now effectively leverage technology to more confidently identify and pursue the home that’s right for them,” said Joe Puthur, President of Mortgage Coach.

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Mobile Technology In Action

Is mobile gaining traction you might ask. Outside of the mortgage industry everyone is mobile for sure, but in some cases there are signs that the real estate world is catching up. For example, CoreLogic’s GoMLS app is a mobile platform that is being used by more than 60 CoreLogic clients, representing a user base of more than 500,000 real estate professionals. In addition, GoMLS has been downloaded by homebuyers and sellers over 400,000 times.

“We’re thrilled with the success of GoMLS and that the GoMLS development team has transitioned to CoreLogic,” said Chris Bennett, general manager of Real Estate Solutions for CoreLogic. “The combination of GoMLS technical expertise and our vision and market leadership has made GoMLS the favorite mobile app for real estate professionals in less than two years. CoreLogic has ambitious goals for mobility and plans to deploy a variety of new features to our GoMLS clients.”

GoMLS gives real estate agents and consumers access to in-depth listing and property data using their Apple iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices. Agents can extend mobile search functionality to their clients with an agent-branded app that lets them collaborate on the home search process. With the program’s Home Assist feature, agents can chat and share listings with clients in a running thread, making it easy to see their favorite homes, notes, search activity, and respond immediately to their questions.

Compatible with any multiple listing platform, GoMLS provides an additional level of deep integration with CoreLogic systems like Matrix, which is now used by more than 460,000 MLS subscribers across North America. Agents can directly access real-time MLS data, photos, saved searches, contacts, client carts, and even edit their listings.

So, mobile is getting used in our industry, and that usage will likely grow by leaps and bounds next year.

Lender Takes Mobile Tech Further

Mobile technology is here to stay. And smart lenders are using this technology to grow their business. For example, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), the nation’s largest wholesale lender, announced that it developed and launched a proprietary mobile application for its broker community. The application arms brokers with robust functionality and easy access to loan information while in the field.

“UWM’s new mobile application keeps our brokers in the know at all times by providing them with direct access to much of the functionality that exists within EASE (Easiest Application System Ever), which is our broker portal,” stated Mat Ishbia, President of UWM.  “The use of technology and constant innovation are key components in how we make our brokers’ jobs easier.  This mobile app is one of many exclusive tools that UWM has unveiled as a commitment to partnering with our clients.”

UWM’s mobile application allows brokers to easily access rates, manage their pipelines, view borrower and loan details, check real-time status, receive alerts, manage conditions, lock loans and more. The real-time bi-directional communication the application provides between UWM’s underwriters, processors and account executives establishes increased transparency and shows any tasks that must be completed in order to expeditiously fund the loan.

The free app is available for both iPhones and DROIDS.

Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) underwrites and provides closing documentation for residential mortgage loans originated by mortgage brokers, banks, credit unions and correspondents.

‘Dig’ These Apps

*‘Dig’ These Apps*
**By Lew Sichelman**

LewS***There are apps – as in mortgage applications – and then there are apps – as in application software designed to help perform specific tasks. And the real estate space abounds in new apps, the latter kind anyway.

****The latest newsmaker is Zillow’s Digs, the site’s new remodeling estimator. The tool allows users to click through thousands of images of remodeled spaces and then provides a ballpark estimate of what it would cost to reproduce the project in their own homes. The photos are taken from the 110-million homes in Zillow’s vast database, while the estimates are generated by contractors and designers.

****Outfits like the seven-year-old Zillow, which has three other popular online tools, including one that focuses on the mortgage market, get all the buzz because of their sheer size. But there are many others that, though just as useful, never get any “ink”

****Here’s a few that haven’t received much publicity but may prove to be handy. Many were previewed at the recent Real Estate Connect conference in New York:

****>> Hubzu – This online residential marketplace makes it easy for consumers, investors and brokers to buy and sell houses. From start to finish – that is, from searching and bidding to financing and closing – the app provides a totally online experience. Hubzu, from Altisource Portfolio Solutions in Atlanta, isn’t entirely new, having replaced the firm’s GoHoming platform more than a year ago.

****>> Clipix – The brainchild of New Jersey’s own Oded Berkowitz, a former Wall Street exec, this free online tool allows shoppers to bookmark any link they find on the web to create a single destination for the short list of properties to their liking. The list can be viewed, edited and shared at any time, plus you can ask for price drop alerts to monitor price reductions. Beyond saving web links, Clipix can upload any document, creating a complete paperless real estate organizer.

****>> HomeZada – This tool is a Daytimer for the home, tying together everything needed to manage the property. The flexible system runs from basic to complete, including an inventory of all your possessions, plans for home improvement projects, various home-centric spending categories, checklists for home maintenance and news and alerts. If you have more than one property, HomeZada can manage them all.

****>> REESIO – With this app, there should be no more piles of paperwork. REESIO takes the pain out of the real estate transaction by simplifying the experience every step of the way. You can upload and save all documents, e-sign those which require a signature, and remind participants of what needs to be done next. The tool also allows agents to schedule showings and transmit offers for the seller’s approval or rejection.

****>> Contactuality – This tool automatically and tactically manage the users’ contacts by promoting actions that help you remain relevant and top-of-mind. It will tell you who’s most important on your list of previous contacts and those you haven’t contacted in a specific amount of time. The system will prompt you when to reconnect and, using such clues as social updates and recent conversations, when it matters most to reach out.

****>> BlockAvenue – Moving? Search neighborhoods, block by block, to find out what it’s really like to live there. Data will include amenities, wining and dining, schools, transit and crime. Using this neighborhood platform, you also can communicate directly with folks who already live in the area for their assessments, good or bad.

****>> Sensopia – No longer the purview of just crime scene investigators and archeologists, this app measures and draws floor plans. Simply snap a shot of the corners of each room and MagicPlan measures walls and doors, identifies the shape of the room and draws a plan for each one. Then you can assembles rooms with your fingers and even add in some furniture for placement purposes.

****>> Revestor – Billed as the “new way” to hunt for real estate, this patent-pending, “next generation” search engine allows investors and others to seek properties based on their highest return rates. Enter the location, price range and how you want to search, by either capitalization rate or cash flow.

What’s Next For Mobile?

*What’s Next For Mobile?*
**Trends To Watch**

***We at PROGRESS in Lending launched a free iPad app over a year ago. You can download the free app in the iTunes store today. We believe in this technology. But does it have mortgage applications? Here’s the scoop on mobile trends in the mortgage space today:

****When ordering services like an appraisal for example, mobile is already big. Brian Coester, Chief Executive Officer at appraisal company CoesterVMS believes that “there will be a big push to integrate services on the vendor side and service providers will offer mobile versions of their application to their customers. They will have their app where people can order services from it, check status of files and request updates etc. At the same time, I don’t think mobile integration will be as revolutionary as the mobile devices were for consumers. Mobile devices essentially replaced the need for a desktop computer in most cases. People no longer go to their desktop, they just have an iPad, and they function off of that because they can access their email, think of the gaming industry which the $.99 game has almost replaced the $69.99 game that used to go in your XBOX.

****“The integration with vendor services into a mobile is not going to replace full version and it is definitely not going to replace the full system. Everything is still going to be online and desktop. The add-on value of a mobile application would be just a “Lite” version of the full application. You do get some basic functionality from it, for instance, checking reports, collecting basic data, signing forms, and ordering basis services.  However, there will not be anything more than that, and I don’t think that there ever will be. There are too many fields and elements.”

****Speaking of fields and elements, the keepers of those fields and elements is the loan origination system (LOS). And in 2012 we saw a lot of LOS systems incorporate mobile features. Kelli Himebaugh, Corporate Vice President, Mortgage Builder Software, says, “Mobile devices have already become an integral part of our personal lives and will continue to gain acceptance and popularity in the business world as technology companies recognize the need for mobility. In lending we have seen mobile devices start to come into their own for origination purposes and in field services. Loan officer and appraiser use will skyrocket in 2013, so mobile services will be as necessary as oxygen for the mortgage industry. The hardware arena is heating up with the addition of several new devices to compete with the iPad, and this will make things interesting.

****“As a technology provider, we see mobile devices as standard equipment right now, no longer a luxury option. We are making our software fully accessible to all kinds of mobile devices and see others following suit in 2013.”

****The bottom line according to Ankush Dham, director of technology products and services at ISGN, is that “consumers are increasingly using their mobile device to manage their lives on a daily basis, and mortgage lending and servicing is no exception. We anticipate this to be essential for mortgage lenders and servicers.”

Dominant LOS Embraces The Mobile Technology Trend

*Dominant LOS Embraces The Mobile Technology Trend*
**By Tony Garritano**

***The mobile technology trend in particular when it comes to smartphones, isn’t going away. In fact it’s just starting to heat up. And people are using smartphones in unexpected ways. Interestingly, 64 percent of respondents to a survey done on what people use their smartphones for indicate that they have used their smartphones to replace their alarm clock, and 39 percent use smartphones as a diary. In our industry, we are seeing several loan origination systems start to execute their mobile strategy. Today I learned that Calyx Software has launched Calyx Mobile for iPhones and Android smartphones. Calyx Mobile Apps offer loan officers the convenience of on-the-go productivity and business oversight anytime, anywhere. But I think Calyx, unlike some others in the space, may be more well positioned to take lenders mobile. Here’s why:

Calyx has significant market share and therefor can convince more lenders to go mobile if they create a compelling mobile app. Mobile productivity is at the top of the list for professionals in every industry. It’s necessary to deliver the consistent high levels of service to customers needed for a competitive edge. The mortgage industry is no different. Loan officers need the ability to take new borrower applications and check status on their pipeline no matter where they happen to be. At an affordable price, mobile apps from Calyx give loan officers a convenient way to take their efficient business processes wherever they need to go.

With the Calyx mobile apps, authorized users will be able to start an application from scratch or by selecting a contact from their phone list. They can view their pipeline, obtain instant status reports on specific loans, or add to their list of necessary tasks. All data is securely transferred back and forth from either PointCentral or Point and synchs are automatic, adding efficiency to the already streamlined workflow for which the Calyx LOS platforms are known.

Business owners have complete control over user access to Calyx Mobile through the MyCalyx online management tool or the PointCentral administrative site. Mobile apps offer users the ability to generate new sales and increase revenue without being tied to their computers or the office.

“Mobile apps are a definite win for our growing clients,” said Jody Collup, director of marketing at Calyx Software. “We know that for them to be successful in this industry, customer service and efficiency are must-haves; with Calyx Mobile, we give them the opportunity to rise above the competition in both areas.”

The Calyx Mobile Apps are available for download by searching for Calyx in the Google Play Store or the Apple store.

A New Take On Mobile Computing

*A New Take On Mobile*
**Empowering The Borrower**

***You would have to be living under a rock not to be impacted by mobile technology. Tablets are booming. And now this technology is slowly coming into the mortgage space as well. For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that LenerMobile, a provider of mobile mortgage loan applications for iPad, has launched BorrowerMobile – a borrower-facing app allowing borrowers to communicate directly from their iPad with their mortgage lender to check loan status and mortgage rates, among other information available. BorrowerMobile complements the company’s loan-officer facing LenderMobile+ iPad app that lets borrows fill in a 1003 mortgage application from their iPad and electronically sign the loan application directly on the iPad screen. The same features are available on BorrowerMobile. Here’s what else this app does:

****The BorrowerMobile app includes customizable features requested by lenders to give borrowers more on-demand mortgage information right on their iPad screens. With BorrowerMobile, lenders can provide borrowers with the ability to check loan status via their iPad tablet and can feed daily loan rates directly into the app to inform borrowers. The app also includes a rate alert feature that lenders can set up for borrowers, letting them know on the iPad when rates hit their desired target.