Optimal Blue And Arch MI Integrate

Optimal Blue has integrated with Arch Mortgage Insurance Company. Arch MI customers who use Optimal Blue’s eligibility and pricing services will now have real-time access to Arch MI’s competitive pricing and Rate Quote workflow within Optimal Blue.

Arch Mortgage Insurance Company (“Arch MI”), is a leading provider of private mortgage insurance and wholly owned subsidiary of Arch Capital Group Ltd.

The Optimal Blue integration engine is based on Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) standards and will support requests for Arch MI’s mortgage insurance premium rates for up to five loan products for each borrower scenario. In addition, the integration accommodates several new Arch MI features that further streamline and simplify the process for customers using Optimal Blue:

>> Real-time access to Arch MI’s competitive rates

>> Ability to share Rate Quote results with other team members

>> View, save and print Rate Quote results in a user-friendly document format

>> Link to ArchMIConnectto order MI and complete the MI origination process

“Arch MI’s integration with Optimal Blue reflects another important step in our commitment to meet customers’ needs,” said David Gansberg, Chief Executive Officer of Arch MI. “Our partnership with Optimal Blue will reduce turnaround times for lenders, boost their efficiency and drive their business growth. Optimal Blue’s technology platform represents an important innovation in mortgage industry technology and creates new standards for productivity.”

“For Optimal Blue and Arch MI customers at the point-of-sale for loans that require MI, Arch is a new and exciting option that offers vital, real-time information,” said Larry Huff, Co-CEO of Optimal Blue. “Lenders are empowered to make an informed decision on Arch MI products at the point of sale. This partnership demonstrates both companies’ commitment to deliver value to our mutual customers and consumers as well an effort to automate workflow and improve access to information.”

Arch MI and Optimal Blue are jointly hosting a Webinar for customers on August 19, 20 and 21, to educate them on the new interface and guide them through the process for requesting MI premium rates from Arch MI.