Paperless Goes Beyond Origination

When we talk about going paperless, we always talk about origination. However, paperless ROI goes much further. For example, Gateway Mortgage has expanded their use of Axacore’s XDOC document management platform beyond loan origination into their human resources and loan servicing departments.

Gateway recently implemented paperless workflows to help eliminate the regulatory and management risks inherent with paper. XDOC’s built in scalability and flexibility made it easy for Gateway to initiate paperless processes across more of their organization. Axacore worked with Gateway to create multiple projects that are integrated and configured independently of each other, which helped Gateway achieve their company-wide goal of expanding document controls past loan originations.

“Our loan origination process was paperless, however, certain back office and servicing functions were still relying on paper which created a lot of risk,” said Kevin Osuna, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Servicing at Gateway.

“Because XDOC so flexible and scalable we were able to easily deploy paperless workflows independent of what we had in place, yet on the same platform very simply,” added Osuna. “We have relied on Axacore’s expertise in all things document management for several initiatives in the past few years and they always deliver.”

“All too frequently we see lenders go paperless for their loan originations, then forget about the back office and post origination functions. In today’s highly regulated environment, the risks do not stop after a loan funds,” Said Aleks Szymanski, CEO Scrypt, Inc. “Gateway’s ability to recognize these risks, and their willingness to tackle them head on by expanding their use of XDOC made them a pleasure to work with.”

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Vendor Upgrades E-Docs Application

Axacore has launched the latest version of their flagship Electronic Document Management Platform at their annual “Boot Camp.” Axacore customers and partners packed the Liberty Station Conference center in San Diego last week for Axacore’s annual Boot Camp. Attendees who were looking to get a sneak peek of Axacore’s upcoming release, were not disappointed.

Axacore unveiled their upcoming version of their flagship Electronic Document Management Platform. The new version includes a completely new user interface and significant underlying technology overhauls that support a list of new features, functionality and performance enhancements.

“Axacore has been providing cutting edge EDM products for almost two decades. Their products are solid and proven yet allow us the flexibility to do business the way that we want to,” said Melissa Fuller, Technology Analyst at Prime Lending. “We have relied on Axacore for many years and are very excited to get our hands on their latest release,” added Fuller.

“In today’s market, change is constant. A solid and flexible foundation built on the latest technologies is paramount to offering our customers what they need today and in to the future,” said Steve DeBlasio, VP Business Development at Axacore.

In addition to the base product overhaul, Axacore also previewed their new form identification module. This new workflow component will provide lightning fast and accurate form identification and indexing. This module will complement existing indexing options already in the product. “Our focus from day one has been to provide a solution that is very fast and minimizes the false positive results that plague other systems in the market. Our form identification module will deliver this,” said Nick Basil CTO.

Attendees were also made aware of several new integration partners that Axacore is working with that will provide users greater flexibility and control of documents being received from or delivered to service providers and customers. “Documents are the center of any mortgage transaction. Having a solution that integrates with a lenders LOS and service providers without departmental silos is critical to a lenders survival. Whether providing lenders end to end platforms or working with OEM partners and system integrators, our new platform will without doubt change the face of Mortgage Document Management,” said DeBlasio

Enhancing Electronic Document Management

PROGRESS in Lending has learned that INTEGRA Software Systems has selected Axacore’s Electronic Document Management platform to power the paperless workflow features within their loan origination platforms Destiny and Epic which are used by residential, consumer and commercial lenders. Here’s how lenders benefit:

Building on Axacore’s platform will allow INTEGRA’s existing and new customers access to end-to-end, enterprise grade Electronic Document Management features without needing to manage a third-party vendor.

“Through working closely together on solutions for mutual customers, we have come to know and respect the INTEGRA team and their ‘customer first’ philosophy. With recent regulatory changes, it’s a great time to strengthen and build on this relationship,” said Steve DeBlasio, Vice President of Business Development at Axacore. “The synergy created by having imaged documents and LOS data co-exist is critical for any lender to meet current loan quality standards”, added DeBlasio.

Jerry Pratt, President of INTEGRA, added, “We are committed to providing our customers the best products available with the highest level of integrity. A partnership with Axacore allows us to focus on our core products while leveraging Axacore’s document management expertise”, added Pratt.

Getting Rid Of Paper

*Getting Rid Of Paper*
**Lender Gets ROI**

paper-stack***We’re always talking about the value of paperless processing, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding. In this case, AmeriPro Funding recently selected Axacore’s XDOC application to streamline their paper intensive business processes. Integration abilities, flexibility, security and ROI led the list of determining factors in AmiPro’s decision.

****“We required a more robust and flexible EDM solution than what is offered by our Loan Origination System. We vetted a number of solutions and Axacore’s XDOC met all of our requirements. Their simple and straight-forward pricing model also provides … return on our investment. Axacore’s integration abilities, flexibility and granular document and user level security has allowed us to reach levels of efficiency that otherwise would not have been possible,” said Tad Hensley, VP Technology Development at AmeriPro Funding.

****“AmeriPro needed a true enterprise solution to handle multiple channels and departments. Our mutually shared focus on customer service and efficiency through technology has made for a great partnership. Together, we were able to implement XDOC in under 30 days,” said Steve DeBlasio, National Sales Manager of Axacore.

****AmeriPro Funding is a Texas-based mortgage company. Mortgage Executive Magazine recently named AmeriPro Funding One of the Top Mortgage Companies in America.

Lender Looks To Imaging

*Lender Looks To Imaging*
**Chooses A Vendor**

looking-out***Founded in 2006, Box Home Loans was created in order to focus on one kind of borrower and one kind of loan. PROGRESS in Lending has learned that Box Home Loans, a trusted mortgage lender located in Lindon, Utah, has recently developed a proprietary loan origination system and chose Axacore’s XDOC system for their imaging solution. Here’s why:

****“We have used XDOC with two different off-the-shelf LOS’s for five years, and found it to be stable and intuitive. Recently, we have developed a proprietary LOS, and we chose XDOC as our imaging solution. We couldn’t be happier with it. Without question, it is the most competitively priced solution on the market. Secondly, with its API’s we have been able to achieve a deep level of integration that has opened doors for the management and workflow of documents that we didn’t know existed. The application is very flexible and customizable,” said Jeffrey Reeves, Co-Founder of Box Home Loans.

****Box Home Loans’ concentration on a specific borrower has allowed them to operate with extreme efficiency and the ability to slash prices for their clientele. In 2009, Box Home Loans joined the Republic Mortgage Home Loans family, a direct mortgage banker that has been in business since the early 80’s. The financial backing of Republic Mortgage has allowed their concept to blossom into a multi-state endeavor that is growing exponentially.

****“Box’s no nonsense and fresh approach to their business and technology make them a great partner. In only a few weeks’ time, Box was able to fully integrate XDOC into their proprietary LOS system creating secure document management workflow features that are only available through a tight integration,” said Steve DeBlasio, National Sales Manager of Axacore.

****XDOC is Axacore’s electronic document management solution. It gives users the ability to find documents in seconds and mitigate security risks.  With the XDOC solution you can share, organize and secure the data that powers your business. The team can annotate and share notes seamlessly, thus making workflow more efficient.  XDOC is a completely configurable platform that integrates easily with other core office solutions.