Credit Unions In The CUSG Network Turn To Automation

CU Solutions Group (CUSG), a credit union service organization, and NestReady, a technology firm that uses integrated software platforms that bridge the gaps between consumers, mortgage lenders and real estate professionals, have developed a new partnership that gives CUSG the exclusive rights in the credit union association space to NestReady solutions. As part of the agreement, CUSG is also investing in NestReady, and will expand and enhance the delivery of NestReady solutions to credit unions. 

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NestReady offers full, end-to-end solutions for every aspect of the home buying experience and can be seamlessly integrated into a credit unions mortgage lending process. Benefits for credit unions include earlier relationship-building with home buyers, detailed member insights, better targeting, higher conversions and substantial savings on mortgage brokers’ referral fees.  

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Other benefits include:

  • Digital brand engagement growth with high-quality audiences and increase in organic homebuyer traffic;

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  • Membership increase through cross selling;
  • Machine learning powered customer intent-based marketing;

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  • Artificial intelligence (AI) powered sales activities automation;
  • Loan officer personal real estate platforms;
  • Homeownership engagement platforms for next move identification; 
  • CRM integrated actionable insights; and 
  • Mobile first technology.

“It has long been CUSG’s mission to provide credit unions with solutions that enable them to better serve their members, especially at pivotal life decisions such as purchasing a home,” said Dave Adams, president/CEO of CU Solutions Group. “In today’s changing market, credit unions are always looking for new and valuable resources to help their members. Our agreement with NestReady will connect credit unions with a partner that not only provides the online home search capability that members have come to expect, but also resources that simplifies the home buying process.”

CU Solutions Group is a credit union industry leader in providing technology, marketing, HR performance and strategic advisory solutions to more than 3,400 clients nationwide. CUSG will leverage its existing product suite and client base to coordinate marketing and sales of NestReady solutions.

“Using AI and machine learning to create transparent environments that allow loan originators at credit unions and real estate professionals to collaborate will create a stellar homebuying experience for members,” said Mauro Repacci, co-founder and CEO of NestReady. “Our platform eliminates pain points in the homebuying process and gives loan originators the chance to deepen their relationship with members.”

CU Solutions Group is an award-winning credit union service organization that offers products and services in the areas of technology, marketing, HR performance and strategic advisory, which include web services, mobile app solutions, digital advertising, Save To Win, Love My Credit Union Rewards, Performance Pro and Compease. The company has more than 100 investors comprised of credit unions, credit union leagues and credit union system organizations. Headquartered in Livonia, Mich., the organization has strategic partnerships with Sprint, Intuit TurboTax®, GSTV and CU Vendor Management.