NestReady Selects Claudia Dorman As East Coast Sales Manager

NestReady, a technology firm that has developed platforms to bring all parties in the homebuying process together enabling lenders to own the customer end-to-end journey, has tapped Claudia Dorman as the new East Coast sales manager. Dorman is tasked with helping grow NestReady through new customer acquisition and interacting directly with decision makers of financial institutions. 

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Dorman was most recently vice president of national sales at Informative Research. Prior to that, she was the national account director of global mortgage services at CoreLorgic. In her two-decade career, she has developed valuable experience in account development, vendor relations, creative marketing initiatives, new market identification, operations management and value-based consultative sales.  

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“Claudia brings a breadth of knowledge and experience that we are excited for her to leverage,” said Mauro Repacci, CEO of NestReady. “Her joining our team is one of the many steps we are taking to showcase our commitment to expand our footprint and implement our innovative technology to lenders across North America. Adding such an experienced individual will help us build on our success in providing lead-edge technology to the financial industry.” 

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Dorman is highly-accomplished and focuses on helping clients build their businesses. She earned the 2015 and 2016 CoreLogic Circle of Excellence: Top Performer Awards. Dorman started her career in the mortgage industry as a loan officer, which gives her a unique understanding of the importance of building relationships as well as the challenges of originations.

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“As NestReady transforms the real estate industry, I’m excited to further drive the company’s goal of revamping the homebuying journey through the use of a seamless, end-to-end platform,” Dorman said. “Like NestReady, I value innovation and exceeding expectations. I look forward to working closely with the rest of the team.”

Founded in 2012, NestReady is a technology firm that uses integrated software platforms to create an end-to-end digital homebuying experience that positions lenders at the center of the journey. NestReady’s platforms allow financial institutions to provide a complete homebuying experience on their website and empowers each loan officer with their own home search engines. Its technologies use machine learning and AI to deliver insights and transparency related to the customer lifecycle and a lender’s portfolio. Through the use of predictive analytics models, mortgage lenders can use this data to take action in a timely manner.

30-Year Fixed Rate Drops, Refis Tick Up Slightly

According to the March Origination Insight Report from Ellie Mae, the 30-year note rate dropped for the third straight month to 4.77 percent, down from 4.86 percent in February and 5.01 percent in January. The percentage of refinances on all loans increased to 35 percent, up from 34 percent the month prior.

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“As we enter the busy spring home buying season, we are seeing activity tick back up across the board with the 30-year note rate decline,” said Jonathan Corr, President and CEO of Ellie Mae. “We will continue to watch closing rates as they have stayed at or above 75 percent through the first quarter of 2019, a possible indication of buyers’ conviction.”

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Other statistics of note in March included:

The percentage of FHA refinances increased to 23 percent in March, up from 20 percent in February.

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Time to close all loans continued to decrease. Time to close all loans was 42 days in March, down from 43 in February and 45 in January. The time to close a purchase loan dropped to 45 days in March, down from 47 in February and 49 in January.

The percentage of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) decreased to 7.4 percent, down from 7.6 percent in February.

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The Origination Insight Report mines data from a robust sampling of approximately 80 percent of all mortgage applications that were initiated on the Encompass all-in-one mortgage management solution. Ellie Mae believes the Origination Insight Report is a strong proxy of the underwriting standards employed by lenders across the country.

In addition to the Origination Insight Report, Ellie Mae also distributes data from its monthly Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker on the first Wednesday of each month. The Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker focuses on mortgage applications submitted by borrowers born between the years 1980 and 1999.

REASI Launch Takes Aim At Antiquated Real Estate Escrow Process

REASI is targeting the inefficiencies of traditional escrow; introducing a blockchain-based application to digitize the process. In so doing, the developer aims to eliminate many of the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of an important phase in the traditional real estate transaction.

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REASI is a mobile application which enables real estate brokers to close home transactions from their smartphones or tablets. Vendors and customers collaborate in real time using a secure workspace where closing documents and client escrow deposits are integrated. One of the first technologies to elevate the escrow function to a single, cloud-based platform, REASI uses blockchain to digitize and streamline the traditionally cumbersome process. The result is a transparent, convenient and simplified escrow process.

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REASI Co-Founder and CEO John Kang believes that innovation in the escrow process is long overdue, especially when it comes to the severe chokepoints common to traditional escrow. “The way we as an industry do escrow is completely out of alignment with consumer and participant expectations,” he said.  “Unfortunately, the existing model takes what should be a background function and, by means of unnecessary delay, error and vulnerability to fraud, plunks it in the middle of what really should be a painless transaction. As a result, the buyer, the seller, the REALTOR…all spend way too much time and money worrying about something that shouldn’t even have to be noticed.”  

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Kang further asserts that REASI puts escrow back where it belongs—in the background—by eliminating avenues to wire fraud; simplifying the process and eradicating unnecessary errors. “REASI was designed to help all parties achieve their true goal–a completed real estate transaction—without unnecessary cost, delay or stress. We want the buyer to get the keys faster; the seller to move the property faster and the REALTORS and mortgage lenders to have satisfied clients as a result.”

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REASI is the developer of a unique, application-based platform which simplifies the processes that power the real estate transaction. REASI digitizes home buying, using blockchain as its autonomous escrow agent.  By streamlining home closings, REASI reduces frustration for a $10 billion escrow industry plagued by expensive fees and wire fraud.  With REASI, REALTORS become one-stop-shops for home buyers, offering ironclad security and a better customer experience.  The technology seamlessly unites complex escrow requirements, buyer deposits and legal documentation in a fraction of the time of the antiquated traditional escrow process. 

WebMax Partners With Ellie Mae To Improve Loan Efficiency

WebMax, a digital mortgage solution provider, has integrated with Ellie Mae. While WebMax provides digital mortgage solutions that significantly impact a lender’s greatest needs, Ellie Mae has the ability to help ensure the highest levels of compliance, quality and efficiency.

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Kelcey Brown, Chief Strategy Officer and EVP of WebMax says, “WebMax is excited to form an official partnership with Ellie Mae; We feel that through Ellie Mae’s support, our Encompass integration will be enhanced significantly, and will be able to provide our customers with seamless bi-directional connectivity with the loan origination system and a superior digital mortgage experience.”

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The recent partnership provides WebMax clients a quick and secure transfer of data between Ellie Mae’s Encompass Platform and WebMax’s digital mortgage application, Start. The direct bi-directional integration with Ellie Mae allows lenders on WebMax’s platform to access their entire loan pipeline, meaning they can see where their loans stands during every stage of the approval process. Additionally, they can run credit and pricing, view appraisals, and send pre-approval letters from their mobile device in real-time through the Encompass platform.

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The partnership between Ellie Mae and WebMax will help lenders reduce origination costs, increase loan volume, and decrease closing times. In turn, lenders will prove to be more efficient and productive throughout the loan approval process, allowing them additional time to formulate relationships with borrowers and realtors. This will result in increased satisfaction for homebuyers due to a more seamless process.

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WebMax believes that home buyers need a simpler, faster way to acquire a mortgage. In order to achieve this, WebMax provides digital mortgage software solutions designed to deliver a superior consumer borrowing experience while reducing the loan manufacturing cost. With products spanning the entire digital mortgage process, from the first borrower click to the last lender approval, WebMax seeks to make sense of the digital-first regulatory-ridden mortgage Industry for borrowers and lenders alike.

Continued Slowing In Top 100 Housing Markets

A new report from Veros Real Estate Solutions (Veros) predicts that properties in the nation’s 100 largest markets will appreciate at a rate of 3.7 percent over the 12 months ending March 1, 2020. According to the VeroFORECAST for first quarter 2019, this continues a projected slowing that first appeared in the previous quarter’s report. 

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Among the states where predictions raise concern are Louisiana, which has half of the ten markets at the bottom of the report’s 100 most-populous markets, and California. The Golden State is expected to continue softening significantly with forecast appreciation for both the Los Angeles and San Diego markets falling well under five percent. The Bay Area is expected to fare only slightly better, with appreciation just above five percent, well below its double-digit readings in the recent past.

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Other states where VeroFORECAST projects depreciation or significantly lower appreciation are Illinois, Connecticut, Utah, North Dakota, and Southwest Florida, as well as many New York City boroughs and the major Texas markets of Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston.

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Veros, an award-winning industry leader in enterprise risk management, collateral valuation services and predictive analytics, provides these quarterly VeroFORECAST reports by subscription to its clients and in a summary overview to industry media. The current report is based on data from 349 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), which include 13,545 zip codes, 984 counties, and represent 82 percent of U.S. residents.

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After a steady rise over many quarters, the forecast has come down from +4.5 percent six months ago to +3.9 percent last quarter and now to +3.7 percent for this quarter. Although this is a big decline over such a short period of time, it is not cataclysmic.

While the further drop is seen as “significant,” according to Eric Fox, Veros VP of Statistical and Economic Modeling and the report’s author, he cautions it does not signal an impending crash.

“We do not see a significant depreciation,” Fox said, “but simply a slowing down of most markets. The overall housing market is still expected to remain healthy as the fundamentals remain solid including historically low interest rates and a strong economy with low unemployment rates.”

Nevertheless, he adds, “The strength of the past few years is expected to dissipate somewhat in most markets.”

Lender Launches Digital Platform

Lender Price, a provider of digital lending technology for the financial industry, and Mountain West Financial, a regional mortgage lender based in Southern California, have successfully rolled out Digital Lending Platform (DLP), Lender Price’s online borrower portal. 

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Digital Lending Platform (DLP) is a borrower engagement platform that automates and streamlines the mortgage loan application process. The platform integrates with loan origination systems (LOS) to create a seamless environment between the borrower, loan officer and the lender’s operation staff, resulting in a smoother, more transparent and faster mortgage closing process.

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“Our borrowers want a convenient and easy to use way to engage with us online,” said Mike Douglas, CEO of Mountain West Financial, a retail and wholesale mortgage lender. “The reason we chose Lender Price is because their platform gave us the flexibility to create a process that doesn’t have a lot of ‘fluff’. We built an efficient workflow that encourages borrowers to complete the application while also ensuring that information was captured in our LOS in real-time.” 

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DLP features digital verification services for assets, employment and credit reports, which intelligently fill out loan application data and drive more complete and accurate borrower submissions. DLP provides intuitive tools that allow mortgage lending institutions to create their own borrower experience without any technical know-how.

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“Our clients include several large banks and mortgage lenders that insist on controlling the borrower experience,” said Dawar Alimi, CEO of Lender Price. “We built tools that are specifically designed for non-technical people to create complex workflows within DLP. By giving our clients both the flexibility and control they want, we’re providing a sustainable platform because it can change and adapt to their needs over time.”

The deep integration between DLP and Mountain West’s loan origination system provides borrowers visibility throughout the entire origination process. Loan status updates, document uploads and even pricing engine access were built into the LOS integration.

“Our borrowers are happier and it’s a tremendous time saver for our loan officers,” said Douglas. “We’ve rolled out to more than 150 loan officers across 30 branches and it’s been extremely successful for us. We know this is going to transform the way we do business.”

Hispanics Accounted For Most Of The Increase In U.S. Homeownership

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP)  released the 2018 State of Hispanic Homeownership Report at the 2019 Housing Policy & Hispanic Lending Conference, the latest success in the organization’s mission of increasing consumer and industry investment in the Hispanic housing market.

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The annual State of Hispanic Homeownership Report plays an important role in noting important trends in the Latino megamarket and serves as a key informational resource for policymakers and industry stakeholders.
The report found that from 2008 to 2018 Hispanics:

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* Were responsible for 81 percent of U.S. labor force growth

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* Accounted for 39.6 percent of U.S. household formations

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* Represented 62.7 percent of the increase in U.S. net homeownership

In its ninth year of publication, the 2018 State of Hispanic Homeownership Report takes an increased focus on the impact of language and culture in home purchase transactions. In addition to the regular analysis on homeownership trends and nuances influencing household formation, the report also includes recommendations on marketing strategy to help companies more effectively reach the Hispanic consumer.

NAHREP is a nonprofit 501(c)6 trade association, is dedicated to advancing sustainable homeownership among Latinos by educating and empowering the real estate professionals who serve them. NAHREP is the premier trade organization for Hispanics and has more than 30,000 members in 48 states and over 70 chapters.

Key Factors Impacting Borrower Credit

In today’s mortgage market it is vital that borrowers understand what impacts their credit profile and ability to obtain financing.  Here are some quick tips for borrowers looking to improve their credit profiles.

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Paying Collection Accounts

Believe it or not, it may be counterproductive to pay off an old debt. Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act, negative defaults such as collections are removed from your report after 7 years. Making a payment on an old debt, say from 5 years ago, re-ages that debt and makes it current. Again, this is noted on your file and has a negative impact on your score, causing it to fall. 

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Before taking a course of action to make payment on an old debt, consult a professional. Re-aging old information can have a huge negative impact on your credit score. 

What’s not on your FICO Score?

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Although a FICO score on your credit report has many considerations that are used to determine your credit worthiness, there are many personal items they ignore. U.S. Law prohibits consideration of the following when determining your credit score.

Marital status, national origin, gender, race, religion, the color of your skin, 

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receipt of public assistance, these have no place in the determination of your credit score. 

While other scores might, FICO does not consider your age as a factor. Similarly, employment history, employer, date employed, title, your salary and occupation are not used. However it is worth noting that lenders may consider this information as part of their scrutiny.


The “DO’s”?

>>Do pay your bills on time.?

>>Do keep credit cards balances low (try to keep balances under 1/3 of your ?current credit limit.?

>>Do pay off debt rather than opening and moving balances between credit cards.?

>>Do apply and open new credit cards (ONLY when NEEDED).????


>>Do NOT max your credit cards.

>>Do NOT miss a credit card payment. 

>>Missing a payment because you forgot not only impacts your credit score negatively, but also can affect your interest rate for that card.

>>Do NOT have your credit report pulled multiple times within a short period.

>>Do check your credit report at least once a year for accuracy and completeness of information.?

These are just a few tips that can help borrowers improve their credit profiles.  For more information or to speak with a credit coach visit www.getcredithealthy.

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Biz Resolutions Gone Rogue

As we approach the second calendar quarter, we’re entering that precarious time when many begin to flail and outright fail with their New Year’s resolutions—no matter how impassioned or well-intentioned they were at the time of inception. This phenomenon is so pervasive that a litany of studies are “peeling back the onion” to reveal exactly why so many are unsuccessful in fulfilling career, life and self-enhancing promises we’ve made to ourselves. 

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One recent Psychology Today article reveals that there may be four specific reasons“you may be standing in the way of your personal growth.” These are goals that are unclear, or feeling overwhelmed, discouraged or not ready for the change. And, while having a backup plan is an anxiety-alleviating strategy often proffered by field pundits, an Elsevier-published study titled “How backup plans can harm goal pursuit: The unexpected downside of being prepared for failure”explores the notion that “the mere act of thinking through a backup plan can reduce performance on your primary goal by decreasing your desire for goal achievement.” Speaking of anxiety, failing at New Year’s resolutions just may be impacting your emotional health. A report published by correlates the “conflict between goals (inter-goal conflict) and conflicting feelings about attaining particular goals (ambivalence)” that are both “believed to be associated with depressive and anxious symptoms.”

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Whatever the reason your own New Year’s resolution has veered off-course, it’s never too late to rally, turn the tide and start realizing some quick successes. But it does take a bit of concerted effort, ideation and bona fide grit to make those resolutions a reality. In an effort to pull back the proverbial curtain, I tapped a variety of high-achievers and “serial doers”—“Firestarters” in various industries and trades to share advice on what it takes to start, create and even disrupt in order to achieve goals. Their anecdotal circumstances and points of advice also exemplify differences between people who actually make things happen and those who only think about making impactful changes, but never quite get there.

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#1:Be Persistent with a Purpose

Best-selling author, lauded corporate executiveand sought-aftermotivational speaker Steve Pemberton recommendsunleashing “the power of persistence” with visceral determination.Having overcome a litany of adversities growing up in the foster care system to ultimately become a C-Suite powerhouse for global leaders the likes of, Walgreens and Globoforce, Pemberton has walked the walk when it comes to “surthrival” and perseverance. Relative to the research mentioned above regarding the helpful or hurtful nature of back up plans, for Pemberton there was no such thing. There was simply no other option than to persist toward his goals, however small or large, that were doggedly pursued one at a time until, collectively, he reached that mountain peak. Then, he did it time and time again, also having spent much of his professional life helping others do the same. His childhood experiences not only gave him the resolve and tenacity to stay the course, but to do it with purpose and meaning—for Pemberton, a burning desire to “pay it forward” and help others break through obstacles in their own lives. 

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#2: Consistency Breeds Commitment

Ask people if they are committed individuals and many will say “yes,” however; commitment is often defined or regarded quite differently from culture to culture, and even person to person. Individuals often assert their commitment to their goals until a circumstance arises that knocks them off balance, comfortably absolving themselves of blame in the process. It’s no wonder a whopping 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions are purported to fail by February. “In order to remain committed to a goal or cause, one must conduct themselves with steadfast consistency in working toward it, and upholding it when you’ve achieved it—no matter what hardships present along the way,” urges social activist and acclaimed personal injury attorney Christopher Chestnut, partner at The Chestnut Law Firm. Despite Chestnut’s amazing early career trajectory, including recognition from former President Barack Obama (who was Senator at the time) for courtroom excellence, earning a National Bar Association award and winning a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Big Tobacco, he suddenly found himself immersed in challenges threatening his reputation, livelihood and future at large. This included being in a dispute with his former mentor. While Chestnut was faced with possibly “losing it all,” having many chances to quit, his devotion to the idea of “justice because you deserve it”—the actual slogan of his law firm—gave him the emotional strength and fortitude to remain committed to the profession he worked so hard to attain. Consistency forges a path and, rather than focusing on the end destination, holding on to the ideals for “why” you want to grow can reinforce your commitment and serve as guideposts to help you navigate those inevitable bumps in the road. 

#3: Remain in Relentless Pursuit

Russian-born Eugene Gold grew up poor, ultimately immigrating to the United States with the hope of a better life. In the process, he faced setbacks too numerous to count, from financial to professional to social. But he was relentless in working toward his career goals. So much so, Gold was coined a “relentless-preneur” for his unwavering belief that rejection actually fuels success. Gold reveres failure and regards rejection as an asset. Gold points out that, “every single time you fail and every single time you get rejected, you are that much closer to a ‘yes’ and more knowledgeable at how to get there.” It’s with this maverick mentality that Gold built a business that’s grown by a staggering 4,400 percent. His incredible, fearless determination landed his company at No. 65 on the coveted Inc. 5000, also appearing on Entrepreneur 360 list twice. Producing such staggering “against the odds” results is certainly difficult, but entirely attainable with the right mindset. 
Another fast track case-in-point is Chi Ta, a self-made millionaire who grew his Airbnb business to $2.4 million upside in nine months, making him one of the world’s largest Airbnb hosts by dollar volume. He not only attributes his rapid-fire success to determination, dedication and consistency, but also by being willing to take those calculated risks and leaps of faith needed to push past the status quo and not just be good … but great. Before growing his Airbnb empire, Ta was working toward his “wealth” goals in the mortgage industry where he served for over a decade. But, when he uncovered gig economy opportunity in the homeshare space and curated what he felt was a powerful strategy related thereto, he brazenly pivoted and shifted his professional point of focus on the new pursuit. Today, Ta is one of the global leaders in his field and his now mentoring others on how to achieve just the same. Gold and Ta are examples of how quickly things can get back on track after an undesirable result. Their mega success demonstrates that people falling behind on their New Year’s resolutions can actually parlay pitfalls into renewed intentions that can reinvigorate. 

#4:Value and Demonstrate Loyalty

It often takes a strong character to accomplish things in life, and this holds true for New Year’s resolutions as well. This according to “Character Coach” Gary Waters who enjoyed a 30-year career as a NCAA basketball head coach. Waters believes that character begins by being loyal to yourself and that quitting is the most disloyal thing you can do. Loyalty means different things to different people, of course. For Waters, loyalty is about the commitment one makes to a cause. It involves a feeling of devotion or obligation to something in both good times and bad. Other definitions describe loyalty as involving faithfulness to something to which one is bound by pledge or duty. In all instances, however, loyalty is about integrity—keeping one’s word or upholding expectations as demonstrated through one’s actions, optimally in a sustained and habitual manner. Waters believes that ingraining a sense of loyalty to one’s own wants and needs is a fundamental aspect of character building. Once you’ve mastered this for yourself, you can then impart the value of loyalty on those you have an impact on—be that in the workplace, at home or on a playing field. 

Irfan Khan also knows a thing or two about loyalty. As the president and CEO of Bristlecone, a company whose size he has doubled the last four years by completely centering it around the needs and wants of his customers, Khan is an expert in “antifragility.” A concept defined by popular economic thinker Nassim Taleb, an antifragile system is one that, “instead of breaking under stress and change, thrives under it. The antifragile grow and improve from external shocks.” While typically applied to supply chain management and a consumer-centric approach and attitude in business, Khan asserts that trials and tribulations that test and attempt to undermine one’s loyalty can, and should, actually make that loyalty stronger and uncompromising. 

#5: Recalibrate When Required

It is to be expected that one will face stress and difficulties in their road to successful resolutions, but some of those roadblocks may be signs it’s prudent to rethink your goals altogether. Career coach Sheeba Forbes faced this same dilemma when starting her practice intended to help women advance in the workplace. Many times, as her business was establishing itself, Forbes had to step back and re-evaluate if a particular goal was what she actually wanted—or even needed—or if it was time to “course correct” and adapt her objectives slightly to accomplish the bigger picture of what she set out to achieve. This ability and willingness to readjust and reacclimate to new conditions and situations taught her the value of taking a break, stepping back to re-evaluate goals and ensure the “why” behind them still aligns with current circumstances and desires. To this point, Dr. Quinella Minix, a personal performance coach, concentrates on intrinsic motivation. She advocates a focus on knowing what drives you and why. Minix underscores that it’s easy to get distracted by the “wrong why,” which can lead you down a path that wastes time and energy and can often take you further away from your goal.

The demonstrated value of strategic recalibration aside, when it comes to getting New Year’s resolutions back on course, for many the secret sauce is simply a matter of maintaining one’s vision, focus and persistence. This mix is what helped former NFL wide receiver Marques Colston become the New Orleans Saints all-time leading wide receiver (one of the top 50 in NFL history for receiving touchdowns) and, today, an entrepreneur helping retired athletes and other professionals become skilled entrepreneurs and investors in their own right. “Even though I attended a small school, my ‘plan A’ was to go to the NFL,” Marques notes. “When people asked me if I had a ‘plan B,’ I would respond that my ‘plan B’ was for my ‘plan A’ to work. I just didn’t see it any other way. It was all or nothing.”  

Can this “all or nothing” mentality help the throngs of folks failing with their New Year’s resolutions reel it back in and taste victory in their own right? It seems to me that such staunch intentions can certainly be a helpful means toward that end. But reality is there’s no one single method that can guarantee goal-setting success. The insights and perspectives above can help you ascertain what’s missing in your own plight and freshen your approach, optimally lighting that fire in your belly and sustaining it until you cross the finish line. It may not be easy, but perhaps you can perceive this truth as a thrill rather than a kill.

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Providing An Integrated Homebuying Experience

Resource Financial Services has partnered with NestReady, a technology firm that has developed platforms to bring all parties in the homebuying process together, and make mortgage lenders the trusted brand for every homebuying need.

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Resource Financial turned to NestReady to streamline its mortgage services offering and to provide an integrated experience for its customers.  According to Resource Financial’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Wade Douroux, the NestReady platform offers a transparent environment for potential homebuyers as they search for their dream house. Additionally, the lender can ensure an interactive and efficient user experience through access to NestReady’s network of experienced real estate professionals. 

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“The growing number of millennials looking to buy a home inspired us to implement services they feel comfortable using and those that will make the homebuying process less intimidating,” Douroux said. “Our partnership with NestReady stemmed from our need to enhance our digital user experience, and we are now able to provide a single platform that streamlines all the difficult parts of the homebuying process. We are excited about the partnership and believe the technology and concept behind what NestReady is offering will change the home purchasing process for the better.”

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Through NestReady’s machine-learning, predictive analytics platform, Resource Financial’s loan originators can gain actionable insight and retain customers by understanding their behavior through analysis, transactional data, and more in order to take the right action at the right time. In addition, a key factor in the lender’s decision to select NestReady was its access to nationwide multiple listing services (MLS) coverage in the United States.

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“At NestReady, we are excited about helping lenders to prepare for the major shift the industry is going through and enable them to own the end-to-end homebuying journey,” said Marcos Carvalho, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at NestReady. “With this partnership, we can empower Resource Financial to offer a seamless and streamlined customer experience by integrating mortgage and real estate within the lender’s trusted digital environment while supporting the company’s continued growth.”

NestReady is successfully using technology to help the industry better manage relationships. The company’s platform puts Resource Financial at the center of the homebuying process and joins the lender’s originators and real estate professionals for a collaborative process. NestReady’s management team has the technology and financial industry experience to understand the needs of all participants, including homebuyers, lenders and real estate agents.