Florida Bankers Endorses Contract Management Firm

The Florida Bankers Association (FBA), through their affiliated partnership program, announced their endorsement of Ncontracts’ contract management software and services. This endorsement will help Florida banks strengthen their third-party management program by creating visibility and accountability within the vendor contract management capabilities of FBA member banks.

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“Risk management is often divided within several departments of the bank and can sometimes lack internal expertise,” said Jim Seay, managing director of BancServ, an affiliate of the Florida Bankers Association. “As regulators begin to examine third-party contracts more closely, it is imperative that our Florida banks have the appropriate contract management services to protect their customers. After examining several vendors, we believe the combination of software and services provided by Ncontracts provides an excellent value to Florida bankers.”

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Ncontracts offers a comprehensive and secure online integrated risk management suite and team of exceptional legal, financial, technology, and client services experts enable banks to successfully manage their third-party vendor relationships and contracts, assess and address compliance risks and audit findings, and replace manual tasks with time-saving and cost-cutting software and guidance.

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“We are excited for the opportunity to work with BancServ and the Florida Bankers Association to provide cost savings and better controls for risk management,” said Michael Berman, CEO of Ncontracts. “Our goal is to assist banks in managing their vendors to decrease internal costs, reduce risk, and lessen external expenses.”

In today’s increasingly complex and regulated environment, FBA member banks now have a complete solution for contract management that is efficient, cost-effective, and protects their most critical business processes.

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