Integration Enables Seamless Transmission Of Critical Hedge Pipeline Data

Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing technology firm, has completed an integration between its secondary marketing solution and PCLender’s loan origination system (LOS).  The integration seamlessly transmits critical hedge pipeline data, saving time and enhancing information security.

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Spence Killam, director of operations and principle at Millenium Home Mortgage, a long time user of MCT and PCLender, lauds the new integration stating: “The integration gives me confidence that my trader has the best data at hand to help ensure my hedge position and maximize my profitability.  I am thrilled that my LOS and Hedge Firm proactively allocate resources to develop technology to provide us with better service.”

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The integration enables mutual lender clients to streamline an otherwise manual data transfer process, allowing them to pass and populate loan details from PCLender’s LOS to MCT’s hedge model. It reduces the risk of market movement and ensures the optimization of mutual clients’ hedge positions.

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“We are excited to offer this new integration to lenders that are utilizing our secondary marketing advisory services and PCLender’s LOS,” said Chris Anderson, chief administrative officer at MCT. “Developing integrations with mortgage technology platforms in order to provide the best service to our clients is paramount to MCT’s mission.”

Lionel Urban, chief executive officer of PCLender, LLC, supports this next-generation integration stating, “Standardizing data integrations is valuable to lenders because they can then focus their business analysts and IT resources on other projects. We believe MCT is a leader in the secondary marketing services and look forward to streamlining operations for our mutual customers.”

Be Prepared Mr. LOS

*Be Prepared Mr. LOS*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Yes, QM is out of the way, but more new rules are on the way. All of this is forcing the LOS to be more and more creative. What does it mean to be creative? For example, I just learned today that LOS LendingQB has been integrated with Mortgage Capital Trading’s (MCT) proprietary HALO (Hedging And Loan sales Optimization) platform. The interface, dubbed HALO-Link, allows for pipeline and trade data to automatically be exchanged from LendingQB’s LOS to the HALO platform. Here’s why this integration is interesting:

****MCT’s bi-directional HALO-Link interface enables for consistent time or change-based delivery of loan pricing, trade and pipeline data from the product and pricing engine (PPE) within LendingQB’s LOS directly to and from MCT’s clients-specific HALO database. As a result, data the consistency from LendingQB’s LOS to MCT ensures that mutual clients’ pipelines of locked loans are accurately priced and optimally hedged.  The new interface helps lenders realize higher profit gains from MCT’s mandatory trade executions to investors.

****“Lenders are increasing turning to the utilization of a hedging strategy in secondary marketing to achieve greater profitability,” said David Colwell, vice president of corporate strategy at LendingQB. “The integration between our LOS and MCT’s HALO-Link enables the timely delivery of data so that loans can be hedged more frequently and accurately. Eliminating manual steps in the data exchange process reduces errors, mitigates risk, saves money and ultimately drives profitable loan sales to investors. It’s a win-win for our mutual customers.”

****“Partnering with LendingQB is a natural fit between our two platforms, and adds more value to the technology tools we already offer our clients as part of our end-to-end support services,” said Curtis Richins, president of MCT. “Via this integration, it’s really easy for our trading analysts to access our client’s pricing data that resides in LendingQB’s PPE, which gives us instant access to accurate pricing information in real-time.”