CoreLogic Integrates 4506-T Direct With INTEGRA’s LOS Platforms

CoreLogic has announced that their 4506-T Direct Income Verification Solution is now available on INTEGRA Software Systems’ legacy Destiny Loan Origination System (LOS) and INTEGRA’s web-based EPIC LOS. When combined with the previously existing CoreLogic integrations of the Instant Merge credit report, Flood Determination services, LoanSafe Risk Manager fraud solution and the Mercury Network valuation technology platform, this new integration provides INTEGRA users with a more complete solution offering from a single provider.

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The IRS 4506-T form is used by lenders to retrieve tax return information to verify a potential borrower’s income. Featuring one of the most rigorous quality control processes in the industry, the CoreLogic 4506-T Direct service minimizes submission errors and decreases verification turnaround times with the IRS, helping reduce customer costs associated with income verification. CoreLogic can accept both wet and electronically signed 4506-T forms.

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“The inclusion of 4506-T Direct on INTEGRA’s Destiny and EPIC Loan Origination Systems continues our mission of providing mortgage professionals with the most comprehensive suite of products on the most innovative platforms in the industry,” said Kevin Mullins, principal, business development for CoreLogic. “Additionally, with this new integration, INTEGRA LOS users will now be able to better streamline their workflows with a more complete solution offering from a single provider.”

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INTEGRA Software Systems’ web-based EPIC, loan origination system, spans point-of-sale through post-closing and secondary marketing for lenders interested in efficiencies gained from automating every step of their loan workflow.

“Since 1996, INTEGRA Software Systems is proud of its commitment to bring the very best software tools to our customers,” said Jerry Pratt, president, INTEGRA Software Systems. “In an effort to constantly add value for our clients nationwide, we are pleased to expand our CoreLogic offerings with the availability of the CoreLogic 4506-T Direct solution.”

INTEGRA, New Penn And Freddie Mac Set Out To Improve The Borrower Experience

INTEGRA Software Systems is collaborating with New Penn Financial and government sponsored enterprise (GSE) Freddie Mac to launch a one-click submission of loan data to Loan Product Advisor, the GSE’s automated underwriting system (AUS). The solution will provide seamless integration that will help New Penn increase efficiency and maximize secondary market execution by allowing data to be simultaneously submitted to both GSE AUSs at point of sale.

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“Our collaboration with New Penn and Freddie Mac will increase productivity, improve accuracy in the loan decisioning and underwriting process and reduce the overall origination cycle time,” said Rick Allen, Senior Vice President of Operations, INTEGRA Software. “The seamless integration between our systems will allow for more efficiency, including configuration to identify loans eligible for data validation for income, assets and collateral so New Penn can identify the loan that is most favorable to the borrower.”

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INTEGRA’s web-based Epic solution allows lenders to submit loan-data via a single click to both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae’s AUSs, enabling lenders to see the full view of options available to their borrowers and ultimately leading to an improved borrower experience. The Epic solution provides real-time data information which improves lender efficiency while streamlining the residential real estate transaction.

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“We are always looking for technology that provides our team with tools to better serve our customers,” said Dena Kwaschyn, Chief Fulfillment Officer at New Penn Financial. “With results from both GSE AUSs, we can give borrowers access to more options, like appraisal waivers, so they can save money and shorten the time it takes to close a loan.”

“AUS-Neutral Design (#AND) is an innovative movement supporting the idea that lenders should run both underwriting systems to identify the best path for their borrowers and, in many instances, the optimal processing path for themselves. It is a win for everyone and we’re happy to support this positive change in the industry,” said David Fulford, Vice President of Strategic Technology Integration at Freddie Mac for the Single-Family Business.

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New LOS/Doc Prep Integration Launches

MRG has completed a streamlined integration with both Integra’s Epic and Destiny Loan Origination Systems. Why? As the current governing environment continues to be increasingly demanding on lending institutions, business as usual is no longer an option.

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Mortgage lenders should be focused on generating and maintaining a profitable business in a volatile market rather than worrying about whether they are in compliance and further, if their internal loan origination system is keeping up to date with all the sweeping and mandatory regulatory changes. This integration between MRG and Integra directly addresses the unique compliance challenges that must be adhered to. Indeed, this partnership and interface was fostered by a top tier lender because of the complex regulatory environment they face. Top flight technology and unsurpassed compliance create an enormous safety net for the lending community.

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“With constant compliance changes taking place, Integra users have the benefit of real-time regulatory updates that can be accessed through their LOS,” said Kathleen Mantych, senior marketing director, MRG. “This partnership with Integra and the integrated legal and compliant document packages with compliance checks including calculations, eliminates lender risk – we alleviate that burden.”

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Jerry Pratt, Integra Software Systems’ President added “Integra has had a long standing relationship with Kathy Mantych and others at MRG. With the integration we have to MRG’s document solution, Integra is proud to offer lenders an excellent choice when it comes to a robust loan origination solution such as Integra’s Epic!”

Integration Provides Lenders Access To Real Rate, Fee And Tax Data

ClosingCorp’s Loan Estimate Service is now integrated with INTEGRA Software Systems’ web-based Epic and Destiny Loan Origination Systems (LOSs). ClosingCorp’s Loan Estimate Service currently provides users with validated fee information to populate the new Loan Estimate (LE) mandated by the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule. Additionally, the solution still delivers the required RESPA-compliant Good Faith Estimate (GFE) data for applicable loan types.

The service incorporates client-specific business rules to deliver correct fee and tax information in each estimate and notifies users should transfer tax, recording fees or vendor estimates change. It also provides a complete audit trail, Settlement Services Providers List (SSPL) support and an ability to flag estimates from affiliates that must be managed to the new zero variance requirement.

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ClosingCorp provides fully-managed, vendor-verified rates and fees from nearly 20,000 unique real estate service providers covering every geographic area in the nation. The company also guarantees the accuracy of the loan estimates.

“ClosingCorp and INTEGRA are dedicated to providing solutions that help automate and streamline the residential real estate transaction, helping its lender clients remain compliant while improving efficiencies and control,” said Brian Benson, CEO of ClosingCorp. “The ability for our clients to quickly access and accurately quote multiple fees from a range of service providers in real time is essential to streamlining the application disclosure process and is critical for compliance with TRID.”

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“At a period when real time information is crucial, ClosingCorp is providing a service that everyone originating mortgages will want,” said Rick Allen, senior vice president of INTEGRA operations. “Our user acceptance testing for TRID is complete, and our clients are ready to generate the new integrated disclosures with confidence. INTEGRA Software Systems is proud to have a tightly integrated interface to ClosingCorp’s service.”

A Valuable Partnership

I have learned that Mortech, a Zillow business providing mortgage technology solutions for mortgage bankers and secondary market teams, has completed a new integration with INTEGRA Software Systems, developers of Destiny loan origination software (LOS). A new streamlined setup process now allows any user of INTEGRA’s Destiny platform to access Mortech’s Marksman functionality, including the product and pricing engine, and secondary marketing services.

“The integration with INTEGRA gives Mortech the ability to reach a larger customer base via the Marksman product and pricing eligibility engine,” said Doug Foral, general manager at Mortech. “The new process will also make it significantly easier for an INTEGRA Destiny user to access the power of the Marksman suite to streamline their mortgage lending operations.”

INTEGRA 3-in-1 Destiny is an enterprise-level LOS. In the past, integrating an outside product pricing and eligibility engine with a platform such as INTEGRA’s Destiny was handled manually on a case-by-case basis. The new integration makes setup seamless and allows pricing data to be exported directly from Marksman into the INTEGRA LOS without the user leaving Marksman. Lenders will receive full rate-spread information, including detailed information necessary for qualified mortgage and other compliance checks, with easy access to Marksman’s Lock-in Pro feature to lock the interest rate.

“Closing more loans in less time and with lower costs requires an LOS with comprehensive functionality,” said Jerry Pratt, president, INTEGRA Software Systems. “Today’s lenders are looking for a single software system to handle all of their loan origination needs. That only works when you include best-of-breed functionality from partners like Mortech. In a complex lending environment, INTEGRA is committed to bringing the best software tools to our customers, as we’ve been doing since 1996.”

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Enhancing Electronic Document Management

PROGRESS in Lending has learned that INTEGRA Software Systems has selected Axacore’s Electronic Document Management platform to power the paperless workflow features within their loan origination platforms Destiny and Epic which are used by residential, consumer and commercial lenders. Here’s how lenders benefit:

Building on Axacore’s platform will allow INTEGRA’s existing and new customers access to end-to-end, enterprise grade Electronic Document Management features without needing to manage a third-party vendor.

“Through working closely together on solutions for mutual customers, we have come to know and respect the INTEGRA team and their ‘customer first’ philosophy. With recent regulatory changes, it’s a great time to strengthen and build on this relationship,” said Steve DeBlasio, Vice President of Business Development at Axacore. “The synergy created by having imaged documents and LOS data co-exist is critical for any lender to meet current loan quality standards”, added DeBlasio.

Jerry Pratt, President of INTEGRA, added, “We are committed to providing our customers the best products available with the highest level of integrity. A partnership with Axacore allows us to focus on our core products while leveraging Axacore’s document management expertise”, added Pratt.

Veri-Tax Closes Several Integrations

*Veri-Tax Closes Several Integrations*
**Seamless Links**

puzzle***Veri-Tax, a provider of verification and fraud management products, has recently integrated IRS income verification Form 4506-T and social security number verifications with three of the industry’s leading mortgage technology solutions, namely Ellie Mae Encompass360, INTEGRA Software Systems’ Destiny/Epic and Valutrust Solutions, a Williston Financial Group company.

****The company also announced upcoming integrations with SSMHub, LPS Empower, Real EC and Wipro Gallagher Solutions’ NetOxygen, which are targeted for release before the end of this year. When complete, these integrations allow originators to order income, identity, and employment verification products from within their preferred mortgage management or services platform, thus reducing manual data entry and expediting the loan verification process.

****“As a result of new mortgage rules coming from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other state and federal agencies, income and identity verifications have become a critical part of the mortgage transaction,” said Maria Kirgan, senior director of product management at Veri-Tax. “Veri-Tax, has focused on providing our existing and new customers with seamless access to our electronic tools, which empowers lenders to easily meet both their regulatory compliance needs, as well as the needs of investors. These integrations show Veri-Tax’s commitment to simplifying our customers’ ordering experience by providing access to our solutions from within their platform of choice.”

****The new integrations are in addition to Veri-Tax’s current partners, which include Calyx Point and MeridianLink. All Veri-Tax integrations allow customers to receive the same level of excellent service through Veri-Tax, whether utilizing their chosen mortgage processing software of choice or utilizing Veri-Tax’s own secure online web portal.

****INTEGRA President, Jerry Pratt stated, “In an effort to constantly add value for our clients nationwide, we are pleased to partner with Veri-Tax. INTEGRA’s seamless integration with Veri-Tax provides consumer verification without ever having to leave the system. The intuitive and easy approach ensures efficient and accurate delivery of information to better meet the demands of the lender.”

INTEGRA Adds To Management Team

*INTEGRA Adds To Management Team*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***As we continue to track the LOS world, I just heard that Melvin (Jay) Tindall Jr. has partnered with the founding Executive Management team at LOS INTEGRA, which consists of Jerry Pratt, President and Rick Allen, Senior Vice President. Tindall will act as Managing Partner. Here’s the full story:

****Tindall brings to INTEGRA over thirty years of experience in the banking services industry: Formerly he was President/CEO of Gulfpak Corporation (Jackson, Mississippi) which was a provider of deposit and loan origination software to over 700 banks across the U.S; He also served as SVP of Banking for Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (Minneapolis, MN) where he was responsible for revenue of $150m on an annual basis. Tindall managed WK’s Banking, Mortgage and Indirect sales unit consisting of over 150 employees; he also served thirteen years on the Board of Directors for the Bank of Holly Springs which is the oldest state chartered bank in Mississippi; in 2009, Tindall was elected to the Board Of Directors of Sycamore Bank (Senatobia, MS) where today he serves as Chairman and CEO.

****INTEGRA President, Jerry Pratt, stated, “Jay brings to INTEGRA a wealth of knowledge, experience, and integrity in the community bank arena. His expertise, coupled with an already seasoned executive team here at INTEGRA, will serve to broaden our ability to be the premiere service and solutions provider to the banking industry. I look forward to working side by side with Jay in continuing to gain the trust of both our current and future lending customers.”

****Jay Tindall added: “I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to join the management and ownership team of INTEGRA Software Systems. I have looked high and low at companies that have mirrored my early philosophy of “service first” in the banking industry. Joining Jerry Pratt, Rick Allen and the entire staff at INTEGRA was a natural fit — an easy decision. What INTEGRA has, is what my peers have told me they are looking for.”

Integration Proves That Knowledge Is Power

*Integration Proves That Knowledge Is Power*
**By Tony Garritano**

***As I do often, I like to make you aware of interesting integrations. The more systems that seamlessly link up, the better it will be for the lender. Lenders also need greater visibility into their operation to ensure the utmost profitability. To this end, I learned that origination vendor INTEGRA Software Systems and Precision Risk Management Systems, Inc. (PRMS), a provider of production analytics and enterprise dashboard reporting solutions, have partnered to deliver advanced reporting and production analytics solutions to INTEGRA clients.

****INTEGRA President, Jerry Pratt, stated, “In an effort to constantly add value for our clients nationwide we have partnered with PRMS to deliver enterprise wide dashboard-driven reporting and production analytics tools to help our clients achieve greater profitability. PRMS provides innovative solutions that are dashboard-driven, intuitively easy to use and are up and running in an extremely short period of time, providing a rapid return to our clients. For those clients requiring in-depth production analytics or better loan allocation and risk management solutions, INTEGRA now offers those advanced capabilities through the PRMS relationship.”

****David Demster, Executive Vice President of PRMS, said “PRMS is extremely pleased to be working with the team at INTEGRA Software Systems. Through the relationship, INTEGRA will be able to offer its clients a powerful set of dashboard-driven tools for enterprise reporting and production analytics, as well as loan allocation and risk management solutions that consistently maximize loan execution, even in volatile markets.”

****Demster added, “These solutions will provide INTEGRA customers throughout the lending organization with the focused business reporting, graphical dashboard information and key performance indicators that will enable management and staff to do their jobs at an optimum level.”