Black Knight Updates Its LOS To Tackle Industry Issues

Black Knight Financial Services, Inc. has made several significant enhancements to LoanSphere Empower, the company’s loan origination system (LOS) that supports the retail, wholesale and consumer-direct lending channels. Empower’s features and functionality help lenders increase efficiencies, maintain regulatory compliance, mitigate risk and improve customer service. Key enhancements delivered in version 7.0 of the Empower LOS include:

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>>Updates to support the expanded data collection requirements in the CFPB’s final rule for the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). This includes borrower demographic information, loan costs, automated underwriting system evaluation information and property information, as well as the Legal Entity Identifier and Universal Loan Identifier.

>>Establishes the architectural standards and protocols to support multi-device user experience, including the Representational State Transfer Application Program Interface (REST API) framework that enables lenders to access Empower functionality and data from various mobile devices.

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>>An enhanced user interface to help increase lender productivity using a more intuitive navigation and a simplified screen presentation.

>>New capabilities for home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) that allow clients to configure special introductory promotional rates and perform mass repricing of HELOCs in the pipeline.

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Empower 7.0 also includes technology integrations that help further streamline lenders’ processes, such as:

>>Access to quick, reliable property tax data through Black Knight’s Tax for Loan Estimation and Tax for Closing Disclosure products

>>A new LoanSphere Loan Boarding optimized file for servicing

>>LoanSphere Expedite to support eSign and eDelivery capabilities

>>Additional support for managing fraud-risk detection through PitchPoint

“Empower 7.0 offers dynamic, innovative capabilities to help clients deliver an exceptional customer experience, increase productivity and address regulatory requirements,” said Jerry Halbrook, president of Black Knight’s Origination Technologies division. “This is just one example of how Black Knight continues to make significant investments in Empower to provide clients with a sophisticated loan origination system that has superior capabilities.”

The Empower LOS delivers the functionality to electronically capture and process data for every facet of loan origination and can be hosted by Black Knight at its data center or self-hosted by a lender. To support regional and mid-market lenders, as well as independent mortgage bankers, Black Knight offers Empower Now!, a version of Empower that greatly streamlines the implementation process, resulting in reduced timelines and costs. Empower is seamlessly integrated with Black Knight’s LoanSphere MSP, a comprehensive, end-to-end loan servicing system that encompasses all aspects of servicing, from loan boarding to default, for first mortgages and home equity loans.

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Lenders Are Looking To Improve The Customer’s Experience Big Time

Everywhere you look you will see that lenders are trying new things to improve the customer’s experience. To this I say: It’s about time. To help in this cause, technologists are stepping up with some clever tools. For example, HomDNA’s mobile technology offering is now integrated with the LoanSphere Expedite platform from Black Knight Financial Services. HomDNA, which delivers mobile technology and workflow solutions that span the borrower-to-homeowner experience, has integrated with Expedite to help mortgage lenders optimize the lending experience, increase borrower loyalty and extend customer value.

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HomDNA is a mobile application offering many benefits to homeowners while generating data-driven insights for personalized, relevant consumer engagement. With a pipeline of homeowners who are typically first engaged during a home purchase or refinancing, HomDNA uniquely parses and correlates data from each homeowner’s appraisal, user behavior and interests to help identify and grow long-term, trusted and profitable relationships.

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Available to lending customers through Black Knight’s Expedite platform, HomDNA is a suite of services that enables data and documents to be electronically accessible to consumers during mortgage origination. The integration with Expedite offers several benefits to lenders:

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>> Creates a value-based connection after loan closing: Because HomDNA’s data, outreach and communications are based on individual preferences and user activities, reliable “indicators of interest” support relevant, segmented and welcome engagement with homeowners for years beyond closing. Expedite’s ability to enhance the borrower experience by consolidating various loan documents in a single dashboard view helps reinforce a positive relationship with the borrower.

“Proactively communicating and identifying homeowners likely to refinance or repurchase is imperative to stay top of mind and cultivate the most viable customer relationships,” said Brian Gehl, CEO and co-founder of HomDNA. “Because HomDNA offers value to the homeowner throughout the typical 10 to 13 years in a home, we’re in a unique position to provide relevancy and reliable data lenders and others can capitalize on.”

>> Enhances appraisal delivery: For many lenders, it is challenging and expensive to meet deadlines and track appraisal emails, attachments and physical mailings. In addition, many borrowers find appraisals confusing and difficult to understand. On behalf of the lender, HomDNA will manage the mobile appraisal delivery via Expedite, offering a value-add of an appraisal summary featuring the most pertinent information parsed from the full appraisal. Each appraisal communication is tracked, personalized and lender-branded, and contains the full appraisal along with a link to the summary.

“By giving mobile access to the information that borrowers want most from their appraisal, we simultaneously elevate the customer experience and turn a typically mundane communication into one that drives additional value and customer dialogue,” added Gehl.

“The integration of HomDNA with the Expedite platform provides mortgage lenders with a comprehensive solution to help improve the loan closing process and provide a better overall experience for the borrower,” said Andy Crisenbery, executive vice president, Lending Solutions, Black Knight’s Origination Technologies division.

“In today’s mortgage market, it takes a different type of customer engagement to keep borrowers loyal,” Gehl said. “By working closely with Black Knight, we can offer a comprehensive solution that will enable mortgage lenders to provide today’s borrowers with an enhanced experience that will help solidify relationships.”

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