Market Analysis: Compliance Remains Paramount

*Compliance Remains Paramount*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Are you frazzled dealing with all the new rules and regulations? Aren’t we all? In most cases, it’s the job of your vendors to keep you compliant. And the good ones are doing just that. Fior example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that LOS Avista Solutions has completed a direct integration to ComplianceAnalyzer, an automated compliance auditing solution from risk management solution company ComplianceEase. Here’s the scoop:

****Avista Solutions and ComplianceEase have a number of mutual customers and this integration allows those customers to access the ComplianceAnalyzer solution directly from their Avista Agile LOS.

****ComplianceAnalyzer gives mortgage lenders real-time compliance audits at any point in the lending process, safeguarding them from potential loan risks. As part of recent electronic examination (e-Exam) initiatives, state regulators have been using ComplianceAnalyzer and other e-Exam tools to audit as much as 100% of licensees’ loans in regulatory examinations. By leveraging integrated audits using the same auditing software, lenders can prepare in advance for their e-Exams. ComplianceAnalyzer covers a full spectrum of government regulations, including the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act, the Truth in Lending Act, RESPA, state and local anti-predatory lending laws, state license-based consumer lending regulations and secondary market investor and GSE compliance guidelines.

****“Avista Solutions recognizes the importance of providing our customers with access to industry leading compliance tools,” Avista Solutions COO & CFO Jerry White said. “As the company behind robust tools that state banking and mortgage regulators rely on, ComplianceEase is a significant force in the mortgage industry and we are excited to now offer a seamless, system-to-system interface to their ComplianceAnalyzer solution.”

****Avista customers who choose to sign up for ComplianceAnalyzer may utilize the tool to pinpoint a mortgage loan’s compliance risk factors, whether the loan is in the pre-close or post-close stage, with a single click and without leaving their Avista Agile LOS. ComplianceAnalyzer returns comprehensive, user-friendly audit reports to lenders within seconds. Each report features the industry standard RiskIndicator, a score that reflects a loan’s compliance risk, as well as quantitative analysis of thresholds and detailed qualitative overviews with narrative descriptions of regulatory requirements.

****“Avista users can enjoy the best of both worlds with this seamless integration, continuing to use their LOS of choice, while managing compliance with ComplianceAnalyzer,” said ComplianceEase Senior Vice President Jason Roth. “Major secondary market investors use ComplianceAnalyzer to check every loan prior to purchase and state regulatory examiners are using it to audit as much as 100% of licensees’ portfolios. To safeguard their reputations and reduce financial risks, it makes a lot of sense for lenders to do the same.”

Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano is chairman and founder at PROGRESS in Lending Association. As a speaker Tony has worked hard to inform executives about how technology should be a tool used to further business objectives. For over 10 years he has worked as a journalist, researcher and speaker in the mortgage technology space. Starting this association was the next step for someone like Tony, who has dedicated his career to providing mortgage executives with the information needed to make informed technology decisions. He can be reached via e-mail at

Powering Today’s Lenders: Let’s Put The Spotlight On The Lender

*Let’s Put The Spotlight On The Lender*
**By Daniel Liggett**

***This is the first article in our ‘Lender Spotlight’ series where we share stories from actual lenders about how they select and implement technology initiatives. Each story is told by the decision-makers themselves and describes in detail, the thought process behind their choices. This week’s ‘Lender Spotlight’ focuses on Florence Savings Bank in Ware, Massachusetts.

****Too often during searches for new lending technology, the majority of the focus is placed on the functionality and capability of the product, and the importance of vendor quality is either undervalued or overlooked.

****This can be highly detrimental to a lending organization in search of enterprise-wide technology because the quality of whom you deal with can be the determining factor in the degree of success that is achieved with the technology.

****Florence Saving Bank, a $1.1 billion lender in Central Massachusetts performed quite a bit of due diligence before deciding on an LOS. We, like many others, were bogged down with regulation changes and could no longer tolerate the maintenance, inefficiencies and limitations of their antiquated LOS of ten years. We wanted a flexible, online solution that could handle both mortgage and consumer lending. Vendor quality was of concern after experiencing a decline in support over the lifetime of their LOS.

****Jeff Smith, Vice President at Florence Savings, and his team prepared a detailed list of functionality that they required. They looked at nearly a dozen LOSs, choosing three or four to review in depth. None of them handled all of our requirements, nor did any differentiate themselves from the other.

****We then began hearing success stories from lenders using an LOS, available from an area reseller, that wasn’t even on Florence Saving’s initial list of candidate systems. We grew more interested as the varying lenders we encountered described the RemoteLender LOS provided by Specialized Data Systems. The more we listened, the more we were intrigued that this single LOS was able to meet the varying needs of the different lending operations and I was especially surprised when each lender repeatedly cited SDS’s high level of service as a determining factor in their success.

****Armed with this feedback, we then performed an in-depth technical review of RemoteLender and also scrutinized SDS to determine their viability, experience and capability as a vendor. It was important to Florence that SDS could handle the implementation and customization of the LOS, as well as all phases of ongoing maintenance, including monitoring compliance issues.

****After passing the most exhaustive review of any technology in its history, we chose RemoteLender. SDS went to work assessing the banks’ requirement, developing a phased implementation project plan and refining RemoteLender to fit our lending model.

****We received great support from SDS during the rollout phase. We had weekly scheduled conference calls to keep us on task and set forth milestones to monitor our progress. With SDS being essentially a ‘local’ vendor, they are here for us to provide the support and business services that we need to achieve our goals.

****SDS handles all of the custom reporting and integrations, and since RemoteLender is deployed online, SDS continues to maintain all hosting functions (through a third-party) including all IT, security, backup and connectivity tasks.

****Our RemoteLender is not like any other banks’ system, it does what we want it to do the way we want it. We are fortunate to have SDS as our vendor because we plan to keep RemoteLender for 10-15 years.

****The key to a long-lasting LOS is performing the due diligence on the vendor as well as on the functionality. The quality of the vendor and the level of service they provide are essential to getting the most from your technology and achieving your lending goals in the most cost-effective manner.

****Next week’s ‘Lender Spotlight’ focuses on an Eastern Connecticut lender who chose PowerLender deployed in-house.

Daniel Liggett serves as Director of Client Services for Associated Software Consultants’ PowerLender Loan Origination & Processing System. He has more than 20 years experience in mortgage lending and loan automation systems. Danny oversees the configuration, training, support and project management efforts for loan origination and secondary marketing at ASC and serves as a development and marketing advisor.

Life-Cycle Lending: Optimizing Technology Across Verticals

*Optimizing Technology Across Verticals*
**By Harvey Foster**

***Lagging technology is a key cause of higher operational costs and organizational inefficiency, which negatively affect both profit margins and the borrower experience. For lenders using numerous lending platforms to manage various loan products, the challenges associated with aging technology are only multiplied. In uncertain markets, IT budgets are quickly eaten up on maintenance and compliance initiatives, with little left over for new products, services and capabilities.

****Maintaining different technology platforms across lending silos also breeds duplication of effort, redundant processing and IT support, and inefficient use of valuable staff resources. Since each platform is unique, there is virtually no standardization of processes, procedures or best practices.

****Disparate Lending Platforms Deliver Operational Inefficiencies

****Lenders that utilize different loan origination systems to support mortgages, business loans and consumer products cannot help but find operational inefficiencies lurking around every corner. Multiple platforms inhibit enterprise-wide customer views and data utilization. As a result, cross-sell opportunities are missed, communication both internally and with the borrower is ineffective, and customer data retrieval and verification are inconsistent.

****Lending platforms often utilize entirely different processes and procedures, severely limiting the ability to have a collaborative lending strategy on an enterprise scale. A multiple-platform approach also triggers inconsistent decisioning, which lengthens the loan origination process and impacts profitability. This approach can even affect the borrower experience, as inefficient processing dashes customer expectations for “right now” loan options, approvals and documentation. Further, since each system requires maintenance and support, there is significant – and costly – duplication of effort, driving up operational costs and wasting manpower.

****Challenges Posed by Inefficient Technology

****In a poll conducted by Fiserv in late 2009, 40 percent of respondents indicated that they have the right business strategy but need to better leverage technology. When asked if their technology enables them to keep pace with the current lending environment, nearly one-third said they wished they were better at leveraging opportunity.

****The figures are telling and suggest some of the circumstances faced in the executive suite relative to lending strategy going forward.

****>> Chief Operating Officer – Developing, enhancing and maintaining efficient organizational processes can be severely challenging for organizations. The reporting and monitoring of operational metrics for multiple lending platforms is labor intensive and cost prohibitive. The effort required to promote best-practice processes across verticals can divert attention away from more beneficial duties, such as fine tuning day-to-day performance to promote company growth, increased profitability and future expansion.

****>> Chief Information Officer – Directing data information and integrity throughout the organization can be problematic. Each lending system has its own technology, making the infrastructure and networks extremely difficult to manage and maintain. Disparate loan systems may not link together, making the validation and certification of customer data exponentially more challenging for the CIO and the organization.

Harvey Foster joined Fiserv in September 2011 as Product Manager for Common Origination Platform, the flagship origination solution offered by Fiserv. He has more than 35 years of experience in the banking and software solutions industries holding positions as client services manager, conversion support manager, education manager, and senior product analyst for commercial and consumer loan products.

Market Analysis: Ellie Mae Isn’t Wasting Any Time

*Ellie Mae Is Wasting No Time*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Usually when a technology vendor acquires another vendor you see a slow transition whereby eventually one product becomes more robust and the other is grandfathered. However, Ellie Mase is getting to work fast on making the most out of its acquisition of DataTrac. PROGRESS has learned Ellie Mae’s second major release of its Encompass360 mortgage management solution is now live. This release contains new functionality and enhancements designed to further increase compliance, efficiency and ease of use. It also introduces Encompass Originator, an integrated front-end technology solution specifically for users of DataTrac mortgage software. Here’s the scoop:

****The upgrade’s major enhancements include:

****>> Functionalities for complying with the new data delivery requirements, including the Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) and Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP)

****>> Integration with DataTrac, through Encompass Originator

****>> New secondary marketing functionalities for Encompass360 Banker Edition clients

****>> New document recognition functionality with bar coding for all e-disclosure and closing documents

****>> New and expanded status online communications options

****>> Ability to process borrower credit cards in the appraisal solution center

****>> Numerous additional client-requested enhancements

****Encompass360 now supports ULDD requirements, enabling users to export one or more loan files to be submitted to the GSEs. The new UCDP service, which uses an integrated systems interface to the GSEs’ UCDP, allows users to submit electronic appraisal data files, receive status and findings, correct and modify appraisal file submissions, and request overrides should an appraisal not be accepted by the UCDP.

****This upgrade’s trade management and secondary marketing enhancements enable more flexibility with detailed viewing and tracking of mortgage-backed securities and assignment of trades. Rate lock and secondary registration enhancements include lock extensions and expanded functionality for buy side profit and price concessions.

****Among the many additional upgrades are enhancements to Encompass360’s electronic document management capabilities, which include additional bar coding, destination scanning from network scanners to eFolders, and eSigning of non-disclosure documents. New status online communications now further support and extend clients’ brands by enabling consistency and structure across outbound communications to borrowers and partners. Numerous compliance-focused changes have also been made to support USDA loans, and changes have been made to the HUD-1, the statement of denial, and other forms.

****Further, Encompass Originator provides single-click access between Encompass360 and DataTrac, creating a front-end/back-end origination solution built on the two technologies. With this integration, users of both solutions can now easily submit loans directly from Encompass360 to DataTrac, without having to re-key, import or export any data.

****Encompass Originator includes all of Encompass360’s front-end capabilities, including all the new upgrade enhancements. Now DataTrac clients can have access to Encompass CenterWise, Ellie Mae’s secure web and electronic document management service; a secure e-folder for paper-free document signing and exchange; numerous integrations with third party solution providers; easy-access customizable pipeline views; HUD integration; powerful tracking and alert systems; built-in compliance management tools designed to enhance RESPA and MDIA compliance; appraisal ordering and management, customer relationship management and more, all from the same company.

****“The industry’s changing regulations and procedures are putting a lot of new demands on lenders, and this upgrade provides the tools to respond to many of those demands, whether from regulators or investors,” said Jonathan Corr, COO of Ellie Mae. “At Ellie Mae, our clients feel comfortable about voicing their needs because they know we take action. This upgrade reflects the changing needs of our clients, while continuing our mission to build the most streamlined, easy-to-use technology for transacting the highest quality loans.”

Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano is chairman and founder at PROGRESS in Lending Association. As a speaker Tony has worked hard to inform executives about how technology should be a tool used to further business objectives. For over 10 years he has worked as a journalist, researcher and speaker in the mortgage technology space. Starting this association was the next step for someone like Tony, who has dedicated his career to providing mortgage executives with the information needed to make informed technology decisions. He can be reached via e-mail at

Market Analysis: A New LOS Debuts

*A New LOS Debuts*
**By Tony Garritano**

***A New LOS has hit the market. Automated underwriting and loan pricing technology provider PriceMyLoan has launched LendingQB, a 100% web browser-based mortgage lending platform. “With LendingQB, we believe we are doing more than just providing a ‘cloud computing’ loan origination system,” said Binh Dang, LendingQB’s managing partner. “We believe we are fundamentally changing the way that lenders use technology.” Here’s the scoop:

****Since 2004, PriceMyLoan has been providing lenders with technology to automate the underwriting and pricing of their loans. Over the past seven years, PriceMyLoan has had the unique opportunity to work closely with their clients and carefully observe their utilization of technology. “Each one of our clients had a valuable LOS story to tell us,” said Gigi Campbell, national sales director for LendingQB. “What became evident is their desire for a ‘one-stop shop’ lending system, and a system that would adapt to the way they work.”

****To that end, LendingQB was built to include a list of features, such as electronic documents with e-signatures; a full complement of tools for loan processing, underwriting, secondary marketing, closing and post-closing; and specialized tools for wholesale and retail environments, such as broker website portals and online consumer loan applications. Naturally, PriceMyLoan powers the automated underwriting and loan pricing aspects of the LendingQB platform.

****But the most innovative feature of LendingQB is not their technology, but the way that they work with their clients, says PriceMyLoan. “Lenders need more than just a piece of software,” said Campbell. “They need a technology partner that is willing to listen and respond to their specific needs. That’s the true value of our web-based model. We can reach directly into a client’s system and instantly deploy any changes they request. It creates a truly customized experience that molds to their particular workflow.”

****LendingQB positions itself as more than a technology provider; they want to be an active part of a lender’s team. “As a lending quarterback, we want to take the field with our clients and help lead them to success,” said Campbell. “Give us the ball and we’ll execute the plays that lead to higher productivity, higher profits and better business performance overall.”

****We at PROGRESS in Lending will keep you updated on the status of this new development.

Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano is chairman and founder at PROGRESS in Lending Association. As a speaker Tony has worked hard to inform executives about how technology should be a tool used to further business objectives. For over 10 years he has worked as a journalist, researcher and speaker in the mortgage technology space. Starting this association was the next step for someone like Tony, who has dedicated his career to providing mortgage executives with the information needed to make informed technology decisions. He can be reached via e-mail at

Technology Spotlight: Lender Demands Flexibility

*Lender Demands Flexibility*
**radius financial group inc. Profiled**

***With LO Comp, UAD, UMDP, Dodd-Frank, and all the rest, what is a lender to do? Well, of course, they have to automate more. But beyond just turning to technology, lenders need to and are demanding more flexibility from their vendors. For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that radius financial group inc. has chosen MortgageFlex Systems, Inc. for their loan origination needs. Here’s why they decided to go with Mortgageflex:

****The hosted LoanQuest system selected includes the enterprise-level loan origination system and a Web Consumer portal that allows consumers immediate access to loan status.

****“Our business needs required a system that is flexible enough to conform to our origination workflow requirements, not the other way around. LoanQuest proved that it was versatile and could be adapted as needed without significant programming resources,” stated Keith Polaski, principal, radius.

****“We understand radius’ business requirements and are confident we will meet and exceed their needs,” said Craig Bechtle, chief operating officer, MortgageFlex. “We’re looking forward to a long and beneficial partnership.”

****radius required a cost effective system that could be tailored to their specific needs. MortgageFlex met those requirements with a hosted option that is an exception among the “cloud” offerings in that each client has a distinct instance of the application and their own unique database in a secure, SSAE16 certified facility.

****This unique arrangement gives customers the flexibility to adapt the application without restrictions. This was a core requirement of radius’ LOS selection criteria.

****“Not sharing application code gives customers the advantages of premises installation without the hard costs,” said Bill Black, chief information officer, MortgageFlex. “We focus on providing the customer a secure and highly-available platform so the customer can focus on their business.”

****Customers have the ability to add fields as needed without programming, control and monitor workflow activities, and drive system performance using integrated business rules.

****MortgageFlex offers several hosting options, including transactional and SaaS. The transactional option allows lenders to “pay-as-used” on a per loan basis and is very beneficial for lending organizations that do not have technical infrastructure and support readily available. Hosted options also give lenders high levels of security with SSAE16 certified facilities and full Disaster Recovery sites.

****radius also required a system that could integrate easily with existing Xerox Blitz Docs software being used for e-signing and e-delivery. An established system-to-system interface with Blitz Docs has been in place for LoanQuest users for some time.

****“We are proud of our partner network and have been very deliberate when selecting our business partners. A strong partner is invaluable and can expand system capabilities exponentially,” Bechtle stated.

****Founded in 1999, radius financial group inc. is a full-service mortgage banker specializing in residential, commercial and private financing. Since its inception, radius has experienced year over year revenue growth, despite the recent credit and housing crisis, and was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing companies in 2010, ranking #554 in the Inc 500/5000 list.

Market Analysis: We All Need A Good Laugh Once In A While

*We All Need A Laugh Once In A While*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Let’s face it, things aren’t great going into the holidays. But that doesn’t mean that your spirits should be low. Here’s something to cheer you up: Mortgage Cadence, LLC has produced a series of short films under the guise of “The Lender Blender” to the public. This series of shorts irreverently illustrates the dangers that come with mismanaged processes in the midst of an industry overhaul.

****Contrary to the light-hearted nature of these films, Mortgage Cadence is a solution-oriented system that continuously seeks to help lenders increase their return on investment and bottom line while maintaining compliance. The film portrayals of disarray and lack of compliance serve as a magnifying glass on some of the issues facing lenders today. Mortgage Cadence’s technology platform helps lenders minimize risk through the use of advanced technology. The product suite is proven to increase employee productivity through the elimination of paper and the creation of custom data-driven workflows.

****Along with a modern sense of humor, the videos strive to highlight the asset Mortgage Cadence can be for companies struggling with their lending processes. “The need for workflow automation to streamline processes and reduce risk is more important now than ever before,” stated John Levonick, chief legal and compliance officer for Mortgage Cadence. “Outdated processes and lack of compliance is unsuitable for a sustainable business where the risk of buybacks has never been greater. Despite the comedic nature of The Lender Blender, I hope it inspires lenders to reevaluate their lending practices to determine how they can increase efficiency while ensuring compliance.”

****By offering seamless automated workflow that is not only efficient and dynamic but also comes with a team of dedicated legal resources and subject matter experts, Mortgage Cadence can take your business from merely surviving to thriving. Staying compliant with the most recent regulations can feel like an added pressure, which is precisely why we are dedicated to focusing on the rules so you can focus on growing your business.

****You can find the video series located at or The videos are also on the PROGRESS in Lending iPad app that you can download for free on iTunes. I know you need a good chuckle. These videos will do the trick.

Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano is chairman and founder at PROGRESS in Lending Association. As a speaker Tony has worked hard to inform executives about how technology should be a tool used to further business objectives. For over 10 years he has worked as a journalist, researcher and speaker in the mortgage technology space. Starting this association was the next step for someone like Tony, who has dedicated his career to providing mortgage executives with the information needed to make informed technology decisions. He can be reached via e-mail at

Our Point Of View: The Technology Shift

*The Technology Shift*
**By Ted Hicks**

***Let’s face it, there’s a lot of bad news circulating, the least of which is a 20% decline in origination volume predicted for next year. However, I choose to be an optimist. Surely we’re still waiting for the new “normal.” Nonetheless, with transaction volumes dropping, more of our accounts are focusing on technology in what I call the “technology shift.” Lenders simply need technology more than ever and they’re looking to technology vendors to help them automate their entire gamut of processes.

****As lenders realize the need for more streamlined automation, it’s only natural they start looking beyond their current technology to the “new and different.” That’s not always the best or the most cost-effective way to go. What we’ve been able to do with many of our lenders is introduce them fully to software they already use. We get shoulder to shoulder with them to help them define their processes and we find new ways for them to use their current technology to gain the efficiencies they’ve been looking for.

****We encourage our clients to talk openly with us so that we can evaluate their processes and technology usage. We can show them they don’t need new technology; they just need to optimize how they use what they have. By teaching them more effective ways of using their software, we help them solve business problems.

****For instance, sometimes there are internal disconnects that exist within a lender shop that can be resolved by implementing business rules or enforcing standards through template sets. There also may be departments that don’t “talk” to each other and the biggest culprit of all—technology systems that don’t “talk” to each other. With the difficulty level in the regulatory environment, it is unreasonable to have two systems of record that can result in inaccurate data and reporting. We help by identifying the disparities and showing them how to ensure data integrity by consolidating systems.

****Clients who adopt more streamlined operations realize greater efficiencies in overall workflow very quickly. A lot of it is about internal buy in. Also, there’s a lot of shock when they realize that it doesn’t cost anything because they already have the software; they’re just not using it to the fullest. So, the transition is effective, efficient and considerably less costly.

****To our lender clients, I advise you to take advantage of time. Make sure that you understand what technology you have and discover how best to use it. Be diligent in making these decisions and always look at return on investment. In most cases you don’t have to spend more money to solve problems so don’t be swayed by a flashy demo when you can get even better results by maximizing your existing technology. With origination volume on the decline, now is the time to heighten your business efficiencies with all the potential your technology offers—without spending millions in dollars or valuable resource hours.

Ted Hicks is the Director of Product Management at Calyx Software. He started working for Calyx over 4 years ago and is responsible for the research and design of all Calyx products including all issues related to compliance and forms. Ted has spent the last 14 years working as a product management professional in small and large firms providing enterprise software solutions across a variety of industries including Siebel Systems (now Oracle), Aspect Telecommunications, and Epiphany.

Winning The Battle For The Borrower: Let’s Get Concrete About Technology

*Let’s Get Concrete About Technology*
**By Judy Margrett**

***We all know that the market is tough. You need technology to remain competitive and to stay compliant. But what technology do you really need? Do you need a new LOS or a new POS? Or can you do with something else? I’m sure these questions and others are circling in your head as you decide how to proceed.

****Also, during these difficult times, vendors are fighting just as hard for business as lenders. So, they’re breaking out their best slant to convince you to buy they’re technology. Remember though, good technology has to solve real business problems. So, if you’re looking for new business, you need automation that will help you better deal with the borrower. Still confused? Let’s look at two “real world” examples that illustrate enterprise marketing automation’s vast capabilities. You’ll see what I mean soon.

****Fast Start – Big Finish

****The moment rates dropped below 5% veteran originator Bill Smith* was in a hurry to reach his diverse database of customers. So, he selected an oversize postcard from his enterprise marketing automation’s extensive marketing library, then adapted the copy to meet the specific interests of several niche audiences.

****After making his copy modifications, Bill’s file was automatically forwarded to his company’s marketing and compliance departments to ensure it met all appropriate brand guidelines and regulatory requirements. Bill’s changes were approved within minutes and the cards printed – including a Spanish translation for some, plus Bill’s new photo and signature added that day – and mailed to over 1,500 clients.

****It took less than 24 hours for Bill to complete his mission, from the time he accessed his enterprise marketing automation site until the highly personalized cards were in the mail. Within weeks, as a result, he closed $10 million in new business.

****Expanding a Referral Network

****Sarah Jones, a top producing originator, developed a proactive marketing program that includes a regular series of birthday, holiday and other greeting cards, along with a special campaign to encourage Realtors, builders, customers and others to share referrals. She adapted postcards, letters, e-mails and other materials to include “I welcome your referrals…” messages for different audiences and scheduled them for automatic distribution at various dates.

****Sarah has found her enterprise marketing automation performance-tracking feature to be especially appealing. It enables her to measure how her business has increased over time and the number of referrals she is receiving from her professional partners.

****Of course I used fictional names, but the results are real. See what I mean about choosing the right technology to get you the results that you’re looking for now?

Judy Margrett is President of The Turning Point, Inc. The company’s flagship product is MACH3, a mortgage-specific CRM and automated marketing engine. With more than 20 years’ experience in mortgage banking, Judy was an early advocate of technology-based marketing solutions, especially for nurturing key business relationships. Recognizing the demand to maximize resources within business enterprises, she works closely with industry leaders to guide The Turning Point’s development of advanced mortgage-specific solutions. She can be reached via e-mail at

Technology Spotlight: It’s All About Service

*It’s All About Service*
**Riverview Community Bank of Vancouver Profiled**

***We all know how big compliance is. It’s top of mind for every lender. At the same time lenders want to be sure that in keeping compliant, they don’t compromise service. Because of these two factors more and more lenders are switching their LOS. For example, Riverview Community Bank of Vancouver, WA has selected Mortgage Builder’s platform for its mortgage lending business. Riverview Community Bank is a community-oriented financial institution and mortgage lender that provides local and personal service throughout Southwest Washington and in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area just across the state line. Here’s why they made this choice:

****After researching several LOS providers, Riverview Community Bank chose the Mortgage Builder web-based LOS platform because of the company’s ability to quickly respond to regulatory changes in the mortgage industry, and also the company’s commitment to customer service, according to Chris Bell, systems coordinator with Riverview Community Bank. Mortgage Builder provides an end-to-end loan origination software platform that enables lenders to automate mortgage origination, loan closing, post closing and delivery to investors. The system offers built-in enhancements available on demand, including pricing and product eligibility, electronic document management (EDM) and electronic loan delivery.

****“Mortgage Builder was the most professional of all the LOS vendors we checked out,” Bell said. “They understood the mortgage origination needs of a community lender. The main deciding factors for partnering with Mortgage Builder were its excellent support services and its ability to respond quickly to regulatory changes in the mortgage industry, such as those included in the Dodd-Frank law.”

****Mortgage Builder’s online training library also impressed Riverview, Bell said. “The rollout of the new LOS and the integration process at the bank has gone very smoothly,” he said. “We’ve found Mortgage Builder to be very responsive, and quick to resolve any issues that arise.”

****Keven Smith, president and CEO of Mortgage Builder, noted, “Mortgage Builder specializes in meeting the retail origination needs of community banks. Everything is integrated in our LOS design, making it easier and more secure for Riverview Community Bank to not only originate loans, but also to track every component of a loan file with our reporting and document builder, the most robust on the market. With our end-to-end, fully integrated LOS and its reporting and tracking solutions, Riverview now has the origination tools to rival any large, national lender, while still maintaining a local touch.”