New Trading Platform Drives Automated Bidding And Trade Execution

Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing software firm, has officially launched Trade Auction Manager (TAM) to enable more efficient bidding of TBA mortgage-backed securities used by lenders to hedge their open mortgage pipelines. The browser-based software module is accessible via MCTlive!, the company’s award-winning comprehensive capital markets platform.

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TAM completely digitizes a formerly manual communication process to confirm time-sensitive TBA trades that were once largely phone-based. TBA trading, particularly with regional broker-dealers, is the last remaining secondary marketing function that relies on telephone communications, which TAM now successfully automates.

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MCT developed TAM in collaboration with multiple lender clients and broker-dealers who participated in the testing and successful soft launch in early 2019. With the introduction of TAM, the mortgage industry now has a powerful TBA trading platform that allows broker-dealers to compete for a higher volume of trade requests, while lenders gain thanks to expansion and automation of the competitive bidding process.

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“TAM is a seismic shift for the mid-sized lender – increasing execution, liquidity, and transparency, while connecting them digitally with their regional dealers for the first time,” said Phil Rasori, COO at MCT. “The initial experience is showing that TAM will deliver a significant enhancement in execution for MCT clients.”

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Additional benefits of TAM include greater accuracy, increased speed, and a reduction of data entry errors. When using TAM all transactions are automatically recorded, creating heightened reliability and trackability of trades. TAM leverages a single database of record, which centralizes critical data and simplifies trade reconciliations. TAM integrates seamlessly with MCT’s hedging and loan sale platforms or it can be utilized independently as a standalone solution.

Integration Offers Intelligent Best Execution Capability For Fannie Mae Sellers

Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing software firm, has released a new online functionality that automates the process of product selection and delivery of loan commitments directly to Fannie Mae for MCT’s lender clients. The new solution, which was developed as part of MCT’s ongoing technology collaboration with Fannie Mae, is called Rapid Commit and resides within MCT’s secondary marketing platform, MCTlive!.

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Fannie Mae’s Pricing & Execution – Whole Loan (PE – Whole Loan) application is a whole loan committing platform, providing ease of use, flexibility and certainty for sellers. Rapid Commit functionality retrieves pricing directly into MCTlive!, which in turn speeds up the committing process, ensures data integrity, and optimizes best execution for all commitments.

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“We developed Rapid Commit to make our customers’ entire loan commitment process with Fannie Mae more efficient, providing automated, highly accurate best execution analysis that is instant and robust,” stated Phil Rasori, COO of MCT. “Working within MCTlive!, users leverage Rapid Commit to run initial best execution and determine that the loan meets Fannie Mae selling guidelines, followed by product-specific best execution that intelligently analyzes the optimal subset sizes and products to deliver as individual commitments.”

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Last year MCT announced a new integration with Fannie Mae’s technology that delivered real-time pricing from MCTlive! for the benefit of mutual lender clients. Rapid Commit further strengthens MCT’s collaboration with Fannie Mae and advances the integration of their complementary technologies.

Mr. Rasori added, “Rapid Commit enables a Fannie Mae specific best execution within MCT’s overall robust best execution process via a bi-directional exchange of real-time data that is completely automated between MCTlive! and Fannie’s Pricing & Execution – Whole Loan web-based application. Previously, this analysis was a manual, laborious process but it is now completely automated – all with the simple click of a button. We look forward to working closely with Fannie Mae on business and technology initiatives.”

Lenders One Touts Member And Preferred Provider Growth

The Lenders One Cooperative, a national alliance of independent mortgage bankers, has kicked off its annual Summer Conference in Minneapolis, MN. The cooperative will celebrate its continued strong growth and participate in education sessions, keynotes and networking events designed to help members discover new opportunities in a changing market.

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Already the nation’s largest mortgage cooperative, Lenders One has welcomed the addition of 13 new members, four new vendors and four new preferred investors since the beginning of the year. The cooperative most recently celebrated the addition of two notable preferred secondary providers:

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Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT)is a capital markets-focused risk management and advisory services company providing independent analysis, training, hedging strategy and loan sale execution support to clients engaged in the secondary mortgage market. Since 2001, MCT has grown from a pipeline hedging services specialist into a fully integrated provider of capital markets services and software for lenders at every stage of growth. Lenders One members will receive discounted pricing on selected services. In addition, MCT is committed to integrating with noteXchange and working closely with Lenders One members and the cooperative’s preferred investors to bring even more efficiencies and productivity lift to the bulk trading market.

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Planet Home Lending, LLC is a full-service, multi-state lender providing its customers a wide variety of loan products, including 203(k)s and FHA manufactured home loans, with a non-QM, alternative doc program for self-employed business owners and jumbo products coming soon. Consistently ranked in the top four for price on ICON for best effort, Planet Home Lending gives Lenders One members an assigned sales and service representative delivering personalized service plus access to state-of-the-art technology and a seasoned management team.

“We are thrilled with the momentum our cooperative has achieved,” said Bryan Binder, chief executive officer of Lenders One. “As we continue to grow in size and market presence, our team is committed to delivering value to our members through our many networking and educational opportunities as well as innovative technology offerings. We can see that our progress and industry-leading services are resonating with our members as the attendance at this Summer Conference is up over 30 percent from last summer.”

Over the past three conferences, Lenders One has announced the strategic addition of new technologies to help benefit our members, including Vendorly and noteXchange. At this year’s Summer Conference, Lenders One will launch additional noteXchange capabilities as well as preview a new cutting-edge eClosing ‘in a box’ offering as well as a continued focus on digitalization to prepare mortgage bankers for the future of the industry.

Integration Enables Seamless Transmission Of Critical Hedge Pipeline Data

Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing technology firm, has completed an integration between its secondary marketing solution and PCLender’s loan origination system (LOS).  The integration seamlessly transmits critical hedge pipeline data, saving time and enhancing information security.

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Spence Killam, director of operations and principle at Millenium Home Mortgage, a long time user of MCT and PCLender, lauds the new integration stating: “The integration gives me confidence that my trader has the best data at hand to help ensure my hedge position and maximize my profitability.  I am thrilled that my LOS and Hedge Firm proactively allocate resources to develop technology to provide us with better service.”

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The integration enables mutual lender clients to streamline an otherwise manual data transfer process, allowing them to pass and populate loan details from PCLender’s LOS to MCT’s hedge model. It reduces the risk of market movement and ensures the optimization of mutual clients’ hedge positions.

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“We are excited to offer this new integration to lenders that are utilizing our secondary marketing advisory services and PCLender’s LOS,” said Chris Anderson, chief administrative officer at MCT. “Developing integrations with mortgage technology platforms in order to provide the best service to our clients is paramount to MCT’s mission.”

Lionel Urban, chief executive officer of PCLender, LLC, supports this next-generation integration stating, “Standardizing data integrations is valuable to lenders because they can then focus their business analysts and IT resources on other projects. We believe MCT is a leader in the secondary marketing services and look forward to streamlining operations for our mutual customers.”

New Integration To Optimize Loan Hedge Positions For Lenders

OpenClose an enterprise-class, multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider, and Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing technology firm, have developed an integration that eliminates manual intervention and streamlines the delivery of loan data to maximize hedging for lenders.

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The integration works by automatically taking loan-level details that are originated and locked in OpenClose’s LenderAssist™ LOS and then securely passing them directly to MCT to hedge. The entire process of obtaining critical data becomes very easy, with updates occurring every 15 minutes. This removes several steps in the data acquisition process, saving time, reducing errors and providing faster reporting.

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“We worked diligently with the team at OpenClose to develop this connectivity between their LOS and our proprietary HALO hedging model, which now facilitates a much smoother, quicker way for us to obtain locked loan information from our mutual customers,” said Chris Anderson, chief administrative officer at MCT. “We are continuing to expand our integration partner network in order to provide the best service and support for our lender clients. Over the past few years, MCT has significantly expanded our business services with technology being a key area, especially with the adoption of our web-based secondary marketing platform, MCTlive!

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The longer lenders are exposed to interest rate movements the more prone they are to have locked loans without hedge positions. As a result of the integration, MCT is able to hedge more frequently as opposed to having the lender manually send pipeline reports to them. The automatic updates are performed every 15 minutes which provides a tangible reduction in risk by shortening the time period between rate locks and hedge positions.

As it relates to lenders, there isn’t anything that they have to do to enable the new integration. MCT performs the heavy lifting and all parties benefit from the resulting efficiencies gained. OpenClose and MCT worked closely together from a technology perspective to streamline the process.

“This integration saves my staff valuable time and transfers our data quickly and securely, ensuring that my hedge positions are always optimized,” says Dan Beam, senior vice president of capital markets at Firstrust Bank. “Both OpenClose and MCT are forward-thinking companies that recognize the importance of investing in enhancements like this for the benefit of lenders.”

“A key common thread between our organizations is an unwavering commitment to always provide excellence in customer support,” said Vince Furey, senior vice president of lending solutions at OpenClose. “We are also like-minded in that we are both very selective about the organizations we partner with.  OpenClose is pleased to expand our technology relationship with MCT.”

MCT Further Automates Secondary Marketing

Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a hedge advisory firm and developer of MCTlive!, a secondary marketing software suite, announced that it has added a number of new features to its best execution service offering. The enhancements were done to position MCT to capture additional business among lenders. Here’s how:

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“We already enjoy great a deal of ongoing success with our existing best execution model, but the new features we developed in collaboration with our new MSR Services business unit significantly widens opportunity for MCT,” says Curtis Richins, president of MCT.  “Unlike most hedge advisory firms, MCT has always focused on maximizing loan sales value through a robust best execution analysis that considers a wide range of execution options such as mandatory, AOT,  bulk, Agency, co-issue, etc.  Our deep secondary marketing expertise and long-standing focus in this area really gives us a strong advantage that outpaces the competition and takes best execution analysis to the next level.”

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The enhanced tool is an extension of MCT’s existing best execution methodology, which is traditionally offered with its proprietary hedging services. The option to leverage the new feature set is ideal for lender clients that are interested in deepening their retain/release decisioning process and cash management concerns. It offers additional dimensions of time to payback, cash drain, corporate tax structure, subservicing terms and MSR financing possibilities, which are not available in other best execution models.

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“Lenders, especially non-bank mortgage companies, need to be acutely aware of their cash needs and balance sheet liquidity in addition to getting the best economics out of a loan sale,” said Phillip Laren, director of MSR Services at MCT.  “The enhanced best execution tool provides analytics to compute cash loss after adjusting for tax impact, months to breakeven, and any lift through MSR financing. It’s unique in that it analyzes servicing options not just from a secondary marketing perspective, but also from the financial management side of the business by considering cash spent to retain and when it may eventually be recovered.”

The model is completely customizable to actual sub-servicer costs, tax structures, and financing terms. “What if” scenarios can be set to run different scenarios to empower a CFO and secondary trader with data to determine the best decision based on economics, cash, balance sheet, and tax optimization concerns.

The enhanced best execution solution works in conjunction with MCT’s proprietary HALO hedging and loan sale program and with its award-wining capital markets platform MCTlive!

MCT formed its MSR Services Group last year after acquiring the assets of PLar Analytics, LLC and PB Pacific Partners, LLC.  MCT brought on board founder Phillip Laren to head the company’s new MSR Services Group.  The deal significantly added to MCT’s value proposition by expanding its advisory services to include specialization in mortgage servicing rights valuation.

Streamlining Secondary Marketing

LendingQB, a SaaS LOS solutions provider for the mortgage lending industry, announced that it has completed an enhanced interface to Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT), a recognized industry leader in capital markets management and advisory services. The enhanced interface automatically updates investor commitments performed by MCT directly into the LendingQB LOS, saving lenders time and increasing their operational profitability.

In 2013, LendingQB first released an interface to MCT’s HALO-Link, which automatically transferred loan pricing and pipeline data from the LendingQB LOS to MCT in order to improve the accuracy of hedge positions. Today, the two companies completed an enhancement to the HALO-Link interface that adds the capability for MCT to update the LendingQB LOS in real-time with key investor information, such as confirmation number, confirmation price and expiration date. The result is a comprehensive and efficient secondary marketing process that provides pricing and hedge risk transparency throughout the mortgage loan life cycle.

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“The enhanced HALO-Link interface with LendingQB is groundbreaking because we can now interact with our clients seamlessly in both directions,” said Chris Anderson, chief administrative officer at MCT. “On the hedge side, LendingQB gives us visibility into a lender’s pipeline so that we know exactly how much coverage they need to have. On the commitment side, we can push investor data right into LendingQB, saving hours of labor and ensuring complete accuracy on loan delivery.”

A key component of the LendingQB LOS solution is their Universal Decision Engine (UDE), an automated underwriting and pricing engine that manages the entire secondary marketing process from initial pricing through capital markets. Combining the technology of LendingQB’s UDE with MCT’s services provides lenders with a powerful and comprehensive solution that:

  • Accurately qualifies borrowers for loan products using raw credit report data and robust investor guidelines
  • Accurately prices loans with automatic calculation of investor and custom pricing adjustments
  • Delivers loan pipeline data in real-time to MCT for timely and efficient pipeline hedging
  • Uploads investor commitment data to LendingQB for timely and efficient delivery of loan commitments

Open Mortgage, a lender based in Austin, Texas, was selected as the first mortgage lender to use the enhanced interface and noted a significant improvement to their secondary marketing. “The total solution provided by MCT and LendingQB is more than just a time saver,” said Nick Whitten, senior director of secondary marketing at Open Mortgage. “I now have one system that simplifies all of my secondary marketing tasks from rate lock to investor delivery. The real benefit for me is that MCT and LendingQB have come up with an extremely efficient process that makes my locks safer and more profitable. It has a tangible impact that is felt throughout all of Open Mortgage.”

“We are very pleased to have a partner like MCT,” said Binh Dang, president of LendingQB. “They share our vision of making lenders more profitable by focusing on processes instead of just the end result. It’s through this type of authentic collaboration that we’re able to create solutions that have a lasting and powerful impact on lenders.”

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