Enhancement Enables Lenders To Streamline Reviews Of All Fannie Mae Loans

LoanLogics has updated its LoanHD Loan Quality Management platform to make it easy for lenders to run automated checks to validate data prior to loan delivery through Fannie Mae’s EarlyCheck application on loans sold to Fannie Mae. 

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As an approved Fannie Mae technology vendor, LoanLogics has built a seamless interface to Fannie Mae’s EarlyCheck application that enables lenders to run EarlyCheck during the audit process, view the warnings and edits in the response, and correct loan data errors in the loan file. This new integration helps to assure all loan data is accurate and complete when delivered to Fannie Mae.  

The integration is a single-click delivery of the relevant file information to Fannie Mae via LoanLogics’ AppQ Network™. The results are delivered back in real time, allowing immediate feedback to the auditor. EarlyCheck may be run as many times as necessary and the entire history of results are visible from within the audit platform. 

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“Our EarlyCheck integration allows our clients to ensure every loan file has the right data points in the right place before delivery to Fannie Mae,” said Don Smith, LoanHD Product Manager. “Only by automating quality control checks can lenders improve loan quality, ensure data accuracy, and reduce the amount of time and money spent in the process.”  

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The LoanHD Loan Quality Management platform includes a LoanFacts tool, which displays the accuracy of all data elements in loan files destined to be sold to Fannie Mae. A unique feature of LoanHD, LoanFacts is a dashboard that provides underwriters with a direct link to the underlying data within loan documents that automatically validates every datapoint across all documents in the loan file against a single reference document.

AMC Giant Will Pivot Into Full Service Collateral Valuation Provider

Class Appraisal, one of the largest nationwide providers of real estate asset valuation and appraisal management solutions to the residential mortgage industry, announced today that the company will be changing its name to Class Valuation to better describe its expanded focus — now including new and disruptive collateral valuation offerings. Adding new products will allow the company to help lenders further improve the borrower experience.

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The company’s reputation for excellent customer service will be maintained as they expand their business. “Thanks to our truly committed, engaged, and enthusiastic team here at Class, we’ve done a fantastic job of delivering a high-touch service offering to our clients,” said Class’s Chief Innovation Officer, Scot Rose. “At the same time, we know the space is changing, and we are committed to our clients’ long-term success. This means focusing on technological and process innovation designed to lead the industry into the future.”

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As part of the new brand, Class will focus on highlighting its clients, its appraisers, and ultimately the homeowners. It is the real results that Class affords these individuals that matters most, and their new brand will showcase those results. The addition of disruptive offerings designed to further client success will ultimately help make more homeownership dreams come true, and that is the company’s mission.

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“These changes are an extension of the company’s willingness to take ownership of, and then solve, client problems, while defining the future of valuation services,” said Class’s President, John Fraas. “Continuous innovation of new processes and new products is core to who we are at Class. It’s all about the borrower, their lender partner, and the experience they share. It always has been for us at Class, and our new offerings will make these experiences even better for all parties involved.”

The company will continue doing business as Class Appraisal pending acceptance of the name change by all relevant regulators.

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