Consumer Direct Solution Slashes Origination Costs

OpenClose has scheduled a May release for the official rollout of its much anticipated digital mortgage point-of-sale (POS) solution, ConsumerAssist Digital POS. This new integrated solution is a unique offering that combines a proven and mature 100 percent browser-based end-to-end LOS and PPE with new state-of-the-art dynamic digital mortgage POS technology.  

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As a single source vendor for digital POS, LOS, PPE and Business Intelligence, OpenClose is able to slash the loan manufacturing cost and complexity by eliminating the need to cobble together disparate systems with different SLAs, contracts and pricing models.

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The self-service POS capabilities that ConsumerAssist Digital POS provides are state-of-the-art and feature rich. Lenders can now automate and organize numerous tasks that would normally be performed in the back-office via the LOS, and push them closer to borrowers earlier in the origination process. As a result, workflow efficiencies increase, the lending process is sped up, costs are reduced and new business is captured at a higher rate and lower cost.

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“We feel that lenders leveraging the efficiencies of a single consolidated platform will be able to most effectively sustain and increase profitability in an environment with more competition for fewer loans and tighter margins,” says JP Kelly, president of OpenClose. 

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Jason Regalbuto, CEO / CTO of OpenClose, adds: “Borrowers today and in the future are expecting streamlined experiences with extreme ease of use and automation like Amazon and Uber offer. Mortgage origination and lending involve very complex processes. We think with ConsumerAssist Digital POS, we have significantly reimagined these processes and workflows for the future and the expectations that borrowers have. We’ve effectively closed the loop between POS and LOS.”

Key feature & benefits of OpenClose’s new digital POS and LOS platform:

·       Consumer-facing website can be customized to reflect the lender’s own branding

·       Elegant, intuitive screens and wizards swiftly walks borrowers through the entire application process

·       Instant Verification of Employment (VOE)

·       Instant Verification of Income (VOI)

·       Instant Verification of Assets (VOA)

·       Instant Verification of Tax Returns

·       Automated loan conditioning

·       Secure document capture and tracking

·       Real-time messaging between borrower, loan officer and other relevant parties

·       Activities calendar monitors when tasks are due and auto-sends email reminders and/or text notifications

·       Affinity portal connects realtor, builder and settlement partners to the manufacturing process

·       Ability to access the system on any mobile device or tablet

OpenClose is incorporating into ConsumerAssist Digital POS their DecisionAssist product and pricing engine, automated underwriting capability, fee calculation engine and more.

OpenClose also offers ConsumerAssist Web which helps establish a consumer direct lending channel by developing websites that engage borrowers with tools to perform much of the application and loan qualification process themselves without involving a salesperson. ConsumerAssist Web can be combined with ConsumerAssist Digital POS, together dubbed ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise, to offer comprehensive self-service technology that manages the bulk of the origination process for lenders.  

OpenClose recently announced the availability of a robust RESTful API Suite that the company developed to enable quick system-to-system integrations, seamless data exchange and execution of transactions. In addition to making integrations easier to complete, it further lowers lender costs, which is a key focus of OpenClose as their customers operate in a margin compressed business climate.

OpenClose Integrates With Continuity Programs’ CRM

OpenClose has completed an integration with Continuity Programs, Inc.’s cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software. This new interface provides OpenClose’s LenderAssist LOS customers the ability to seamlessly interact with Continuity Programs’ platform.

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“We constantly look for opportunities to help our customers do business faster, smarter and cheaper including arming loan officers with cutting-edge tools to close more deals,” said Vince Furey, CRO at OpenClose. “We are pleased to offer our customers Continuity Programs’ robust and modern CRM solution to help mortgage origination teams achieve greater sales success.”

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Continuity Programs’ is a turnkey solution that centralizes contacts in an organized, easily-accessible fashion. It gives loan officers powerful tools to generate, track and convert high quality borrower leads while keeping in touch with prospects, customers and referral partners, effortlessly. The CRM is feature rich, automating often mundane and time-consuming daily tasks while delivering the analytics and reporting that enables lenders to assess performance with KPIs, monitor customer satisfaction, improve the borrower experience and increase customer retention.  

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OpenClose’s LenderAssist LOS is an enterprise-class platform that offers a suite of modules to automate complex areas of the entire mortgage manufacturing process. The company recently added a comprehensive digital POS solution, closing the loop between POS and LOS and creating the mortgage industry’s only consolidated digital POS and LOS platform delivered by a single vendor that is truly browser-based and has multi-channel automation capability. The complete solution is helping OpenClose customers slash the cost to manufacture loans.

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“Integrating with empowers loan officers with many easy-to-use tools to make them as successful as possible amid tough marketplace conditions,” stated Kirk King, president of Continuity Programs, Inc. “Integrating our mortgage CRM software with OpenClose’s LOS makes it easier for lenders to seamlessly extend this functionality to their loan officers via LenderAssist.”

Continuity Programs leveraged OpenClose’s RESTful API to rapidly develop and deploy the integration between and LenderAssist. TheRESTful API suite offers simplicity, reliability, better communication, seamless data exchange and performance optimization. Lender implementations of are quick and non-disruptive, with Continuity Programs doing the heavy lifting for customers and providing all training.

Both OpenClose and Continuity Programs offer completely web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that are mobile-ready, providing users with fingertip access while in the field or office.

Partnership Automates The Calculation Of Title Settlement Fees

OpenClose has integrated with Timios, Inc., a national provider of title and settlement services to banks, financial institutions and mortgage lenders. The integration allows users to efficiently draw all title and settlement fees directly from within OpenClose’s LenderAssist LOS, eliminating data entry, saving time and ensuring fees are fully accurate and TRID compliant.

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Timios leads the title and settlement industry in pricing accuracy, successfully bringing the first RESPA compliant, free, instant guaranteed GFE calculator to market, and again delivering TRID compliance guaranteed pricing ahead of the industry. The company guarantees that all title settlement fees with Timios are disclosed accurately in the Loan Estimate (LE) for TRID compliance from the day of origination through the transmittal of the final disclosure to the consumer. OpenClose users can now leverage Timios’ proprietary pricing engine, instantly and seamlessly populating all relevant information within its LOS.

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“Timios is a natural fit with OpenClose, as our comprehensive solutions work very well together, providing transparency via their centralized fulfillment model to simplify the calculation of settlement fees,” says Vince Furey, SVP of lending solutions at OpenClose. “Further, both of our customer support models are very hands-on and responsive, which is a significant attraction to our mutual customers.”

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Trevor Stoffer, CEO of Timios added, “Timios is proud to partner with OpenClose to deliver the best pricing solution to lending partners throughout the country. Like OpenClose, Timios has built a reputation as an industry leader for innovation, and OpenClose is a natural partner in driving transparency and simplification into real estate transactions. OpenClose users will never face another loss from mistakes because Timios’ pricing data is instant, accurate, and guaranteed.”

Timios, Inc. is a California-based corporation and the country’s fastest growing title and settlement services company. Since its founding in 2008, Timios has serviced more than $30 billion in escrow closings and expanded into new markets throughout the country. In addition to fee calculations, Timios also offers a wide variety of title insurance products, escrow and settlement services, realtor and REO purchase, appraisal and valuation products and services.

LOS Expands Its Offering And Brand Awareness

OpenClose, a multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) and mortgage software solutions provider, has unveiled a new corporate website to better position the company’s expanded enterprise-class solution set, customer profile focus and long-term value proposition. Here’s the value proposition:

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“We’ve grown exponentially over the past five years, and as such, had a need to ensure that the positioning of OpenClose as a company and its products are in line with our corporate mission, business strategy, customer commitment and ongoing technology innovation efforts,” explains JP Kelly, president of OpenClose. “This new website is designed to clearly convey our comprehensive solution offering and our ability to cater to top 20 lenders that have multiple business channels and complex operations.”

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OpenClose offers a 100 percent browser-based LOS platforms that has multi-channel automation capability. The company’s LenderAssist LOS and other solutions were all engineered from the ground up using the same code base, and it has been owned and operated by the same principles since the company was founded in 1999. Unlike many LOS vendors, LenderAssist’s comprehensive end-to-end functionality was not created by way of multiple acquisitions, which typically rope together disparate technologies that can be prone to issues; or, via integrations with many third party vendors that are done in order to make up for system deficiencies.

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Vince Furey, SVP of lending solutions at OpenClose, stated:  “We have been boarding top-tier, very large lending entities that are successfully leveraging our LOS as a centralized platform to automate all business channels and workflows. Our new positioning showcases the immense power that OpenClose’s enterprise-class mortgage software solutions offer and how they are very flexible, scalable and well-supported by our staff. While we have the proven scalability to support the largest national lenders, OpenClose is really the ideal solution and long-term technology partner for any size lending organization.”

Key aspects of OpenClose’s value proposition include: quick implementations; custom-configurable with easy set up; seamless workflow-driven automation with no manual intervention; fully web-based with no installs whatsoever; fully SaaS and Cloud-based technology; proven scalability; single code; hands-on implementations and system training; and second to none, boutique-style customer support.

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QuestSoft And OpenClose To Hold Webinar On The New CFPB HMDA Rules

OpenClose, a multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider, and QuestSoft, a provider of automated mortgage compliance software, announced that they will host a joint webinar covering the new CFPB HMDA regulations, how they will impact organizations, and outline specific plans to make compliance with the new HMDA rules the most efficient and time-saving process in the mortgage industry. The webinar will be held on June 21, 2017 from 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. EDT.

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Entitled “The New CFPB HMDA Rules, What You Need to Know,” this webinar will provide insight on not just what the new rules are, but what organizations will need to prepare for well in advance of the January 2018 implementation deadline. The companies say that while the deadline may seem a long way off, there are business-critical functions that should considered now or run the risk of being caught off-guard.

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Key topics that will be covered in the webinar: 

  • The inside day to day nuances behind the new regulations.
  • Above and beyond: practical, actionable information will be provided to attendees, not a legal review as is typical with most HMDA webinars.
  • New loan types required with HMDA and how OpenClose and QuestSoft are answering the call.
  • Recommendations for improving data integrity across the enterprise.
  • A timeline of the changes and companies need to prepare for in advance.
  • The new public face of HMDA: implications for Fair Lending and the future of mortgage lending.

OpenClose and QuestSoft will also touch on key updates being made their specific products that will help companies effectively test, train and prepare for, including release dates and 2018 CFPB HMDA data that can already be tested now.

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Kathy Olsen, director of LOS support services at OpenClose

Kathy leads customer support and training at OpenClose for its multi-channel LOS, LenderAssist, as well as its integrated products. She joined OpenClose in 2010 and has over thirty years of experience in the mortgage banking and technology fields.

Leonard Ryan, president of QuestSoft Corporation

Leonard has been associated with the mortgage industry for over 30 years, and is the founder of QuestSoft. He is a member of both MBA HMDA and NMLS Mortgage Call Report working groups, and is nationally recognized as a HMDA expert.

Downloadable materials that will be made available after the webinar: 

  • Presentation Slides [PDF] — available on the day of the webinar
  • Webinar Recording [streaming] — available 2-3 days after the webinar
  • Q&A [PDF] — available on the day of the webinar

The webinar is offered as complimentary to the mortgage industry but availability is limited. To sign up for the webinar, go to

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New Integration To Optimize Loan Hedge Positions For Lenders

OpenClose an enterprise-class, multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider, and Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing technology firm, have developed an integration that eliminates manual intervention and streamlines the delivery of loan data to maximize hedging for lenders.

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The integration works by automatically taking loan-level details that are originated and locked in OpenClose’s LenderAssist™ LOS and then securely passing them directly to MCT to hedge. The entire process of obtaining critical data becomes very easy, with updates occurring every 15 minutes. This removes several steps in the data acquisition process, saving time, reducing errors and providing faster reporting.

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“We worked diligently with the team at OpenClose to develop this connectivity between their LOS and our proprietary HALO hedging model, which now facilitates a much smoother, quicker way for us to obtain locked loan information from our mutual customers,” said Chris Anderson, chief administrative officer at MCT. “We are continuing to expand our integration partner network in order to provide the best service and support for our lender clients. Over the past few years, MCT has significantly expanded our business services with technology being a key area, especially with the adoption of our web-based secondary marketing platform, MCTlive!

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The longer lenders are exposed to interest rate movements the more prone they are to have locked loans without hedge positions. As a result of the integration, MCT is able to hedge more frequently as opposed to having the lender manually send pipeline reports to them. The automatic updates are performed every 15 minutes which provides a tangible reduction in risk by shortening the time period between rate locks and hedge positions.

As it relates to lenders, there isn’t anything that they have to do to enable the new integration. MCT performs the heavy lifting and all parties benefit from the resulting efficiencies gained. OpenClose and MCT worked closely together from a technology perspective to streamline the process.

“This integration saves my staff valuable time and transfers our data quickly and securely, ensuring that my hedge positions are always optimized,” says Dan Beam, senior vice president of capital markets at Firstrust Bank. “Both OpenClose and MCT are forward-thinking companies that recognize the importance of investing in enhancements like this for the benefit of lenders.”

“A key common thread between our organizations is an unwavering commitment to always provide excellence in customer support,” said Vince Furey, senior vice president of lending solutions at OpenClose. “We are also like-minded in that we are both very selective about the organizations we partner with.  OpenClose is pleased to expand our technology relationship with MCT.”

Smart Vendors Are Embracing Mobile Technology

Smart technology vendors are embracing mobile technology. For example, OpenClose, an enterprise-class, multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider, announced that it has redesigned and added new features to its borrower-facing ConsumerAssist solution to deliver exceptional online and mobile point-of-sale tools. Here’s why this is important:

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The enhancements to ConsumerAssist creates a highly attractive, straightforward and interactive experience for consumers. ConsumerAssist can be accessed via the web or any mobile device, providing portability and accessibility at any time and from anywhere. This results in an increase in leads and a decrease in production costs.

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As a borrower completes an application from any device, alerts are triggered in real-time that are sent to the lender for quick follow up by a loan officer or customer service representative. Lenders can then immediately engage the borrower, quickly answer questions and start the sales process. This significantly improves lead capture and conversion rates, resulting in more closed loans and greater profits.  The features of ConsumerAssist can be customized to a lender’s unique specifications along with branding for both branch and loan officer web pages, as well as mobile applications to create a more personalized experience.

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“In today’s competitive mortgage marketplace, customers are seeking new ways to attract borrowers and to do more with less while maintaining high service levels,” said Jason Regalbuto, CEO and CTO of OpenClose.  “ConsumerAssist is ideal for lenders looking to add a high impact web and mobile presence that provides an outstanding consumer experience.  The solution allows visitors to start the lending process themselves without having to first speak to a loan officer.  At the end of the day, ConsumerAssist is about increasing leads and decreasing origination costs for lenders.”

Lenders also have the flexibility to offer on-demand program eligibility and pricing for borrowers by leveraging OpenClose’s DecisionAssist product and pricing engine (PPE), which instantly returns decisioning at the point-of-sale.  OpenClose’s team of mortgage specialists maintain an extensive library of up-to-date investor programs, guidelines and pricing for its customers.

ConsumerAssist can easily be added to a lender’s existing website and is integrated with OpenClose’s LOS, LenderAssist™.  It also has the capability to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) software and other third party applications.  The set up timeframe for ConsumerAssist can be customized and implemented in as little as 30 days.

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The LOS Of The Future


Founded by bankers — not technologists — OpenClose remains one of the top mortgage software companies in the country. The company was a pioneer in developing software as a service (SaaS) for the mortgage industry. OpenClose customers add components to their businesses as they grow while still preserving their initial investment well into the future. The company provides a variety of browser-based lending automation solutions for lenders, banks and credit unions of all sizes. OpenClose’s LOS is completely engineered by the same company, thus avoiding assembling best-of-breed applications or acquiring technologies in an effort to create an end-to-end platform. The company focuses on providing lending organizations with full control of their data and creating a truly seamless workflowJames P. Kelly, President of OpenClose, talked to us about the future of the loan origination software space. Here’s how he sees this sector evolving:

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Q: How has the industry changed since you started in mortgage lending?

JAMES P. KELLY: When I first started out in the mortgage industry back in 1994, I was a lender so I had an origination background and a strong understanding of that side of the business. From a technology perspective, it was archaic compared to today. It took over 24 hours just to get a credit report and most mortgage software applications required an install. Nothing was as streamlined and transparent as it is today. OpenClose was founded in 1999 and we’ve always had a through and through browser-based system. Now, the dot-com era helped drive the use of web-based technology, but it wasn’t widely adopted in the mortgage industry. That’s starting to change but there is still more work to be done, as there are still a lot of systems that require an install, which equates to being web-enabled/web-accessible.

Q: What should lenders look for when switching to new loan origination software?

JAMES P. KELLY: There are several things. It absolutely needs to be browser and SaaS-based. And make sure it’s multi-channel so you can easily add and grow wholesale, retail, correspondent, or consumer channels. Vet the vendor well. Ask the vendor about who does the configuration. The onus should be on the vendor, not the lender. In addition, make sure there is extensive training and good technical support. It is also important to look for a vendor that has staff with significant experience in the mortgage industry. It’s much more effective being trained by someone who has been in their shoes and understands the challenges of the mortgage process.   All too often, lenders buy a platform and have issues later with adding channels, having to maintain the system themselves, being challenged with getting enough training on the system, and getting adequate post implementation customer support.

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Q: In your opinion, what makes an LOS stand out as being truly innovative?

JAMES P. KELLY: A vendor that is innovative is one that truly listens to its customers. The customer often comes with up with some of the best feedback on issues they face today, which results in the creation of ideas to enhance systems and develop new products. The vendor needs to act on those ideas. Further, having a clear product roadmap and paying close attention to marketplace trending is key. Lastly, hire the right people. Make sure they are forward thinking and have mortgage technology experience. It makes a difference.

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Q: What do lenders have to focus on if they want to deliver innovation to potential borrowers?

JAMES P. KELLY: They need to focus on ways to improve communication to the borrower. This can be a very scary time for the borrower so providing the tools that keep them in the loop and set the proper expectation is key to achieving the ultimate goal of a happy borrower. You have to take enhancing the consumer experience very seriously. They want ease of doing business and they want to handle more of the process themselves. Moving technology to the point of sale for borrowers is becoming very important to allowing the borrower to have a place to submit and receive communication about their loan. And with the CFPB now encouraging lenders to implement an eClosing process, I think we’ll see greater adoption sooner than later. Mobile devices are also important. OpenClose is releasing an updated mobile app for LOs and also a consumer app that makes obtaining a loan much simpler for the borrower. Consumers, especially millennials, want to do things increasingly on their smart phones. In short, make lending as easy as possible by offering consumers the tools they need and expect.

Q: Define the next generation LOS?

JAMES P. KELLY: The next LOS should enable loans to flow effortlessly through the LOS workflow — for all business channels using a single LOS vendor. This lowers costs, decreases margin for error, facilitates faster loan processing, and ensures compliance adherence. The less manual intervention the better. It should be a completely workflow-driven process. Notable is that the industry is moving closer to achieving a true end-to-end, fully paperless eMortgage process that is getting closer to becoming a reality, and the industry will need the right LOSs that help enable it.

Q: In addition to your LOS, you offer a correspondent/conduit solution. How is it doing?

JAMES P. KELLY: Phenomenally well. We are picking up a lot of new business with our OC Correspondent module. We’re seeing investment firms increasingly come to us to kick-start a de novo conduit business as well as lenders looking to launch or grow a correspondent channel. OC Correspondent is web-based and can be used a standalone solution or as integrated with our LOS, LenderAssist. It’s turnkey and can be implemented in as little as 30 days, depending on configuration needs. It’s been a huge success for us and we don’t see the deal flow slowing anytime soon

Q: Can you share with us why it’s important for lenders to use a multi-channel LOS platform?

JAMES P. KELLY: Put simply, if you want to add a business channel or remove one, you shouldn’t have to add another LOS or scrap one if you exit a channel. Some lenders, especially larger ones, buy different LOS platforms to run different business channels. This is because most LOSs on the market purport to be truly multi-channel but they are not. The lender finds that out later. Disparate LOSs don’t talk to one another very well, if at all. The channels become siloed and as a result and there is a myriad of issues associated with that, not to mention a significantly higher cost to originate loans. Buyer beware. Make sure the LOS is truly multi-channel.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges with LOS implementations?

JAMES P. KELLY: The effort the lender must put into the implementation is of paramount importance. It is key for the lender to put one person in charge of the implementation so there is ownership and accountability on getting the vendor the information and they need.   Additional issues can arise when too much burden is placed on the lender, with the vendor not assisting with the heavy lifting. That can become a huge issue, especially for lenders that don’t have the internal resources to do it. And sometimes the LOS isn’t as configurable as the lender thinks it is and certain functions must be custom-coded, which extends implementation time frames and raises costs. Additionally, user acceptance testing (UAT) is key along with getting users properly trained on the system. If you don’t know how to use it, employees in different functional areas will complain and that’s part of why lenders seek a new LOS. They just didn’t know the feature set they needed existed. And that’s really the vendor’s fault.

Industry Predictions

James P. Kelly thinks:

1.) There is no doubt that compliance adherence will remain near the top of every lending organization’s list.

2.) A decrease in lender profits will result in M&A activity picking up and a more consolidated market.

3.) As Rates start to increase, we will start to see a significant rise in non-QM loan volume.

Insider Profile

James P. Kelly is President of OpenClose. He has the responsibility for the overall direction, coordination and administration of all financial strategies, policies and controls for OpenClose and its divisions. He manages, motivates and develops a dynamic sales force to meet profit goals, while keeping the executive staff apprised of financial trends, based on timely and accurate financial and operating information, allowing the executive team to act promptly and intelligently in response to competitive market opportunities. He brings extensive experience as a mortgage banker as well, acting as President and Co-founder of Magellan Mortgage Group, a full-service mortgage bank with offices in Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana.

LOS Adds Automated Rate Sheet Generator

OpenClose, an enterprise-class, multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider, announced that it has added a rate sheet generator to its product and pricing engine (PPE), DecisionAssist.  The new functionality quickly and efficiently automates rate sheet creation for timely distribution to branches and originators.

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The rate sheet generator empowers lenders with straightforward point and click capability to set up programs and map products themselves without OpenClose assistance.  Lenders are also able to add or remove investors as needed, and investor programs can be white-labeled or displayed, depending on lender preferences. DecisionAssist keeps pricing up-to-date in real-time to ensure that all loans are priced with precision-based accuracy. Best execution can be run on all investor products simultaneously, which appears on a single screen for ease of viewing and comparison.

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“OpenClose’s rate sheet generator has taken a huge, time consuming burden off of our plate by completely automating the process for us,” stated Kevin Marconi, COO of United Fidelity Funding.  “It has saved us a great deal of time, we know our pricing is always current and accurate, and we can run best x in real-time.  Our branches and originators absolutely love it.”

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The user interface is very intuitive and enables single-screen searches for ease of viewing.  Pre-built templates can be utilized to quickly populate the rate sheets, which can be exported to Excel or other desired formats.  On-the-fly changes can be made throughout the day that reflect current investor pricing and best execution can be simultaneously run on all products for all investors.

The rate sheet generator leverages OpenClose’s DecisionAssist web-based PPE, which houses an extensive library of up-to-date investor guidelines and pricing.  The PPE is maintained by OpenClose’s team of mortgage business analysts. DecisionAssist integrates with OpenClose’s LOS platform, LenderAssist™, or it can also be utilized as a standalone PPE.  Investor programs can be private-labeled, customized for branding, and pricing, profit margins and fees can be controlled by investor, channel, company or branch.

“The response that we have been getting from lenders is that this is one of the best rate sheet automation tools they have ever seen.  There is a wow factor when you see it,” said Vince Furey, SVP of lending solutions at OpenClose.  “Working together, our rate sheet generator and DecisionAssist PPE delivers speed, accuracy, visibility and ease of use that makes lenders more profitable and efficient.  Further, it instills a level of confidence in originators that they can trust.”

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Lender Launches New Conduit With Technology Assist

Colony American Finance (CAF), a specialty finance company that provides innovative loan products to residential real estate investors, implemented the OpenClose loan origination platform from OpenClose to support its new Single Asset loan product across correspondent, wholesale and retail channels.  Colony American Finance is focused on first launching OpenClose’s standalone correspondent module, OC Correspondent, for its turnkey capabilities.  Implemented in under 45 days, this web-based standalone solution enables Colony American Finance to fully automate its new conduit business.

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OpenClose’s OC Correspondent module incorporates a seller-facing web portal that allows correspondents to electronically deliver loans to Colony American Finance for purchase, access instant eligibility and pricing, automated lock desk functions, real-time pipeline status, and comprehensive cure condition and purchase advice workflow. OpenClose customized and streamlined Colony American Finance’s entire whole loan purchase workflow, including the automation of quality control, compliance, analytics, reporting, document management and imaging, and more. OpenClose’s correspondent module functions as a stand-alone solution and also integrates with its end-to-end LOS, LenderAssist.

“Our initial focus is to implement OpenClose to support our Single Asset loan product to launch our correspondent channel, followed by wholesale and retail channels,” said Matthew March, CIO at Colony American Finance.  “We are excited to leverage the capabilities of the OpenClose technology platform to optimize the entire process for our team and our partners.  We needed the right technology to achieve these goals and OpenClose’s correspondent module will efficiently and effectively automate the review, acceptance and processing of loans from our correspondent sellers.  It gives us complete control and visibility over the entire loan lifecycle, which OpenClose tailored to our specific Single Asset loan products and processes for us.”

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The intuitive design of the solution significantly elevates the seller experience, helping Colony American Finance secure repeat business, effectively manage risk and maximize profits. On the back-end, the comprehensive correspondent functionality supports the whole loan purchase workflow that users rely on.

“Our correspondent module is ideal for organizations like Colony American Finance that want to quickly and compliantly launch a correspondent/conduit lending business; or, to streamline and ignite an existing channel,” said Vince Furey, SVP of lending solutions at OpenClose. “Colony American Finance has launched a progressive and exciting single-asset loan product offering and we’re thrilled to be their technology partner.  I expect they will be hugely successful using the OpenClose solution to augment their conduit business.  OC Correspondent is very intuitive and easy-to-use, end users don’t need much experience in the conduit purchase space to utilize our software.”

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