Understanding The News: The Hunt For Accuracy

*Decisioning Vendor Promotes Quality*
**New Portal Speaks to Precision**

***Optimal Blue, the developer of a Web-based platform that couples decisioning technology with content management for the mortgage industry, has launched its online broker origination portal and investor credit overlay tools. Comprehensive in scope, the origination portal incorporates a seamless integration with Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter (DU) application, enabling lenders and originators to make informed credit decisions on conventional conforming and FHA loans. In addition, the rollout also includes investor credit overlays, showing users the underwriting and purchase stipulations unique to each investor merged with the DU findings.

****In this market providing the right access to tools at the point-of-sale is critical. It’s imperative that mortgage lenders have real-time information, from accurate, real-time product and pricing to accurate decisioning and underwriting technology. This engine has incorporated access to decisioning for brokers, retail loan officers and lenders, providing genuine efficiency gains that help originators and lenders increase pull through and further automate the workflow while protecting lenders again repurchase risk.

****According to Larry Huff, co-CEO of Optimal Blue, “Having DU in this space hasn’t been a competitive differentiator to date, but as more lenders focus on boosting their origination portal’s and back office capabilities , being able to offer them collectively with Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter along with the investor overlays has been extremely appealing. In one view, customers can see the loan stipulations alongside the individual investor’s credit overlays. For processing, secondary marketing, underwriting and shipping departments, this is tremendously compelling – it provides a high level of confidence as to whether the loan will be purchased.”

****Optimal Blue’s eligibility has always been a core competency, so it was a natural progression for the company to focus on enhancing that aspect of the engine. Optimal Blue’s staff worked diligently to incorporate eligibility on the credit overlays at the investor level. For any lender, not being able to sell a loan can have significant financial ramifications. These investor credit overlays provide confidence that loans have been underwritten properly and can be sold.

****Huff continued, “Within one platform, originators and lenders have accurate, real-time pricing and eligibility, access to DU decisioning, and the most comprehensive credit overlays and secondary marketing tools in the industry.”

****The last year has been significant for Optimal Blue, having restructured its engine, released Loan Originator Compensation functionality, and now, releasing the DU integration and investor credit overlays. According to executive management, the company is continuing to work on several significant and complementary developments and plans to release those in the next few months.