Servicing Vendor Expands Its Compliance Footprint

Everyone has their eye on compliance these days. For example, mortgage servicing software provider Equator has enhanced its product suite with its new Loan Management module to assist mortgage loan servicers with compliance and transparency across their businesses and technologies.

The new Loan Management module strengthens a mortgage servicer’s existing technology, making it easier to administer rules, assign loans, reconcile portfolios and take snapshots of decisions. The module simplifies compliance for mortgage servicers by creating detailed audit trails and compliance checks that are documented, stored and easily accessible for review. It can be used throughout the entire lifecycle of default from delinquency through liquidation.

“Our new Loan Management module makes it easier and faster for mortgage servicers to comply with the changing regulatory environment by providing a transparent, flexible process which is based on our deep industry experience developed over the last ten years,” said John Vella, Chief Operating Officer of Equator­, an Altisource business. “We are excited to have a customizable solution that can span the servicing spectrum and integrate with all the existing servicing systems.”

Equator supports a wide range of servicers, asset managers, real estate agents and vendors in the mortgage industry with over 40% of all distressed real estate processed through its platform. The Loan Management module is the latest product delivered by Equator, expanding Equator’s end-to-end platform including Loan Modification, Short Sale, Deed in Lieu, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and REO modules.

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