The Digital Lending Mindset

Universal Lending Home Loans has always been about relationships. This highly successful mortgage lender was founded in 1981 by Peter Lansing, a person who built his business by working eyeball-to-eyeball with his customers. For this lender, everything is about personal interaction and trust. As the smartphone became ubiquitous and consumers began demanding more convenient ways to do everything from buying a shirt to applying for a home mortgage, Universal leaders began to look at digital options.

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“Our challenge was finding a way to continue to be a high-touch, self-sourcing mortgage company that is relationship-based, not transaction-based, and still provide the digital options customers want,” explained T. J. Kennedy, executive vice president of production for Universal Lending Home Loans. “How could we make borrowers’ lives easier with technology, yet developand maintain those personal relationships? That was the balancing act.”

The first step, back in the mid-2000s, was creating personal web sites for each of Universal’s loan officers. Initially, borrowers could fill out a short-form application, which evolved, over time, into a full 1003, which uploaded into the company’s point-of-sale software. The borrower still met face-to-face with the loan officer. The difference was they could now spend the time building the relationship, not filling out forms.

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“In 2014, we saw the writing on the wall. The world was quickly moving to mobile,” Kennedy said. “So, we knew we needed to get into the game.”

Kennedy and team found a provider that offered a customized mobile application that looked great in the demo and on paper—only to discover, after rollout, that it didn’t live up to all of its promises.

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“The app just wasn’t reliable. It wasn’t consistent with its status updates, which was one of the reasons we launched it in the first place,” Kennedy explained. “People can order a pizza and use an app to see that pizza being made, or order a high-end car and track exactly where it is in the manufacturing process. We wanted to be able to provide that same kind of transparency to our borrowers throughout the loan process. And the app didn’t do that.”

Although Universal’s IT team had spent months on implementation, working with the provider on setup and confirming fields, much of that input didn’t translate over. The promise of real-time wasn’t real-time at all, but hours, sometimes a full day, later. 

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“We gave it a valiant try for almost two years and then realized that the app was hurting us more than it was helping us,” Kennedy said. “So, we started looking at other opportunities.”

Universal’s Manager of Information Technology, Becca Wilson, was the first to discover SimpleNexus at the annual users’ conference for Encompass, the company’s LOS. A little gun-shy from that first attempt at mobile, Wilson and Kennedy watched SimpleNexus for a full year before getting serious about considering it, or any other platform.

“Becca and I did about four, five—maybe six—demos with SimpleNexus over a period of time,” Kennedy said. “We saw how fast it pulled in information, and Becca was happy with the security protocols. But, the thing that really struck us was that every time we met, they had added a feature or improved a function. We saw such an evolution with their product that we were really confident in them. Their roadmap wasn’t just something they talked about; they actually followed through.”

Universal’s leaders were convinced they had found the right mobile platform. They contracted with SimpleNexus in 2017, rolling out the application in October of that year.

The platform’s tight integration with Encompass was a critical element for efficiency gains. But, Wilson and Kennedy knew that creating a true digital mortgage experience necessitated putting as many tools as possible at their loan officers’ fingertips.

The goal: integrate as many supporting technologies as they could.

“One of the first things we did was integrate SimpleNexus with our appraisal team. So, any time there’s an update, new documents added or final inspections completed, these notifications are pushed to our loan officers through SimpleNexus,” Wilson explained.

“That means our loan officers don’t have to wait for an email update or log into the system to see what’s going on. It’s immediate, on their phone.”

The team has also integrated SimpleNexus with Optimal Blue for product and pricing, so loan officers can price loans on the fly, as well as order and view credit, securely, right on their mobile devices.

“From my perspective, the security levels around SimpleNexus are my favorite features,” Wilsonsaid. “Our loan officers can view a borrower’s credit, but that information never downloads to their devices. They can’t take a screenshot, or use the phone’s camera to capture it, so, that information stays secure.”

Universal has great customer retention, but not every customer always comes back. To give its loan officers a real advantage, Universal asked SimpleNexus and Advantage Credit to work together on an integration that would give LOs a digital heads-up in time to reclaim potentially lost business.

“Essentially, Advantage Credit notifies us if a past client has a mortgage credit report pulled by another firm,” Kennedy explained. “With the integration, when that happens, the loan officer gets a push notification that says, ‘A mortgage credit report was pulled, so you may want to reach out to your client and try to win back the business.’ Sometimes, a phone call, at the right time, makes all the difference.”

By the time Universal rolled out SimpleNexus, which the company brands as ULConnect, its loan officers were more than ready to run with it.

“Enough time had passed, and there was enough pent-up demand for digital that our loan officers didn’t hesitate to jump in,” Kennedy said. “Honestly, SimpleNexus really sells itself, and it’s definitely not difficult to explain. You can have it on your phone, show it to your real estate agents, invite them to be your partners and co-brand it for them.”

The ability to customize the application also adds to its appeal.

“ULConnect is totally branded with our name, our logo and our colors,” Kennedy said. “SimpleNexus does a great job of making it look like we built it from scratch, which makes us stand out a little more with our partners, as well.”

Looking at the numbers, Universal’s loan officers have not only adopted the platform, but are using it—particularly when you segregate the firm’s top performers. The ones who are selling the most are the ones who are using the application the most.

Sixty-six of Universal’s producing loan officers have shared ULConnect/SimpleNexus three or more times each, with the 27 of those sharing the app more than 50 times each. Universal’s top loan officer has personally shared the application a whopping 231 times.

Each of the top 20 highest producing loan officers has activated 10 or more referral partners, with the top five LOs activating double that number or higher.

Clearly, borrowers are embracing the anytime, anywhere convenience of ULConnect/SimpleNexus, as well. Seventy-eight loan officers have received two or more new loan applications through the mobile app, with that number jumping to 40 or more for the top four LOs.

Borrowers have uploaded thousands of loan documents using the application, as well.

“We use a company by the name of Stratmor Group to conduct our post-close Mortgage

Satisfaction survey,” Kennedy said. “We now have a 97 percent approval rating of our loan officers for customer satisfaction, the highest in the country. That rating has gone up since we brought on SimpleNexus and the other combined tools.”

Operationally, the organization has seen the impact, as well.

“SimpleNexus has definitely streamlined our operation. Processors can request documents on the fly, through the app, and receive them. There’s much less, ‘Alright, loan officer, you’re going to have to go get this paperwork so we can get it into the system,’” Wilson explained. “It’s a straight path from the app to Encompass.”

No question, Universal Lending Home Loans has catapulted itself into a digital lending leader, placing integrated mobile tools at its loan officers’ fingertips to help them build Realtor relationships and wow prospective clients.

What advice would this progressive lender give to those just starting their digital journeys?

“When you’re looking at digital technology, do your due diligence. Make sure you’re evaluating at least three different vendors. Make sure what they have works, that it is secure and actually fits your needs,” Wilson said. “Definitely bring in other people so it’s not one person or one department decision. The sales team is going to approach the vetting differently than IT or operations. The choice impacts all of those.” Finally, make sure your solutions and your own organization are constantly evolving. Because the world—particularly the world of mortgage lending—is fundamentally changing.

“These are really just the first steps. The industry is heading toward a fully digital process from start to finish, where borrower documents are replaced by financial information downloaded directly from the bank repository and electronic W2s from employees; and e-signatures and digital notaries replace the traditional closing process,” Kennedy said. “The companies that will succeed as the industry evolves are the ones who are positioning their organizations as digital lenders today. If you’re not taking action, you’re going to be left behind.”

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Disclosures And Digital Mortgages Done Right

The term digital mortgage is used extensively in the industry to describe any number of new technologies transforming the loan process. These advancements are improving the borrower experience, making it easier to apply for a loan and complete required tasks during the approval process. Technology solutions are also addressing the way loan officers work, delivering new efficiencies, compliance, and profitability. But noticeably absent up until this point has been a reliable solution to manage the disclosure process.

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It’s Time to Redefine

The inferred digital mortgage promise is the ability of technology to address each step in the loan lifecycle, including electronic disclosure functionality, and improve the experience for all stakeholders involved. It’s time we recognize that a true digital mortgage should deliver a complete end-to-end experience. If an offering falls short due to limited integration with a lender’s existing tech stack, so does the promise of it being a viable component of their digital mortgage strategy. A full solution must address the needs of the borrower, loan officer, and real estate partner throughout the lifecycle of the loan. One party’s overall experience should not come at the expense of others involved in the loan transaction. And major components within the loan transaction, such as digital disclosure management, should not be absent from a true digital mortgage solution. 

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A Complete Experience

SimpleNexus is delivering on the digital mortgage promise through a true end-to-end solution for loan officers and borrowers. With SimpleNexus, loan officers are able to take action on a loan any time, anywhere. Using the platform’s Mobile Originator tools, LOs can access their loan pipeline, order credit, view appraisals, send pre-approval letters, and sign disclosures from their mobile device — all while syncing in real-time with their LOS. And borrowers enjoy the benefits of the platform, from loan application through to closing disclosures. SimpleNexus helps lenders reduce costs, drive LO efficiency, and provide transparency to borrowers and real estate partners during the loan process. The platform also connects loan officers to their borrowers and Realtors to easily share loan progress updates, communicate, and exchange data in a single location throughout the entire loan life cycle.

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A Better Disclosure Process

SimpleNexus has created a whole new disclosure solution to improve the borrower, loan officer, and underwriter experience at the critical loan estimate and closing disclosure stages. Disclosure management on SimpleNexus offers the following features:

Push Notifications: SimpleNexus send borrowers instant push notifications on their mobile device when they need to complete tasks related to the disclosure process. 

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Seamless E-consent and Mobile Signing: Borrowers can easily give e-consent as well as review and sign disclosure documents directly from their mobile app. For disclosure documents that may still require a wet signature, borrowers can print these portions directly from the app and then scan and upload the same document after hand signing to ensure timely delivery to the loan officer.

On-the-Go Execution for Loan Officers: SimpleNexus’ disclosure solution builds on the platform’s Mobile Originator tools. Loan officers can execute their portion of the disclosure signing anytime, anywhere from their smart device. 

Disclosure Tracking: All disclosure tasks are seamlessly updated in the lender’s LOS system automatically to provide compliance peace of mind. The integrated tracking is made possible through a real-time, bi-directional integration between the SimpleNexus platform and the LOS.

The new SimpleNexus disclosure offering is one piece of the platform’s overall toolset. As a complete digital mortgage solution, SimpleNexus delivers a measurable return on investment by reducing close times, increasing efficiency, and delivering customer satisfaction.

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Reshaping Lending

When Matt Hansen developed the mobile mortgage app that would become the catalyst for SimpleNexus, he wasn’t thinking about starting a company. He was trying to help solve a problem for his brother-in-law, a mortgage loan originator, who was tired of constantly having to recalculate customer loan payments by hand.One question, “Do you think you could build me an app for that?” was all it took for Matt to get motivated.

He created the mobile app on a Saturday, and, within weeks, other originators were clamoring to get a version for themselves. As Matt added features, customers followed, fueled exclusively by user referrals. It soon became obvious that what he created was much more than a passion project for evenings and weekends. It was something that filled a real market void.

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So, in 2014, joined by a handful of colleagues in the software industry, Matt turned SimpleNexus into his full-time business—and has never looked back. Today, SimpleNexus is a 100-person organization, signed with 15 of the top 25 lenders, over 180 mortgage company customers, and more than 18,000 users nationwide. More importantly, it’s a company that’s making a difference.The company’s CSO Joe Wilson shared his vision for lending and SimpleNexus with our editors. Here’s what he said:

Q: How would you describe the current state of mortgage technology in the industry? Is innovation thriving or has it stagnated? 

JOE WILSON:New mortgage technology is definitely thriving. Innovations have transformed the industry in only a few short years and enabled lenders to close loans faster, increase efficiency, and deliver a smoother borrower experience. It is clearly an exciting time of change as more and more lenders embrace the benefits of digital mortgage tools and make the move to strategically adopt them. With that said, there still remain friction points in the move to a fully digital mortgage that new technology needs to address.

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Q: What are some of those major friction points that remain?

JOE WILSON:The trend in new mortgage technology has been a heavy focus on improving the borrower experience. While borrower touchpoints are definitely a necessary target for innovation, technology solutions should not ignore or overcomplicate the experience of the other parties involved in the loan transaction. Before adopting and trying to implement new technology, lenders need to consider how it affects the processes of their loan officers and underwriters. At SimpleNexus, we built our solution around uniting loan officers, borrowers, and Realtors into a single platform.

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Q: You playfully refer to uniting all three stakeholders in the loan transaction as the Holy Grail of digital mortgage technology. Can you elaborate more?

JOE WILSON:Despite all the advancement various mortgage technologies have brought to the industry, more and more lenders are realizing that some solutions are limited by their siloed nature. What this means is that not all of the technologies function or integrate very well with their existing tech stack. More and more lenders are seeking out technology offerings that work seamlessly together to improve the experience of all parties in the loan transaction. This search for solutions that work together to unite all the loan transaction stakeholders without making things harder for one party can feel elusive. SimpleNexus provides this offering and its always exciting to see new lenders embrace a full digital mortgage strategy that addresses loan officer efficiency, borrower satisfaction, and working better with referral partners. We have clients tell us that our platform is changing the way they do business for the better. 

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Q:SimpleNexus really stands out in regards to your focus on integration partnerships. Can you share with us your approach and some of the benefits it makes possible for your clients?

JOE WILSON: An open platform is vital to our approach to delivering the most complete digital mortgage platform solution in the industry. We seek out integration partnerships with other technology providers that see the value of cooperating in order to deliver more benefit to clients. We’ve delivered on that single platform promise because of how well we integrate with other technology solutions. This results in the convenience of a single sign-on experience for the loan officer, borrower, and Realtor. Gone are the frustrations of app overload that required you to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Our integrated single platform also allows us to create unique configurations for the lender. Our white label offering enables them to customize the platform to promote their brand and deliver a customized experience for its users. 

Q: Can you elaborate more on some of your specific partner integrations?

JOE WILSON:Last year our company completed 60+ new integration partnerships, bringing additional functionality and efficiency to users on the SimpleNexus platform. We recently announced an offcicial integration partnership with Ellie Mae. This partnership provides our 200+ clients and 20,000+ loan officers fast and secure data transfer between Ellie Mae’s Encompass Lending Platform and our Mobile Originator tools. The direct system-to-system integration with Ellie Mae enables loan officers on the SimpleNexus platform to access their entire loan pipeline, order credit, run pricing, view appraisals, send pre-approval letters, and sign disclosures from their mobile device — all while syncing in real-time with Encompass. We’ve recently added VOA functionality to our platform through partnerships with FormFree and Finicity. We’ve launched integrations with MobilityRE and HomeScout to enable home search capabilities for borrowers. We also have a partnership in place with Mortgage Coach, bringing their loan comparison tools into the SimpleNexus experience. As a company, we are always looking for additional ways to reduce costs and drive efficiency in operations for our lending clients while delivering convenience and transparency to the borrowers and real estate professionals using our platform. We actively seek feedback from our current clients. We make it a priority to listen to what they want out of our platform and go to work on making those requests a reality. Listening to our customers has made our product better and our company successful. Quality integrations are a major part of the solution we offer to the industry. We love working with like-minded partners who see the importance of delivering added value to our clients.

Q: Are there areas of the digital mortgage process that you still see an opportunity for technology to improve?

JOE WILSON:Absolutely. Mortgage technology has already drastically impacted how business is managed in the industry and it is definitely not finished. There are still areas in the process that technology can improve. SimpleNexus is focused on and addressing those opportunities within the industry that technology, in general, has not yet fully delivered on. One obvious area is disclosures. We’ve just launched a new disclosure solution that we are really excited about. And again, our goal while developing our disclosure solution was to improve the experience for everyone involved. We built our disclosure offering to integrate directly with the lender’s LOS, so when disclosure documents are generated in the system of record they seamlessly sync with our platform. Borrowers immediately receive notifications regarding their e-consent and disclosure documents that they can then immediately open, review, approve, and sign electronically from their smart device. Our new disclosure offering also delivers on-the-go execution for loan officers, enabling them to electronically sign their portion anytime, anywhere. For documents that still require a wet signature, borrowers can quickly use our doc scanner tool to securely upload these portions after they have been printed and signed. And most unique, is all of this integrates automatically with the lender LOS to provide disclosure tracking for compliance peace of mind. We deliver a true mobile disclosure experience without disrupting any of the backend processes of the loan officer or underwriter.

Q: What observations can you offer overall of how lenders are adopting new mortgage technology? 

JOE WILSON:I think the strides technology has made in the past few years on the origination process overall has led most lenders to seek out solutions that will enable them to compete and thrive. It’s no longer a question of whether they should adopt technology but more a question of which is the right technology solution in order to deliver maximum efficiency and ROI. We are witnessing an industry-wide embrace of mortgage technology. We have seen this embrace first-hand at SimpleNexus. We added 80+ new enterprise clients just last year and our growth has increased 1,400% over the past three years. 

Q:In terms of ROI, what kind of value can SimpleNexus deliver to a lender’s digital mortgage strategy?

JOE WILSON:It’s important to recognize that the loan officer is the main source of revenue for a lender. A lender’s investment in technology should address supporting the LOs role fully. I mentioned previously the danger of choosing a technology solution that delivers a slick borrower experience but complicates the processes of loan officers and underwriters. SimpleNexus increases the efficiency of LOs while delivering a smooth borrower experience. Our clients are successfully recruiting and retaining top-producing loan officers by touting the benefits of our platform’s Mobile Originator tools. SimpleNexus enables a loan officer to take action on a loan any time from anywhere, thus preserving their quality of life while increasing their productivity. 

We love hearing real-world examples from our clients on how SimpleNexus is preserving a loan officer’s quality of life. We saw one example first-hand last month during our inaugural user group conference that we held at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah. One of the LOs attending our conference got a request from a Realtor for a pre-qual letter. This loan officer was able to send the pre-qual letter in a matter of a minute or two from his phone while sitting at the lodge between his ski runs on the last day. The always on-call nature of the loan officers role no longer needs to interfere with the free time they spend with family or pursuing recreation on nights, weekends, or vacations.

We free the loan officer to get out of the office and build more relationships with referral partners, which in turn helps drive more business. SimpleNexus is a complete approach to implementing a digital mortgage that addresses all three stakeholders effectively. In regards to ROI, our platform reduces turn times, increases loan application submissions, and delivers more referral business. 

With SimpleNexus, traditional mortgage companies can combine the efficiency of technology with the high touch benefits borrowers receive through working with a loan officer. This human touch aspect is a real differentiator for mortgage company searching for a strategy to compete with online lenders.


Joe Wilson is CSO at SimpleNexus. While it’s true that Joe Wilson has a marketing degree, his road to chief sales and marketing officer for SimpleNexus didn’t take a straight-forward path. As a newlywed, fresh out of college, Joe was focused on supporting his family. So, instead of going the ad agency route, Joe landed a job as a loan originator at a mortgage company. It was a place where his natural interpersonal skills shined.The longer Joe worked in the industry, the more intrigued he became with the technology that supported the mortgage process. After seeing the impact of the app firsthand, Joe became an evangelist for the SimpleNexus story. He joined the company in early 2017, to head the sales team, working tirelessly to spread the news about the impact it makes on its customers every day.

New Disclosure Solution Improves The Borrower, Loan Officer, And Underwriter Experience

SimpleNexus has released a new disclosure solution.  The new disclosure solution provides SimpleNexus’ 200 plus clients and 20,000 LOs using the platform’s Mobile Originator tools access to their loan pipeline, the ability to sign disclosures, order credit, view appraisals, and send pre-approval letters from their mobile device – all while syncing in real-time with their LOS. This solution improves the disclosure experiencewithout disrupting current disclosure processes.

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“The term digital mortgage is used extensively in the industry to describe any number of new technologies transforming the loan process. Technology solutions are addressing the way loan officers work, delivering new efficiencies, compliance, and profitability. But noticeably absent up until this point has been a reliable solution to manage the disclosure process,” stated Matt Hansen, SimpleNexus Chief Executive Officer.

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SimpleNexus has created a whole new disclosure solution to improve the borrower, loan officer, and underwriter experience at the critical loan estimate and closing disclosure stages. Disclosure management on SimpleNexus offers the following features:

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SimpleNexus sends borrowers and loan originators instant push notifications on their mobile device when they need to complete tasks related to the disclosure process. The platform also sends text and email notifications at various stages in the process.

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Seamless E-consent and Mobile Signing

Borrowers can easily give e-consent, as well as review and sign disclosure documents directly from their mobile app. For disclosure documents that may still require a wet signature, borrowers can print these portions and then use the mobile app to scan and upload the document after hand signing to ensure timely delivery to the loan officer.

On-the-Go Execution for Loan Officers

SimpleNexus’ disclosure solution builds on the platform’s Mobile Originator tools. Loan officers can execute their portion of the disclosure signing anytime, anywhere from their smart device. 

Disclosure Tracking

All disclosure tasks are seamlessly updated in the lender’s loan origination system (LOS) automatically to provide compliance peace of mind. The integrated tracking is made possible through a real-time, bi-directional integration between the SimpleNexus platform and the LOS.The new SimpleNexus disclosure offering is one piece of the platform’s overall toolset. As a complete digital mortgage solution, SimpleNexus delivers a measurable return on investment by reducing close times, increasing efficiency, and delivering customer satisfaction.

Empowering Consumers

US Mortgage was founded in 1994 and has been committed to providing an outstanding borrower experience ever since. That commitment means being willing to change as consumer demographics, and expectations, evolve.

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“If you look at the numbers today, 35 percent of all homebuyers are Millennials—and that number is growing,” said Scott A. Milner, President of US Mortgage Corporation. “We had to step back and look at how we could service everyone—and give our borrowers the empowered experience they wanted to have.”

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In recent years, that meant giving buyers self-service options.

“People want to feel empowered, like they’re controlling their own process, their own destiny; whether they’re buying diapers on Amazon or comparing mortgage products online,” Milner explained. “Although we had an online 1003, it really didn’t engage borrowers or give them agreat experience. So, we started looking for more of a unified platform that connected mobile and desktop experiences, and would make the mortgage process simpler and more enjoyable for the consumer.”

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Milner knew how critical it was to roll out the right digital solution the first time. So, he and his team developed an extensive list of criteria and started what would become a two-year search.

“We wanted a 1003 that was dynamic and easy-to-follow—one that stepped consumers through the process and provided them transparency into how much of the application they’ve completed, and how much more they have to go,” Milner said.

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The borrower’s movement from mobile to desktop had to be seamless, so if the borrower completed part of the application on her phone, she could pick it up where she left off on the desktop, or vice-versa.

“By having a loan application that was mobile friendly, browser agnostic and wizard-based, we believed we could drive over 80 percent of our consumers to complete their applications online,” Milner said. “They know more about their financial picture than anyone else, so they should be jump-starting the process.”

From the time the application was complete to the day the loan closed, the platform had to give the borrower, as well as the referral partner, visibility into the process.

“We wanted to limit, if not do away with, the calls coming into the loan officer that started with, ‘What is my loan status?’” Milner explained. “If we found a platform that gave borrowers and Realtors visibility into the loan process, the borrower experience would improve, and the referral partner would feel more like a partner, not just a lead source. And, if our loan officers quit wasting time answering status questions, they could manage bigger pipelines, be more productive and stay focused on higher-touch conversations.” During the extensive search, Milner and team demoed every alternative on the market— and watched each company’s progress.
“We kept coming back to the concept that we really needed to have a mobile app presence as well as a desktop experience,” Milner said. “There really wasn’t another option that was as dynamic from a desktop and application perspective as SimpleNexus—and offered the ability to white label our unique brand.” Although Milner was sold on SimpleNexus, he wanted to make sure his loan officers were as enthusiastic about the platform as he was.

“Before we signed on with SimpleNexus, we did a companywide webinar for all of our LOs to demonstrate the platform. When it was over, we sent everyone a survey that asked two things: do you like it and would you use it,” Milner explained. “We had 99 percent buy-in from the get-go which allowed for a much more seamless rollout.”

The decision was made.

US Mortgage has branded the platform as USMPower, a combination of the company name, and the fact that it empowers borrowers to control their own mortgage experience.

“We actually just finished rebuilding our web site,, to better leverage SimpleNexus. The new site has a single button that says, ‘Let’s Get Started,’ which seamlessly flows into the SimpleNexus platform so the borrower can start his or her application,” Milner explained. “Our loan officers’ individual landing pages link to their customized, SimpleNexus app, as well. We’re really fully integrating the platform into everything we do.”

As the company pays for the platform and provides it as a value-add to its loan officers, the adoption rate was 100 percent from day one. But, Milner is quick to point out that to maximize SimpleNexus’ value, companies have to keep the platform top of mind.

“Choose one person in your organization to be the point person for SimpleNexus—and don’t assume that that’s automatically someone from your IT department,” he said. “Honestly, it’s more of a marketing mindset, so, make sure it’s someone who not only understands the platform but can continually promote its value.”

That strategy has paid off. At the time of this writing, US Mortgage’s top seven LOs have shared the app more than 200 times each, with its top LO personally sharing it a full 678 times. The top 10 of the company’s LOs have received 50 or more loans via SimpleNexus, with its top LO receiving 112 loan applications via the mobile app.

According to Milner, with SimpleNexus, borrower self-provisioning is a simplified, streamlined experience.

“Now, our borrowers can go to the online or mobile application and do their e-consent and authorization right there. They can use the calculator to see how much of a loan they can afford. They can upload their documents from their phone,” Milner said. “All of that data flows into Encompass, so it’s a much cleaner path.”

To date, US Mortgage’s top six LOs have each acquired 200-602 loan documents each through SimpleNexus, with that number growing every day.

When the loan is in progress, push notifications go out to borrowers, referral partners, and the loan officer, whenever the loan hits a particular milestone. So, no one has to call in to find out loan status.

“I don’t know if SimpleNexus has reduced the number of phone calls our loan officers get, but I do know that the calls they are getting are now more high level. They’re building relationships instead of reporting on status,” Milner said.

In addition to giving borrowers convenience and control, SimpleNexus also gives US Mortgage loan officers the flexibility to work from anywhere.
“Now, our LOs have the opportunity to start the mortgage process with the consumer in a Realtor’s office, or at a remote site; run credit, get pricing— instantly help the borrower on the spot,” Milner said. “If they start the process on their mobile device, they can seamlessly continue on their desktop. It makes them more productive, and better able to service our borrowers.”

According to Milner, the fact that his LOs can co-brand the app with their Realtors and referral partners is also a significant competitive advantage.
“With that co-branding, and the transparency SimpleNexus offers, our partners actually feel like they’re part of the process,” Milner said. “In a lot of ways, your referral partners are where you’re going to create the stickiness with the app. The Realtor is going to keep the app on thephone for extended periods of time.”

So far, the response has been extremely positive, with US Mortgage’s top seven loan officers co-branding with 40 Realtor partners, and its top loan officer engaging 119 partners through the app.

“We have a lot of Realtors who are pushing their IDX feeds through the app, so, their customers can use it for home searches,” Milner said. “It’s not only marketing for them, but it gives us a symbiotic relationship with the Realtor community. As a purchase-focused, referral-based lender, those relationships are a big priority with us.”

Although, at the time of this writing, US Mortgage has only been on SimpleNexus a short time, the numbers already show that this platform is positioning the lender for the future.

“In 2015, about 27 percent of our online applicants were Millennials, with that number increasing to 37 percent since SimpleNexus,” Milner said.
He’s also seeing more Millennials doing conventional loans—up from 35 percent in 2015 to 50 percent today. Conversely, the number of government loans the company is writing for Millennials has decreased from 64 percent to 51 percent.

“We anticipate that with these trends, we’re going to see a continued increase of the use of the mobile app in the months and years to come,” Milner said. 

The key is continuing to add new features that make borrowers’, referral partners’ and loan officers’ lives easier.

“Ultimately, we want to work with SimpleNexus on the next phase of our rollout, adding features like eSign, as these become available,” Milner said. “By continuing to build on what we have, we can better serve our borrowers and fulfill our mission that everyone deserves a roof over their head.”

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Make Realtors Your Greatest Allies

Everyone in the business knows that real estate professionals and lenders need to work together to capture, retain, and grow their repeat customer base. Because there are approximately 2 million actively licensed real estate professionals in today’s digital-centric borrower market, they often have a more extensive network of valuable connections needing loan services. 

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No question, referral partners are essential to your ongoing success.  Although you work hard to build relationships with the Realtors in your area, so does your competition. Sometimes, no matter how good you are, it’s hard to stand out.

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Now, imagine walking into your Realtors’ offices and making an immediate impression by showing them an easy-to-use app you have co-branded to include their contact info and custom links. When your Realtors see the features and how the app can connect them to their buyers—and with you—they’ll be hooked. If they have a prospect in the office, you’ll probably get an introduction; which, no doubt, will be the first of many referrals to come.

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Lenders tell us that using this type of app tripledtheir Realtor referrals. By giving your real estate partners a free tool that places them front and center, you add a compelling incentive to working together. They’ll be impressed how easy the app is to co-brand with their photo, their logo, their home search and buyer reviews. The reasons to work with you as a preferred lender don’t end there. SimpleNexus automatically keeps Realtors and borrowers informed through push notifications when loans hit important milestones. The notifications not only ease anxiety but also save time the loan officer would normally have to spend sending emails or returning calls regarding loan status. The end result is a shorter time to close and a transparent process for the Realtor and their buyers.

What Realtor wouldn’t want to work with a loan officer that can bring these types of benefits to the partnership? SimpleNexus makes collaboration between originators and real estate partners easy and efficient. This streamlined collaboration becomes key to delivering on the digital mortgage experience.This type collaboration results in:


With easy-to-share features, a loan officer can quickly get the app into the hands of new Realtor partners by simply texting or emailing them a download link. Realtors can in turn share the co-branded app with new  borrowers in a matter of seconds. Your ability to capture more business increases with each new share of the app. Loan officers receive notifications when each potential customer downloads the app allowing you to make contact early to lend your support.


Because the platform is white-labeled, your Realtors can co-brand the app with you. They can also add their own custom links, customer reviews, and property search features for a seamless mortgage process.


With your shared app, Realtors have the extra insight they need to better understand their customers with visibility into loan status, calculation history, number of shares, and home search history. Your real estate partners say informed and you remain ready to lend your assistance and begin the financing process.


The platforms’ features work together to improve the borrower experience, which means better reviews and more referrals for you and your Realtor partners.

Originators, borrowers, and real estate partners all get real-time loan visibility, proactive communication capabilities, and transparent transactions all while knowing everything is CFPB compliant and AICPA secure.

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Digital Lending In Action

There are conformists; companies content to follow the norm. Then, there is Alterra Home Loans. This Las Vegas-based mortgage company has been charting its own path since opening its doors, first as a wholesale lender in 2007, then moving to retail in 2009.

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“Our company is based on serving minorities and diverse markets; with an emphasis on new home buyers,” explained Miguel Narvaez, EVP, Chief Production Officer for Alterra Home Loans. “Today, about 92 percent of our business is purchase, with 82 percent of those loans going to diverse communities. About 60 percent of those customers are first-time home buyers, so, our operations are very specialized to their needs. That’s the first way we differentiate ourselves.”

The second is through technology.

“We are fanatics of technology, obsessed with speed, and making sure we get  the information we need quickly. We were one of the first companies to use our LOS, Lending QB,” he said.  “We created our data analytics platform, Alterra Dashboard, a few years back. It now tracks each area of the company, automatically issuing reports every three minutes. At any given moment, we know where we stand, in terms of profitability, customer service and sales.”

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But, company leaders also believe that the value of technology extends beyond the back office. To that end, this digital leader is not afraid to stay on the bleeding edge—not only bringing on new technology, but, oftentimes, developing their own to drives sales, build relationships and differentiate in a very real way.  

Here are three of the most recent examples of this digital lender in action.  

A Vision, a Mobile App and a Lesson Learned 

As the mobile device entered ubiquity, Alterra leaders started thinking about the possibilities.  

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“About two and a half years ago, we started looking for a mobile app that would facilitate communication, transparency and improve the relationship between Realtors and our loan officers,” Narvaez said. “Remember, at the time, about 95 percent of the industry did not have any type of mobile mortgage application, so, we were considering something  that was very new.”

Not finding exactly what he wanted, Narvaez hired a team of contract developers and built the Pronto mobile application themselves.  

After two years, the application was ready to be launched—so, everyone thought.

“When you build an application, you want to make sure that it is adopted, because adoption is priceless,” Narvaez said.” But, when we launched Pronto, we realized that we had a lot of issues on the back side of the platform, so, the product wasn’t being used.”

Instead of going back to the drawing board, Narvaez decided to take another look at what was out in the market. He zeroed in on SimpleNexus, which had grown substantially as a company and as a proven platform in the time Alterra was developing and launching its own mobile platform. 

Navarez liked what he saw, including the ability to custom brand the application. 

“We decided not to try to keep building what was now already out there and proven to work,” Narvaez said. “So, SimpleNexus became the new Pronto, which we launched in July of 2018.”

Alterra loan officers can customize and share the application with their Realtors, who then  share it with their customers; streamlining communications and giving everyone transparency into what’s going on with the transaction. 

That was innovation one. 

A Faster Way to Create High-quality Marketing Materials

The second recent innovation came from looking at pain points; areas where Realtors had problems that need to be solved.

“We knew our loan officers and Realtors were frustrated by long the lead times they needed to create quality, customized marketing materials,” Narvaez said. “We came across a company that offered a commercial platform that let people go online and create their own fliers. I met with our marketing manager and said, ‘We need to create a tool like that for our salespeople that’s specific to the mortgage side’.”  

He contracted with a development and design team that was familiar with the mortgage industry and, in six months, launched AXIS. This proprietary marketing platform enables   Realtors to create their own, high-quality fliers and send these to print—and do it all, literally, in minutes. 

“Remember, everything we do is to empower and create better relationships with our Realtors. We do that by solving their problems and helping them be more successful,”Narvaez said.  

A Streamlined Path to Conversions

Alterra is taking that mantra to the next level with the rollout of A3C, short for ‘Alterra’s three  Cs,’ which are capture, convertand close.  What A3C doesis enable the company’s realtor partners to increase their conversion ratio, solving an age-old problem that has plagued the industry for decades.

“A Realtor might get 5,000 visits on a web site. Of those, he or she might capture 200-250 leads, and of those leads, that Realtor might convert two or three of those into closing transactions,” Narvaez explained. “The problem is, real estate agents can’t physically follow up with each of those leads. They’d rather be showing houses and getting contracts.”

With A3C, Alterra created a system that connects to the Realtor site, automatically creates a profile for every visitor, and immediately moves those prospects into a retargeting campaign. So, the next time that visitor logs on to the Internet, he or she is going to start seeing banners for that Realtor, which are tied to a landing page. 

“The minute the prospect clicks on the banner and hits the landing page, that contact information automatically goes into a CRM that triggers SMS text messaging, and connects the prospect with a live attendant,” Narvaez said. “A3C is unique in that it includes multiple different technologies: one for capturing and generating profiles, a technology for SMS campaigns, a technology for the CRM side to capture, store and create campaigns, and technology for the landing pages to redirect all traffic. So, basically, A3C grabs all of these amazing technologies, and adapts them into one system that helps the industry convert more leads.”

According to Narvaez, there are a lot of existing solutions that support the incubation of web site hits and leads, but someone still has to pick up the phone and physically follow up with thousands of leads, which isn’t realistic. 

“Multimillion-dollar companies use this level of technology to sell cars or furniture, but nothing like this existed in the mortgage industry until A3C,”Narvaez said. 

It’s the biggest initiative Alterra has taken on to date, and the biggest innovation Narvaez’ team has put out in the market. 

Next Steps: Adoption, Analysis and a Focus on Results

At the time of this writing, SimpleNexus (aka Pronto), AXIS and A3C have only been rolled out companywide for a little more than a month. 

Narvaez’ focus right now is adoption, adoption, adoption—the key to maximizing results from Alterra’s technology investment. 

“We’re running monthly contests where our top Pronto users win prizes and trips to  Riviera Maya, Mexico, to drive adoption. The real benefit is, in addition to posting the names of our top five users, we also post their results, so, other loan officers can see how the use of the app correlates to an increase in production,” Narvaez said. “The message we want to get across is this: use more Pronto—our branded SimpleNexus platform—get more prospects, engage more Realtors and get better results.”

Today, just one month after deployment,  75 percent of the company’s 300 loan officers are Pronto/SimpleNexus  users. Sixty-nine percent of those loan officers have activated referral partners, who now use co-branded versions of the application, with the top loan officers activating more than 50 referral partners each. Most significantly, 40 percent of those loan officers have new loans generated by borrowers with whom they’ve shared the app, with the top eight loan officer users taking in 20 or more loan applications each. 

“We don’t expect 100 percent adoption; we respect that some people in the company aren’t tech savvy or won’t use it—and that’s fine,” Narvaez. “We are more focused on making sure that the people who adopt it know how to use Pronto to its full potential.”

Narvaez is following a similar technique to drive adoption with AXIS and A3C, starting with training, making sure loan officers understand the value proposition; and sharing success stories as these happen.  

“We have a top producer who has built her entire business using Pronto (SimpleNexus). She has not only generated excitement among her Realtors, but she has already been able to grow her pipeline,” Narvaez said. “As we go through the next six months, we will continue to measure our metrics, and compare the use of Pronto, AXIS and A3C with the production and profitability of our loan officers and branches. Then, we’ll continue to compare those results year over year.”

The Mindset of a Digital Lender

By anyone’s standards, Alterra Home Loans is a pioneer in digital lending, using  technology to help build relationships, streamline communications and, ultimately, help loan officers and Realtors convert more prospects into sales. Narvaez believes that Alterra’s creative use of technology is key to survival in a changing mortgage industry.“As rates increase and refis disappear, you have to look at how you’re going to engage with Realtors, and how you’re going to differentiate as a lender,” he said. “You cannot just walk up and say, ‘I’m a lender, I have experience, I will close on time.’ You have to bring the technology that will offer transparency, close the communication gaps and give those Realtors—and their customers—an amazing experience. We believe that the innovators; the ones that use technology to solve problems, to build relationships and to offer something more, will be the lenders that continue to grow and profit in the future.”

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Partnership Enhances Digital Mortgage Efficiency

Ellie Mae and SimpleNexus, a provider that is bringing the home mortgage process to mobile devices through their dynamic digital mortgage platform, have announced an official integration partnership.

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The partnership provides SimpleNexus’ 180 clients and 18,000 LO’s fast and secure data transfer between the Ellie Mae’s Encompass Lending Platform and SimpleNexus’ Mobile Originator tools. The direct system-to-system integration with Ellie Mae enables loan officers on the SimpleNexus platform to access to their entire loan pipeline, order credit, run pricing, view appraisals, and send pre-approval letters from their mobile device, all while syncing in real-time with Encompass.

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“We are excited to provide Encompass users with this secure and powerful integration enabling the originator to do their job on-the-go, helping lenders improve relationships with Realtors while getting more loans in the door,” stated Matt Hansen, SimpleNexus Chief Executive Officer.

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The partnership between Ellie Mae and SimpleNexus ultimately helps lenders reduce costs and drive efficiency in operations, improve loan officer productivity and provide convenience and transparency to borrowers and real estate partners during the loan process.

SimpleNexus enables mobile origination, with fifteen of the top 25 retail mortgage lenders in the U.S. using their digital mortgage platform. This latest integration with Ellie Mae delivers the fastest real-time Encompass data transfer speeds available in the industry and further establishes SimpleNexus as a best-in-class digital mortgage solution.

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Perfecting The Borrower Experience Is All The Rage

As the industry is securely in a purchase market, improving the borrower experience is a key differentiator for lenders looking to close more loans. Prominent mortgage industry executives gathered in Washington, DC at the 8th Annual PROGRESS in Lending ENGAGE Event sponsored by Get Credit Healthy, QuestSoft and Optimal Blue, to really drill down on this industry trend. How can lenders offer a better borrower experience? Here’s what was said:

In talking about other companies outside of mortgage that do it right, Denis Brosnan, CEO at DIMONT, said, “My Dad is Amazon’s best friend. So, when people in this industry say that older folks won’t do things online, they’re wrong. What people don’t want is to call a call center. The biggest thing is to reach out to people. You need to be a professional advisor.”

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“When you think about the customer experience, you really need to white board and draft out the entire process first,” noted Elizabeth Karwowski, CEO at Get Credit Healthy. “From there you need to ask what else can you be doing to get the borrower more engaged. Bring in other folks from outside the industry to give their perspective. We have to create a better journey for the borrower.”

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“Borrowers are with you for 30 days, but LOs are with you for life,” added Joe Wilson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at SimpleNexus. “We need to ask: How can LOs create a better experience for borrowers? You have to enable LOs and others within your organization to think more about the borrower if the process is ever going to improve.”

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“We can start by doing a better job with the upfront validation piece,” concluded Eric Christensen, Chief Strategy Officer at LERETA. “The industry has done a great job at the point-of-sale, but that’s where it stops. You can’t just offer the borrower a good experience there and stop. We need to perfect the whole process, including the backend, as well.”

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Innovating The Mortgage Process

As the story goes, when Matt Hansen developed the mobile mortgage app that would become the catalyst for SimpleNexus, he wasn’t thinking about starting a company. He was trying to help solve a problem for his brother-in-law, a mortgage loan originator, who was tired of constantly having to recalculate customer loan payments by hand.

As Matt added features, customers followed, fueled exclusively by user referrals. It soon became obvious that what he created was much more than a passion project for evenings and weekends. It was something that filled a real market void. So, in 2014, joined by a handful of colleagues in the software industry, Matt turned SimpleNexus into his full-time business—and has never looked back.

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Today, SimpleNexus is a 75-person organization, signed with 15 of the top 25 lenders, over 180 mortgage company customers, and more than 18,000 users nationwide. More importantly, it’s a company that’s making a difference. Our Editor talked with Ben Miller, President/COO at SimpleNexus, to get his take on the mortgage industry.

Q: Why has the role of the loan officer been a primary focus at SimpleNexus from the beginning?

BEN MILLER: Our CEO, Matt Hansen, built the first version of the app at the request of his brother-in-law who was a mortgage loan originator tired of constantly recalculating customer loan payments by hand. Matt developed a simple solution over the weekend for him that garnered significant interest from additional originators in the ensuing weeks. The early focus at SimpleNexus was on creating a tool for the loan originator to support the vital role they play in the loan process. We still believe in loan officer’s role today and recognize the value their human touch plays in the loan transaction. SimpleNexus enables loan officers to close loans more quickly, increase Realtor referrals, and gain a competitive advantage. The platform turns loan originators into mobile originators, allowing them to stay productive and take action on a loan anytime, anywhere. We have built our platform around enhancing, rather than replacing, the loan officer’ role and have witnessed an industry wide embrace. We have 18,000 plus loan officers and over 180 enterprise mortgage companies now using our platform!

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Q: How has listening to customers guided the evolution of your platform?

BEN MILLER: In August we were named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. We have grown 1,405% in the last three years alone. That’s an achievement that we attribute directly to our lenders’ success using our platform. We value their ongoing feedback of what they want out of our platform and have repeatedly made those requests a priority as we further develop our digital mortgage technology. Listening to our customers has made our product better and our company successful. One specific example is when one of our customers came to us regarding handling appraisals. They explained they had and AMC but their loan officers were having issue with the appraisal since the needed info was being filtered through three different people and took a week to get to them. We took that feedback and went to work developing a direct integration with the AMC. We were able to remove steps in communication process and increase efficiency of the appraisal process to enable the loan officer to take action immediately.

Q: How should lenders vet technology partners to better support their digital mortgage strategy?

BEN MILLER: We at SimpleNexus think that lenders should ask the following questions:

What LOS, applications and software can the digital mortgage platform integrate with? Look for a platform that integrates as much of your existing technology and third-party provider applications as possible. If it can’t integrate with your LOS, pricing and credit systems, and critical third-party applications, then move on.

Can the user access all of these systems with a single sign-on? The idea is to streamline access to everything your users need to do their jobs.

Is there both a web-based and mobile element to the digital mortgage platform? Mobility is critical for giving loan officers access to the information they need to quickly respond to borrower and Realtor requests from anywhere, without circling back to the office.

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Can the digital mortgage platform be used with referral partners and borrowers? Many platforms and applications are borrower-centric. Although the customer experience is paramount, the opportunity to create stickiness with Realtors, builders, and other referral partners will add to the value of the platform.

Does the digital mortgage platform give loan officers borrower insight? While it is essential to give borrowers and Realtor’s transparency into loan status, to maximize value, the platform should also provide a way for loan officers to monitor borrowers’ engagement levels.

Is it easy to use? If you add a platform or introduce an application that’s just “one more thing to learn,” you won’t get the return on your investment. Loan officer adoption is everything, which means the platform has to be intuitive and easy for your originators to use, without a lot of training.

Finally, talk to other lenders that use the product, particularly those that use the same LOS and third-party providers. Ask about their experience with the implementation, their loan officers’ reaction and their return on investment, as well as the level of service they’ve received post-sale. Most importantly, don’t stop with one phone call. Speak to as many different companies as possible to get the user perspective of the platform.

Q: How is your approach to integrations unique and what kind of value does it deliver to your users?

BEN MILLER: Our goal in each integration we develop is how we can provide more value to our customers. We look for partners who share the desire to co-develop technologies that create value for the end user. It’s typical in the industry to adopt a revenue-sharing model to cover the costs of building the integration. The issue with this model is it actually increases the cost to originate. At SimpleNexus we choose to take a different approach to integration partnerships. We want to create value for our customers by creating integrations that reduce costs to lenders and in turn borrowers. The partners we choose to work with on integrations have the same desire of creating this type of value.

Q: Your platform also touts the deep connection it makes between loan officer, Realtors and borrowers. Can you explain why this is an important differentiator?

BEN MILLER: It’s common for new technology within the mortgage industry to focus solely on the customer. The borrower experience is vital but a true digital mortgage strategy also needs the technology to address the loan officer experience in addition to bringing the Realtor into the platform for maximum efficiency and ROI. SimpleNexus unites all three parties into a single platform so they stay connected as they exchange data, documents, and communicate throughout the loan lifecycle. Our lenders are reporting faster closing times, more online loan application submissions, increased referral business, and world-class NPS and customer satisfaction.

Q: Can you explain how connecting loan officers, Realtors and borrowers improves communication?

BEN MILLER: The SimpleNexus platform gives unprecedented visibility to the loan officer, Realtor and borrower during the entire loan process. Delivering transparency and data when and at the time the desired party needs the information. This solves the pain point that each party feels when they are uncertain about loan status and have to email or call to find out.  This saves everyone time while delivering a dynamic customer experience.

SimpleNexus’ enhanced communication features work together to improve the borrower experience, which means better reviews and more referrals for loan officers and their Realtor partners.

Q: Why does SimpleNexus emphasize bringing Realtors into a lender’s digital mortgage strategy?

BEN MILLER: Realtors have a more extensive network of valuable connections needing loan services and it’s no secret that a borrowers first point of contact for purchasing a home often starts with a real estate agent. Our digital mortgage platform includes the Realtor component for several reasons. First, real estate partners are the most productive source of referrals for a loan officer. By giving Realtor partners an easy-to-use app they can share with their borrowers, you increase your referral opportunities significantly. Second, our platform is whitelabled and can easily be co-branded for each individual Realtor partner. They can add their own custom links such as customer reviews and a home search and becomes a value add to the partnership. Finally, the app provides a smooth borrower experience, which the Realtor will appreciate. Borrowers can easily upload documents, use the convenient communication features and know next steps – all while the Realtor stays informed with transparent loan status updates of where their borrowers are in the process.

Q: How does a platform like SimpleNexus help as a recruiting tool for lenders when looking to attract top loan officers?

BEN MILLER: It is important to find a technology solution that empowers your loan officers. The tool should help originators close loans faster, so they can sell more and make more money, without putting in additional hours of work.

After finding the right solution lenders need to demo the tools for their prospective employees (i.e. loan officers), show them how it will make their lives easier. SimpleNexus clients have found success in recruiting meetings by showing their prospective employees how the platform works, how the app can be custom branded to each individual LO and co-branded for Realtor partners.

Technology demos during recruitment can go a long way in showing how the company is invested in helping loan originators work more efficiently, earn more, and have a better quality of life. With SimpleNexus, LOs don’t need to spend their nights and weekends catching up at the office; they can close more and spend their off time with family and friends.

Top producing loan officers are in high demand, so providing them with tools to make their job easier and more productive is critical to attracting and retaining them. The ability to use the SimpleNexus platform on mobile devices gives loan officers the freedom to work with borrowers from anywhere with a few keystrokes. The platform sends a file back to the LOS automatically, so compliance is also assured. Being able to take quick action keeps borrowers satisfied, which builds trust with referring partners.

Q: How does SimpleNexus increase efficiency for the borrower?

BEN MILLER: One of the most frustrating aspects of applying for a mortgage is the collecting of documents by the borrower, trying to email or mail the documents to the lender and keeping track of all of the documents that were provided. The SimpleNexus platform lets borrowers use their mobile device to upload documents or photos of documents in a one-step process that ends the paper chase. This significantly improves the borrower experience while reducing friction points in the application process.

Q: You have mentioned a single branded platform numerous times.  Why is that so important for lenders?

BEN MILLER: Traditionally, processing a mortgage loan isn’t a one-system, one-click sort of job. It’s a complicated process, requiring access to your LOS, to your CRM, and also to credit bureaus, pricing engines, and other third-party providers to make things happen.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a mobile app that brought all of these resources together in one, convenient hub—along with fast access to your Realtors and borrowers?

SimpleNexus makes this vision a reality.

Our easy-to-use mobile app connects lenders with everything and everyone that is needed during the mortgage process, right from the loan officer’s mobile device.  That means loan officers work more efficiently, spend less time in transit, and more time actually getting things done.

Keeping the lender and their loan officers name front and center is easy with SimpleNexus. The app is white labeled, so instead of promoting our company, it promotes yours. You can brand the app with your information and offer your Realtors their own co-branded versions, for that one-two marketing punch. Every interaction keeps your name at the forefront, building your brand as you build your client base.

No matter the device you use, a seamless, omni-channel experience awaits.  Providing a great borrower experience means making that experience consistent, across all channels, and points of contact. With SimpleNexus, information flows seamlessly between web, phone, and tablet. So, if your borrower starts a mortgage application on the website, they can pick up where they left off on any mobile device. The origination process is identical across all channels, and only requires a single user login and password.

If your prospects or Realtors are in a rush, they don’t have to waste valuable time searching the app store to download SimpleNexus. Instead, you can text the app to them—either from your phone or originator dashboard. And, if you want to scan documents with the app, but not assign these to a specific borrower file, no problem. When you’re ready, the documents will be waiting on your originator dashboard.


Ben Miller Thinks:

1.) Personal touch and experiences for borrowers will continue to set companies apart from their competition.

2.) Companies with better technology supporting their loan officers will recruit and retain the best talent.

3.) The industry will continue turning to technology to drive backend process efficiency for managing cost in a raising rate environment.


Ben Miller is President/COO at SimpleNexus. Ben joined SimpleNexus in 2014 as one of its original employees. Today, as COO, Ben runs the operations side of the house, which ranges from setting up strategic partnerships to managing implementations, to developing employee benefits programs. His mission is keeping the company efficient as it scales, expanding partnerships and bringing the right mix of people onboard.  Just seeing the impact that SimpleNexus is making on the industry is his motivator to constantly do more.