LERETA University Offers Virtual Tax Service Training

LERETA, a national real estate tax and flood service provider, has created LERETA University, a web-based training platform to support and assist servicers in navigating in-depth tax servicing information.

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LERETA University is virtually led by instructors who assist servicers and their staff in real estate-specific tax servicing. Accessed through LERETAnet, the company’s existing hub and customer information portal, the LERETA University platform serves as an extension of on-site training and is focused on helping companies avoid risks that are caused by common mistakes and oversights. Inaccuracies in real estate tax servicing have the potential of costing servicers in penalties, interest and property loss not to mention having a negative effect on borrowers.

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“Training is particularly critical for staff in these roles due to the function’s inherent risk,” said Jonnine Eras, vice president of client relations at LERETA. “Tax servicing is an intricate and specialized function that requires employees to have thorough and specific knowledge. LERETA is in a position to share our resources to better equip our customers and their staff with knowledge, understanding and skill that can protect them against possible risk.”

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Since 1986, LERETA has provided a full suite of national real estate tax services for residential and commercial loans, including automated online research and certification, tax bill processing, a suite of delinquent tax services and customized tax outsourcing service programs. In addition, LERETA provides real-time flood zone determination services that include flexible levels of service based on customers’ needs.

“Sharing our resources in this area is just another way that LERETA is redefining what tax service means and what servicers should expect from their partners,” John Walsh, CEO of LERETA, added. “Our innovative technologies and dedicated team of real estate tax and flood service professionals provide our customers with the service and ongoing support they need to succeed.”