Pendo Joins Forces With The Mortgage Collaborative To Offer Appraisal Management Services

Pendo, a nationwide appraisal management company (AMC), announced a strategic partnership with The Mortgage Collaborative’s preferred partner network to provide appraisal management services to the organization’s 112 lender members.

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“We are thrilled to be aligned with such a great network. Our partnership with The Mortgage Collaborative allows us to make it easier for their members to experience the financial benefits that come from Pendo’s unprecedented service levels,” said Jeff Sandman, co-founder of Pendo. “We realize that appraisal turn times are a top concern for lenders because of the direct impact on their bottom lines. Our sense of urgency, personalized service approach and focus on delivering quality reports will put their members at ease.”

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The Mortgage Collaborative is an independent mortgage cooperative of small, mid-sized and community-based lenders that provides its members with access to products and services that help reduce costs, improve compliance and better manage their businesses. Its preferred partner network consists of product and service providers across the mortgage origination ecosystem.
Pendo, which has been the recipient of numerous industry awards in the past several months, differentiates itself through its renowned client and vendor relations programs, proprietary operational processes and its monthly client scorecard, a performance based report that rates the AMC’s monthly activity according to factors such as turn times, returned appraisals and quality.

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“Pendo is a great addition to our network. Their industry reputation and core values align with our guiding principles of offering best-in-class products and services to our members,” said Rich Swerbinsky, EVP of National Sales & Strategic Alliances for The Mortgage Collaborative.

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The Mortgage Collaborative And LendingQB Partner

The Mortgage Collaborative, an independent mortgage cooperative, serving a membership of 105 lender members, with an aggregate annual origination volume of over $170 billion, and LendingQB, a provider of lean lending loan origination technology solutions, today announced a partnership to provide network members access to LendingQB’s suite of services.

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The Mortgage Collaborative selected LendingQB as the exclusive Loan Origination Software (LOS) partner of network due to the technology and operational expertise the company can provide its members. Network members who decide to work with LendingQB will find a 100% web browser-based system that manages the entire mortgage lending process intuitively and efficiently.

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“Lenders require technology that can efficiently support their unique business objectives,” said Rich Swerbinsky, EVP, National Sales & Strategic Alliances for The Mortgage Collaborative. “Partnering with LendingQB allows The Collaborative to offer our members a proven and innovative LOS platform that provides the technological backbone for a nimble and efficient mortgage process.”

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LendingQB provides mortgage lenders with a holistic model for optimizing business performance by delivering advanced technology coupled with powerful best practices that enable rapid user adoption and software effectiveness. LendingQB’s open API enables robust integrations with more than 200 best-of-breed partner integrations, providing lenders with a flexible solution that can best serve its organizational needs.

“The Mortgage Collaborative’s network brings together lenders and select vendors for the purpose of sharing resources, industry knowledge and expertise,” said Tim Nguyen, President, LendingQB. “We decided to partner with The Mortgage Collaborative because of the values and leadership the organization brings to the industry. Our partnership with The Mortgage Collaborative underscores the commitment we have to delivering meaningful and practical solutions that improve the mortgage lending experience for lenders and their customers. We look forward to building a deep and meaningful relationship with The Mortgage Collaborative and their members.”

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Partnership Automates Compensation

Lending & Banking Automation Software, also known as LBA Ware, the leading provider of compensation automation software for mortgage lenders, today announced a new preferred partnership with independent mortgage lending cooperative, The Mortgage Collaborative.

As a Preferred Partner, LBA Ware will provide The Mortgage Collaborative’s growing list of Lender Members access to robust technology solutions that streamline system integration, eliminate dependencies on error-prone spreadsheets, and reduce repetitive manual workflow to help Lender Members achieve operational efficiency and maximize profitability.

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“It has always been our priority to provide value-laden software solutions to small-to-midsize lenders, so we’re excited about this strategic relationship with The Mortgage Collaborative,” Lori Brewer, owner and lead software engineer at LBA Ware said.

“I’m looking forward to executing our shared goals of providing best in class software that increases accuracy, instills transparency, and minimizes repetitive tasks to help Lender Members succeed in today’s competitive landscape,” Brewer added.

“We’re thrilled to add LBA Ware to our network of best-in-class preferred partner companies,” Rich Swerbinsky, executive vice president of national sales and strategic alliances for The Mortgage Collaborative said. “They have an outstanding industry reputation, and their software solutions help lenders in areas that are top of mind with our members right now: productivity, operational efficiency, and accurate processing of compensation for commission-based employees.”

Industry Experts Unite

*Industry Experts Unite*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***Four industry leaders have announced the formation of The Mortgage Collaborative, a cooperative designed to empower its member mortgage companies to compete more effectively in today’s shifting lending environment. Former Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) chairmen John Robbins, CMB and David Kittle, CMB, as well as Gary Acosta, CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) and Jim Park, former chair of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AAREA) are the founders of The Mortgage Collaborative, based in San Diego, California. Here’s what they hope to achieve:

****The purpose of the new cooperative is to assist all mortgage lenders in improving their businesses, using their collective buying power to lower costs for third party services, obtain better financial execution on loan originations and maximize strategies to serve the growing diversity in homeownership, particularly in purchase transactions. For a selected group of service providers and mortgage investors, The Mortgage Collaborative will help to develop innovative partnerships with high-growth mortgage originators to access new market opportunities.

****Robbins and Kittle, who led the Mortgage Bankers Association in 2007 and 2009 respectively, bring decades of experience in all aspects of mortgage operations to the Mortgage Collaborative, including origination, capital markets execution, servicing, compliance and quality control management. Park and Acosta are housing industry veterans with extensive backgrounds in origination, real estate asset management, working with the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), and running organizations that promote lending diversity and professional development.

****“The Mortgage Collaborative brings many benefits to lenders and their borrowers,” says Robbins. “It enables all mortgage originators to obtain buying power similar to the largest lenders, helping level the playing field and reducing costs for consumers. We are bringing a fresh new approach to helping these lenders address the opportunities of a market that is evolving rapidly while mitigating the new business and compliance challenges that our industry is facing,” he explains.

****“The Mortgage Collaborative will be an independent, un-biased business advocate for its members. The business interests of our members will be at the center of what we do,” Robbins says.

****Jim Park notes that several factors led him, Acosta, Robbins and Kittle to establish The Mortgage Collaborative. The industry is in transition from refinances to purchases, and is faced with significant operational, capital and compliance challenges. “The Mortgage Collaborative will focus on each of those issues to help our members compete more effectively and position them to succeed in the evolving mortgage market” he says. “2014 will mark a turning point in the originations business, and our goal is to ensure that the combination of our management team’s collective knowledge of the business, as well as access to innovative products and services, will help our members turn these uncertainties into opportunities for growth.”

****The Mortgage Collaborative will announce its founding member roster later in the year and will be open to additional new members in January of 2014. “There are several thousand mortgage banks, credit unions and depository institutions as well as countless numbers of mortgage originators who can benefit from The Mortgage Collaborative,” says Robbins, adding that the qualifications for membership are simple. “We are looking for the ones who are in the business for the long run, committed to expanding its reach into all segments of the market, focused on quality standards and practices, and who desire advantageous relationships with the best services providers,” he says. “Collectively, our production volume, business capabilities and access to capital will rival the largest banks, but with members offering locally dedicated, very high-touch service for borrowers.