November 2010: A New Approach

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Editor’s Note

This section makes the case that broader cooperation is needed.

Your VoiceBy Harry Gardner

Harry Gardner of SigniaDocs takes on the industry’s biggest problem.

Recovery TipsBy Robert Wind

Robert Wind of lender Guaranteed Home Mortgage Co., Inc. talks ROI.

Process ImprovementBy Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano takes on the government and their stance on regulating, maybe over regulating, the mortgage space.

Future TrendsBy Roger Gudobba

Roger Gudobba looks ahead at what has to be done to restore mortgage in a post-meltdown environment.

Business StrategiesBy Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond brings to light some impacts that common short cuts may have on your business.

Servicing’s FutureBy Joe Dombrowski and Monica Orluk

Taking a closer look at the future evolution of mortgage servicing.

Leaders NeededBy Lisa Schreiber

Detailing an industry failure that is stalling overall market recovery.

E-QC Takes OverBy Robert Madsen

Making the case for a day when electronic compliance is the norm.

Make A Difference

The three principles talk about the genesis of the founding of PROGRESS in Lending Association and what they expect the next generation of mortgage lending will look like.

Rebuilding MortgageBy David Zugheri

The state of the industry and what is needed to get over the downturn.

Originations In FluxBy Michael Detwiler

Bold predictions made about how origination has changed forever.

Valuation’s FutureBy Elizabeth Green

Discussing next-gen appraisals in light of the new regs and technology.