December 2010: Looking Ahead

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Editor’s Note

This section discusses why fresh ideas are in demand.

Your VoiceBy Will Atencio

Motivity shares how lenders can use uncertainty to their advantage.

Recovery TipsBy John Walsh

Total Mortgage shares the right way to stimulate the economy.

Market Pulse

This new section combines data from different sources to give you a snapshot of current market conditions.

Innovations 2010

Have you done something to change the market for the better? Here’s how you get recognized.

Process ImprovementBy Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano talks about when new technology becomes too much.

Future TrendsBy Roger Gudobba

Roger Gudobba points out why it’s not just about the data itself.

Business StrategiesBy Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond reveals how to thrive in a down market.

War on ChangeBy Rebecca Walzak

Detailing why mortgage lenders are so slow to change.

Data IntegrityBy Greg Alvord

A new approach to documentation is needed to progress.

Moving AheadBy Jeffrey Geddes

Torrington Savings talks about how innovation matters.

Charting The Best Path Forward

Xerox Mortgage Services shares their insights into both the current mortgage market and what will be needed for lenders to remain competitive going forward.

Too Small To FailBy Louis Hernandez, Jr.

It’s not just the large institutions that benefit the market.