January 2011: Business Intelligence

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Editor’s Note

This section discusses why a divided government is good.

Your VoiceBy Sanjeev Dahiwadkar

Solidifi shares why servicers should use workflow automation.

Recovery TipsBy Steve Schachter

ISGN shares how foreclosure proceedings are impacting title.

Market Pulse

This month promising numbers from Veros indicate that home values are on the rise, but the rise will be slow going.

Innovations 2010

Last issue we announced our Innovations program. This issue we tell you how to qualify to get recognized.

Process ImprovementBy Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano talks about why the mortgage industry actually has a lot to be thankful for going into what appears to be a tough year ahead.

Future TrendsBy Roger Gudobba

Roger Gudobba points out that we in mortgage aren’t alone in recognizing the problems in our space, but now is the time for industry solutions.

Business StrategiesBy Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond reveals that Apps are everywhere so it’s time that you start thinking about how you can use them to your advantage.

Women in PowerBy Barbara Perino

Detailing the history of C-level women executives.

E-Collaborate TodayBy Susan Graham

FICS discusses why there’s a lack of communication in servicing.

Business and Technology

Former mortgage bankers themselves, the executives of Motivity Solutions share their ideas about how to succeed in a very challenging market.

Servicing WoesBy Steven Horne

Wingspan talks about the role of specialty servicers.

Risk MitigationBy Rich Kuegler

Lenders of all sizes need to emphasize quality in 2011.