November 2011: Paperless ROI

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Editor’s Note

This section discusses the value of having the next good idea.

Your Voice—By Brad Thompson

Mortgage Cadence shares what to do after switching your LOS.

Recovery Tips—By Sue Woodard

Mortgage Success Source talks about how to get new customers.

Market Pulse

A new study put together by Mortgagebot indicates that online origination is on the rise.

Process Improvement—By Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano notes that just because you may be using new technology, that doesn’t mean you’re using smart technology.

Future Trends—By Roger Gudobba

Roger Gudobba says that maybe mortgage can benefit from using a “smarter” computer.

Business Strategies—By Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond reveals how more companies can use mobile technology to get an edge.

Uncharted Territory—By Brian King

Brian King details how to lend to the over 9 million unbanked borrowers.

M&A Culture—By Barbara Perino and Rebecca Walzak

The word “culture” as it pertains to M&As has many meanings.


See what happened as over 125 mortgage executives gathered to fix the mortgage business.

The Paperless Advantage

Eric Kujala of DocVelocity talks about why going paperless is so important in today’s market. In fact, the new update to the DocVelocity tool makes going paperless even easier.

Work Together—By Sanjeev Malaney

Capsilon says lenders have to get beyond buzzwords and collaborate.

A Must Know—By Jennifer Creech

InHouse says preparation is the key to reducing problems with new appraisal rules.