December 2011: Loan Accuracy

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Editor’s Note

This section discusses how slow market recovery may be.

Your Voice—By Stephen Margrett

The Turning Point defines compliance-centric marketing.

Recovery Tips—By Brandon English

F&C Bank talks about the evolution of online lending.

Market Pulse

According to the IAS360 House Price Index, home prices are up. The index gained 4.0% across the third quarter.

Process Improvement—By Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano notes that it’s not enough just to do what you do, you have to do it better.

Future Trends—By Roger Gudobba

Roger Gudobba says that the evolution of making computers behave like humans has evolved again.

Business Strategies—By Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond reveals why it’s important to establish and reinforce a positive brand.

Borrowers Count—By Sharon Matthews

eLynx advocates empowering lenders and borrowers through e-collaboration.

Integrity Matters—By Barbara Perino and Rebecca Walzak

The prior lack of integrity has come back to bite us hard.

Sizing Up Success

Ellie Mae’s new chief operating officer Jonathan Corr reflects on this year and talks about what lenders need to do to succeed going forward.

Ups And Downs—By Ravi Ramanathan

DecisionReady believes that loan level data capture can benefit servicing.

New Opportunity—By Sanjeev Malaney

Capsilon says change has motivated some to create and adopt new technology.