January 2012: Grow Online

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Editor’s Note

This section discusses recent technology M&A activity.

Your Voice—By Joseph Badalamenti

Five Brothers shares how to deal with heightened foreclosure levels.

Recovery Tips—By Jeff Wirsing

GreenBar America LLC talks about how to reshape origination.

Market Pulse

According to a report by CoreLogic, the fraud picture is mixed. The report says the industry’s overall fraud risk has stabilized, but not subsided.

Process Improvement—By Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano notes that 2011 is now a distant memory, and talks industry expectations for 2012.

Future Trends—By Roger Gudobba

Roger Gudobba details a revolutionary new theory of intelligence and a bold vision for the future of intelligent machines.

Business Strategies—By Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond reveals the best way to craft and also to reinforce a creative company brand.

The Perfect Storm—By Brian Koss

Mortgage Network, Inc. shares strategies on how lenders can thrive these days.

Innovators—By Barbara Perino and Rebecca Walzak

This article contrasts mortgage entrepreneurs from true innovators.

Tracking Online Lending

As lenders fight for every deal, Randy Schmidt of Data-Vision details how lenders can get more business online.

Restoring Trust—By Cathy Blaszyk

ClosingCorp charts a path to restoring the good name of our industry.

Life In The Cloud—By Martin Williams

Acris Solutions both explains and demystifies cloud computing.