Technology Spotlight: Eyeing The Right Appraisal Solution

*Eyeing The Right Appraisal Solution*
**Fidelity Bank**

***The GSE guidelines around appraisal delivery are cause for concern. Everyone is looking t ensure compliance. To this end, Fidelity Bank, one of Atlanta’s largest community banks providing personal and corporate financial services, has selected MountainSeed, a provider of appraisal management services, to provide appraisal and compliance services for its real estate portfolio. Here’s why:

****Fidelity Bank manages large portfolios of retail mortgages and does business in the secondary market while offering additional services in consumer, commercial and construction lending. The bank proactively addressed its need to comply with the latest interagency guidelines concerning appraisal independence issues and in doing so, made the decision to work with MountainSeed Appraisal Management.  “MountainSeed allows us to successfully manage our portfolios as well as our appraisal needs while complying with the interagency guidelines and FDIC regulations,” said Matt Horsman, appraisal manager at Fidelity Bank. ”By working with them, we are able to successfully hit all of the technical points while still maintaining control.”

****“Fidelity Bank is an integral part of this community and has a great reputation in providing service to its customers,” said Carl Streck, principal of MountainSeed Appraisal Management. “By partnering with them, we are able to assist in their real estate appraisal process, by providing them the opportunity to dedicate their full focus to serving the retail banking and lending needs of the community.”

****Atlanta-based MountainSeed is full-service appraisal management outsourcing firm with a refined skill-set in working directly with community and regional financial institutions to help them more profitably manage their commercial and residential real estate portfolios. MountainSeed Appraisal Management has developed a reputation within the industry as a player in helping financial institutions evaluate and value their real estate portfolios, particularly those involved in loss-share transactions.