June 2012: Tracking Innovation

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Editor’s Note

This section discusses how innovation can shine in our industry.

Your Voice—By Jeff Wirsing

GreenBar America LLC shares how financial education truly works.

Recovery Tips—By Randy Schmidt

Data-Vision talks about how to build a robust online presence.

Market Pulse

Interthinx data concludes that the Employment/Income Fraud Risk Index rose 14 percent during 2011.

Process Improvement—By Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano notes that as the industry becomes more regulated, LOS companies are feeling the pinch.

Future Trends—By Roger Gudobba

Roger Gudobba thinks that it’s time to resolve the long standing tension between business and IT.

Business Strategies—By Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond reveals how you can use Facebook to grow your business in a down market.

The Next Generation—By Barbara Perino and Rebecca Walzak

Analysts talk about how today’s new home buyers have a different vision.

Telling The Truth—By Phil Huff

Platinum Data Solutions shares the true nature of mortgage lending.

Tackling Compliance—By Brian King

Wisemar, Inc. stresses that compliance requires a holistic approach.

Is Innovation Alive And Well?

Our Innovations Winners gathered to discuss the present and the future of the mortgage space.

Beyond E-Signing—By Sharon Matthews

eLynx says the best solutions integrate e-signatures and much more.